Light Box Signs: Custom LED Signage & Installation Services in LA

Display your brand logo outdoors and make it visible day or night with a light box sign. These eye-grabbing signs will immediately catch your prospect’s attention, directing them towards your business venue.

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Custom light box signs are a perfect solution for those who need 24/7 sign visibility. Used both outdoors and indoors (depending on your needs), lighted signs from Front Signs are manufactured to the highest quality and standards.

Custom outdoor light box signs can be seen at storefronts, shopping malls, offices, plazas - just about anywhere! Lighted panels can often be seen in airports for regulatory and informational purposes.

Light box signs are a noticeable way to attract new customers - a unique addition that draws attention day and night. Custom light up signs are perfect for increasing brand recognition and giving your company a more professional look.

Custom lighted signs are also used to make a strong visual impact. Their unique design makes it easier for customers to recognize your company logo and make a connection with the services you provide.

Backlit film light box signs are attractive, continuous advertisement for your company. The lighted boxes are made of translucent acrylic or Lexan for the sign face, and the back and sides are made of premium aluminum for safety and durability. Other benefits of custom light box signs include energy efficiency and a long lifespan. An acrylic light box sign is a great long-term investment towards the success of your business.

Make your branding prominent with Front Signs light box signage! Leave a long-lasting impact and be a “light in the darkness” with our quality signs, built to exceed your expectations.

And yes, you can get light box signs for interior decoration as well. Be it for your house or office, you can order unique lighted signs custom built from your own design.


Light boxes are an excellent choice for displaying logos and company names.

The variety of styles and material options allow us to create a robust, eye-catching sign in just about any aesthetic. Bright colors amplify your message, making it an ideal option for advertising and branding.

For a more moderate look, businesses often use vintage light box signs to convey a classic style and timeless beauty. A black light box sign is also quite versatile - they can be utilized for shops, restaurants, industrial companies, offices and more!

In addition to standard square or rectangle shapes, circle light boxes were and still are one of the most popular outdoor branding mediums.

Acrylic face lightbox sign

Acrylic face lightbox sign

LED Light Box Displays

Custom LED signs make the best state-of-the-art address light box cabinet signs, attractive advertising boards, and affordable commercial and business LED signs. LED light boxes are an energy efficient type of signage, and can boost your custom graphics with bright colors.

Custom light signs require little maintenance and have a long lifespan. The graphics can be easily updated, continuing to capture the attention of potential customers with fresh designs.

Lexan lightbox sign

Lexan lightbox sign

Backlit Film Light Box

With a collection of design options, you can depict and showcase eye-catching visual and promotional messaging.

It’s a business necessity to have a branded light box sign, and these minimalistic and economic time-proven light box displays are great for shops and restaurants. They naturally attract attention, making it easy to spot your branding, even from across a busy street.


Neon light box Sign

Neon light box Sign

Neon Light Box Signs

Many people associate neon light boxes with the entertainment and bar culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Nowadays, neon light boxes - still perfect for bars, pubs, and home decorations - give a retro vibe to an establishment.

And neon light signs are making a big comeback for the modern lifestyle. They’re prominently used in restaurants, pubs, and bars to invoke a nostalgic and comfy atmosphere.


marquee cinema sign poster

marquee cinema sign poster

Cinema Poster Light Box

A cinema light box is for those who appreciate the style of retro cinema signs, hence the name. Apart from the traditional usage that graces the entry to a movie showing, marquee light boxes are also used for different dining and entertainment establishments to give a theatrical effect.

Small cinema poster light boxes have big potential for home interior decoration as well. Using marquee light box displays in your household can add sophistication and class, while introducing a bit fun.


According to statistics, light boxes are sales boosters all around the U.S.! LED light box signs create an appealing bright effect that eyes are naturally drawn to. Light up box signs can work for both exterior and interior usage.

Custom light boxes are excellent for attracting attention for business and decorative purposes in any weather condition, in any climate, from dawn to dusk. They’re a smart and popular choice for storefronts, malls, offices, plazas, and anywhere you need an illuminated message to boost your branding footprint. Exterior lighted signage stands out in the crowd, with a solid build and attractive design.

Here at Front Signs, an LA-based sign-making company, we provide quality light box signs that are extremely flexible and custom built to meet your special requirements and needs.



  • Ultra-bright, providing high visibility 24/7
  • Boosts brand identity
  • Attracts more attention than non-lit signs
  • Delivers excellent readability, even in dark or poorly lit locations
  • Cool, retro look with neon lights
  • Can be single or double-sided
  • Resistant to chipping, flaking, fading, and rust 
  • UV- protected
  • Swing-open frames allow easy poster changes


Our secret to quality backlit light boxes is our state-of-the-art printing technique. This supports printing detailed and complex images while retaining exceptional color density, sharpness, and vibrancy. The printed colors illuminate brightly at night while remaining vibrant in the daytime.

Backlit film light box signs provide a solution for every budget and scenario, creating an extension of your brand that customers can’t ignore. They are most often used to highlight a building, storefront, menu, point-of-purchase display, and a whole lot more.


Common shapes: Square, rectangle, circle; can be customized

Size: Customizable

Thickness: Customizable

Lifespan: 5+ years, if properly maintained

Backlit film thickness: 3mm

Backlit film weight: 0.9oz


Installation requirements of an LED illuminated cabinet sign depend highly on the location. Light boxes have a metal support system and can be hung with the metallic construction attached to the frame. These signs can also be fixed on a pole. Large lighted box signs can be mounted on a building or any other surface with special construction.

At Front Signs, we are always ready to help you, offering installation services to meet the needs of end-users, retailers, and builders located near LA, California. You not only benefit from our decade of experience, but also work with a certified installation expert who makes sure your sign is mounted with exceptional results.

For maintenance, clean your backlit decal light box sign with a damp cloth to keep its fresh look. Once every two weeks is enough for indoor usages. Exterior pieces require more; try to clean your outside sign at least once a week.

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Backlit Vinyl

Backlit Vinyl



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    Light Box Signs FAQs


    What’s the difference between neon and LED illuminated custom signs?

    LED and neon custom signs have their own audience and areas of application. LEDs provide a brighter light, while neon lights have a warmer glow and are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A neon bulb can also be used to add a romantic or atmospheric feel to a location. Bear in mind that compared to LED lights, neon lights require higher electrical usage and are expensive to replace. Also, LEDs are more affordable than neon lights (the maintenance of LED lights is also way more affordable compared to neon). If you’re looking for a more modern sign, then we suggest you choose an LED light box. But if you want a retro looking sign, then neon light boxes and letter signs are perfect. Your choice will depend on the needs of your overall design, layout, and purpose.

    What materials can I use backlit decals with?

    As backlit decals need light from behind to transfer through them, a transparent material is a must for their base. These required materials used are acrylic and Lexan. They also allow the graphics printed on the decals to be brighter and clearer.

    Can I get my backlit decals in the shapes I want?

    Backlit decals are versatile. They can be cut any shape you choose. Any detailed or complicated image or shape can be cut from this malleable material. Our vinyl plotter cutting machine is capable of anything! And printing options widen the possibilities of creating any design.

    What is the original color of backlit decals?

    Backlit decals start as opaque but that doesn't mean that your printed graphics will have white on them. The white background makes the print more vivid and is seen only on places without printing. If this doesn’t work for your design, just tell us what color you need the unprinted parts to be and we will ensure you get the exact graphics you have in mind.

    How are light boxes made?

    To make a light box we use the combination of an aluminum foundational structure with an acrylic or Lexan face. To create the logo on the sign, we use UV inks for direct printing on the acrylic or Lexan. The ink is dried with ultraviolet rays during printing, which makes the printed graphics sun and fade resistant. Besides printing, we offer vinyl letterings to write anything you want on the light box sign.

    Can I change the light bulb when it burns out?

    No, you can’t change it yourself. If a bulb in the LED stripe burns out, our professional craftsmen will come and change it during working hours.

    Can I use a light box in the house?

    Yes, you can use light boxes in your home. Usually, people get cinema light boxes as a means of decoration as you can have anything written on these signs. Popular choices include names and quotes to hang on a wall or put on a desk.

    What colors are available for light box signs?

    We can print on a white plexiglass sheet in any color you desire, since the signs are all customized. Also, we offer plastic and metal sheets in different colors and finishes to create one-of-a-kind artwork for your business.

    Why choose LED lighting for your light box sign?

    LED lighting has become the number one choice for almost all modern illuminated signs including light box cabinets. LED lighting has huge advantages over other types of bulbs. For instance, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan, offering 20% more hours on average compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. They are 30% more energy-efficient and less costly in the long run. Also, this lighting system doesn’t require much maintenance and runs on low voltage. With flexible design, color options, density and pixel pitch, LED is a fantastic option for your branding and marketing goals.

    How are light boxes fabricated?

    Most of the time, light boxes are made of translucent plexi and, for more specific uses, Lexan material. This helps to withstand vandalism while giving a lifetime warranty on manufacturing quality. The light box foundation is usually made of aluminum, giving you peace of mind knowing that you made the best investment in the future of your company or organization. To create the logo on the sign, we use UV inks for direct printing on backlit decals, plexiglass or Lexan. The ink is dried with ultraviolet rays during the printing, which makes the printed graphics sun and fade resistant. Besides printing, we offer vinyl letterings to write anything you want on the light box sign.

    What is backlit film and how is it used for a light box?

    Backlit decals are a great way to make your message more visible, delivering it to a broader audience. The backlit film adheres to an internally lit sign face to create back-lit signage. These semi-translucent decals are removable and can be changed and replaced. The vinyl has a 75% opacity and works best when applied to glass, acrylic, and similar translucent surfaces. More specifically, backlit vinyl serves as the best example for light box signs, cinema and theater boxes, or outdoor advertising. Due to its special quality - light transmission and clear message delivery - it’s one of the best signs for brand visibility day or night. A backlit sticker can depict the company name, logo, a quote; all these options are at your disposal. Apply backlit decals to your store window, light it from behind, and let people know about your sales, coming or current promotions, news, and more - even when you’re closed!

    What is the lifespan for LED lights?

    The normal lifespan for an LED lighting system is 100,000 hours, which is roughly 11 years. For a “salesman on the street”, attracting customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a light box sign turns your business into a recognizable landmark.