Push Thru Signs : Cabinet 3D Letter Signs, Push Thru illuminated Signs, Stencil Cut Signs

Push thru letters are a special type of a sign consist of a routed to a letter shape face and another – smaller shape letter usually made of another – clear material: Acrylic.
The letters are mounted onto a cabinet with an interior illumination, as the push thru shape creates the glow. The emitted light create very high-tech, sophisticated and dramatic look indeed.
With the state-of-the-art CNC technology and colored Acrylic and printing capabilities, we can achieve thousands of styles of letters.
Furthermore, we offer different finishes for the push thru letters, figures and shapes namely: Solid Vinyl, Metal or plastic face, frosted or polished edges either for diffused or clean look.
Stand out and create smart branding with these push thru letter, which literally stand out in the space and complement your brand presence.


Push thru letter signs are popular interior application as are created with Acrylic letterings and Aluminum background. The letters are stencil cut and the translucent Acrylic borders above the cut face background. The newest CNC technology allows us to create letter shaped holes and matching letters to neatly fix into each other.

Acrylic push thru signs

The build up letters - fixed on an Aluminum background are whole lit. The illumination wraps around each letter and creates an attractive front glow. This type of illuminated sign is especially good for logos with smaller details or letters.

Aluminum push thru letters

Stencil cuts on the Aluminum and the clear Acrylic letters are places with aluminum cover - creating side-lit glow and magnificent, very sophisticated look.

Vinyl lettered push thru signs

Meet the newest trend in the industry and discover this beautiful sign tailor-designed for your business with our team of professional designers.

Modern alternative to Aluminum push through signs - vinyl lettered push through signs have a side-lit effect and, if needed, colorful face.


Push thru letter signs are a phenomenal way to display your logo sign or company name. These illuminated letter cabinets grab attention anywhere they are used: let it be a shopping plaza, a retail store. Large corporate companies, enterprises or brand chains renovate their signs to this - relatively new type of a illuminated sign.

Push through signs are ideal to place in front of an office or even apartment buildings.

The Push thru tray signs can either display the name of a company - single business or identify all the brands doing business at your venue - mall, shopping center, etc.


  • Acrylic face deflects light creating an unique glow
  • Hidden fixings and lights for a neat finished look
  • Internally lit, ideal for indoors and outdoors


Cabinet thickness,size, shape: Customized

3D letter height, font, color: Customized

Illumination: full or whole lit (routed letters), edge-lit (tray letters)

Lifespan: 5+ outdoors, with proper care


As the fabrication and the light system is extraordinary, the installation might cause discoport or not satisfying final result if done by an amatuer, we usually provide team of specialized professional, who are the masters of their work. For more information, check our installation and replacement services or directly contact us.


The push thru letters are maintenance-free. But cleaning with a damp cloth from time to time will keep the vibrant look of your sign for a longer time.

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Halo channel letters - quite similar to push thru letters, but with a small difference it creates bold but classic look. The letters have side or edge illumination, which creates a moderate backlit channel effect.

Reverse lit channel letters - Backlit Channel Letter signs have impressive visual look 24/7. The letters are individually lit 3D Aluminum letters from aback.

Channel letters - Channel front-lit letters are individually lit letters ideal both for exterior and interior business or corporate applications. The face, again, has clear cast Acrylic through which the LED lights shine.

Opaque Vinyl
Opaque Vinyl
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Push Thru Signs FAQs

How do I determine the design and layout of a Push through letter signs?

Front Signs will work with you to design and create Pushed thru letter sign that ideally depicts your business. Our professional designers will apply years of experience in the creation and development of your product, which showcase your business at its best.

What are Push thru letters?

Push thru letters are a specific type of a business Letter signs consisting of Aluminum cabinet and acrylic face and sides. The sign with has stencil cut letters on the Aluminum face and Acrylic letters routed to create dimensions. the sign can be directly mounted onto the facade of the building.

Should I get backlighting for my lobby sign?

If you want an illuminated sign – there are lots of styles and installation finishes to choose from. Each one of the illuminated signs – Halo-lit and Reverse-lit, or Dual and push thru letter signs have a unique light effect and stunning glow to create a bold and adequate look.

What is the Difference between Push Through Letters and Halo Channel Letters?

Both halo lit signs and push thru letters are cabinet signs. The difference is in the fabrication technique and hence the illumination. Halo Lit Letters are internally lit signs with Aluminum face and Acrylic sides, which creates edge lit illumination. Push thru letters are stencil cut letters with Acrylic face – this the the whole lit Push thru letters OR The push thru cabinet sign can have Aluminum sided and clear Acrylic face – hence push thru front-lit letters.

What types of Letter Signs are available?

Generally, Front Signs offers custom Front-lit Channel Letters, Back-Lit or reverse Letter signs, Halo lit Letters, Push thru letters, other types of illuminated signs like - Marquee Letters, Front/backlit or Dual letter signs, whole lit, side lit and etc. For interior design and exterior branding, we also offer 3D non-illuminated signs.3D Letters