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CLEDIS colorful trade show display with dancers printings

Custom Signs and Visual Graphic To Use at Trade Shows

Many companies find that one of their most significant resources for building their business is to attend trade shows. These can be time-consuming and expensive, but the rewards for the business can be many if the trade show is used to its fullest potential. One way to ensure this happens is to utilize custom signs and offer an excellent visual graphics presentation.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your signage for your next trade show.

The Types Of Custom Signs

There are many different types of custom signs and visual graphics that you will be able to choose from. Knowing what your options are will help you in the planning stage for setting up your trade show presentation. Some of the more common types of signage that can be excellent for a visual graphic presentation are…

Mesh banner

Pop up Displays

Retractable Banners

X-Stand Banners

Telescopic Banners

Vinyl Banners


Backlit Decals

Aside from these, you can also use other types of custom signage such as flat signs or channel letter signage. What you are going to use is going to depend on the purpose of your attendance at the trade show and how much space you have.

Visual Graphics Choices

Along with the many selections of custom signs you are going to find that you have many different types of surfaces on which you can temporarily mount your signage during the duration of the trade show.

You want to make use of these spaces that often don’t get used. For example, you may have a backdrop at the back and sides of your booth separating you from other vendors. Study this space carefully to see if you can mount lightweight signage such as fabric banners or vinyl banners. This is a great way to use space which may be available above your shelving system.

You want to keep as much of the commercial signage that you are using for your tradeshow so that it can be seen from a distance away. Often the booth area will become busy, and signage that is at ground level can quickly become blocked from the view of many. At the same time, there is a place and purpose for this type of signage as well at the trade shows. When the booth is not busy, ground level signage like A-Frames can be beneficial for drawing visitors to your booth area.

Davidoff 3D lettered trade show display - Front Signs

Plan your Commercial Signage to Work well With the Lighting

Lighting is going to be necessary for your custom sign choices and your visual graphic displays. You want to be sure that wherever you are going to be using these that they are going to be exposed to good lighting to optimize them. You can also capitalize on the use of backlit decals if you have access to power and are concerned about all of the proper lighting. Use these in areas where the lighting is not ideal. Then save the well-lit regions for you another type of signage.

CLEDIS colorful trade show display with dancers printings

Vertical and Horizontal

Depending on the layout of your booth area you will want to plan for your tradeshow signage to be either vertical or horizontal. By having a selection, it adds some interest to the signage. As mentioned, you could use horizontal signage above your shelving displays. When the booths are busy, vertical signage will give you more exposure to these rise above the height of the visitors.

Big and Bold

For the most part of your custom sign and visual graphic presentation, you are going to want your signs to be big and bold. You not only want them to be easily viewed by those that are close to your booth but for others who are visiting other areas of the tradeshow. There will be some signage that you want that is smaller, so the message is directed at those that are in your booth area.

Variety is Key

Having a range of commercial signage for your tradeshow will allow you variations in what appeals to onlookers and will enable you to send a selection of messages through your custom sign and visual presentation choices.

Signage with a Theme

Once you know how much signage you want and the types then you need to consider whether these signage displays need to depict a theme. Sometimes tradeshows focus on a particular theme. For example, the theme may be a fall tradeshow. This means you are going to want your custom sign and visual display to fit in with this. It may simply mean only choosing a fall color scheme for your tradeshow signage. Or, you may want to go with a textured background for the signage, and to help you make some choices with this you can go with a template perhaps.


While you want to use as much signage as possible, you must be sure that you do not overpower the booth area with this. You want any custom sign or visual display to have an impact. Aside from the style, the materials that it is comprised of along with the message it is delivering will play an essential role in this.

By relying on a quality company that specializes in signs to meet your tradeshow custom sign and visual display needs for you, this will serve your needs well. These experts are capable of helping you decide which is better for you based on your needs, and they can give you helpful suggestions that will save time and money.

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