27 Event Signage Ideas for 2021 to Wow Your Attendees

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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We find ourselves facing unpredictable times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The year 2020 was far from profitable for the events industry. Regardless, postponing events poses an undesirable constraint due to the uncertainty of how long the pandemic will last.  With this in mind, taking safety measures into consideration is highly advisable in addition to regular event planning procedures.

The variety of event signage ideas available can make it seem tough to choose an option to make your business truly stand out. But we have done our best to help you to have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to creative branding ideas for events in 2021.

These ideas work great for exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, workshops, training seminars, corporate meetings, or any other business event. We will shed light on 27 mind-blowing business event branding ideas and end with a suggestion for how to use safety signage to your advantage.

Indoor Event Signage Ideas

Option 1. Interchangeable Registration Booths create a strong presence

These registration booths ensure that your event signs are front and center from the moment guests arrive. From a sponsorship perspective, this is a great way to make a strong first impression and invite conversation about your business.

Branded event registration booth as an idea for corporate event branding

Option 2. An Art Print Booth gives a sense of intrigue to your kiosk

It might seem like a good idea to not make too much of a splash and stick with standard brand logo signs during public events, conferences, workshops or training seminars. We assure you that an artistic POP display will make you stand out above the rest. Your booth will attract attention and invite the curious to come see what you’re all about.

Improve your attendee’s experience with our “Trade show booth success tips.

Option 3. Choose Free standing Oversized Signage to make a bold statement

If you’ve got the space to use it, consider oversized signage to make a huge impact for anyone in eyeshot. They can be used as lobby signs to welcome attendees. This style is not only fun, but it promotes your business in a real big way! You can use clear acrylic fillable letters for the same purpose.

Event branding custom signage idea displaying the words Dirty John

Option 4. Coroplast Boards are a tried and true method of advertising

You should never underestimate traditional signage like these basic and portable PVC signs. They’re easy to carry, and easy to set up anywhere you need. Put them beside an entrance to point the way. It’s one of the most simple but creative event directional signage ideas.

Option 5. Signposts will direct your guests right to your event stage

These pointers are commonly used as a simple way to guide the stream of traffic when there are numerous spaces where events are occurring. You can create them in all sorts of interesting designs, and they work wonders for pointing the way for event attendees.

Event directional board signage idea for inspiration

Option 6. Light Up Tubes highlight your uniqueness

This “illuminating” option makes for an enchanting element at your trade show.  These lighting tubes are small, but quite effective on stage. Even more importantly, integrating your business branding with these light up signs will give you an exclusive edge when most people are using basic signage.

Option 7. Neon Lights are unmistakable and give a funky, retro vibe

Flashy neon signs can’t be ignored, allowing for an interesting and offbeat effect on your stage appearance. Though it might be a bit costly to customize them, it’s worth making the investment since you’ll be able to use them in future events.

Mary Kay illuminated creative event branding concept

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Option 8. Furniture signage ideas make for a lounge room that subtly promotes

Mixing your interior signage design with your attendee’s comfort can be a winning combo. Whether you have the signage printed on chairs or on the tops of the tables, it’s a unique way to get noticed.

Event branding idea with branded event chairs from Edufest 2020

Option 9. Wall/Glass Vinyl as a creative public event large-size display

The use of vinyl decals on the blank walls on stage make sure your message is seen. Optionally, you can apply them on glass, and if there’s any kind of light behind, it’ll create a magnificent effect when the light shines through.

Sports event large-size wall prints for event branding

Option 10. Custom Wood Signage establishes a cozy environment for guests

Custom wooden signs are one of the best indoor event branding ideas to provide guests with warmness. The home-style feeling gives people the sense that they are welcome to stay for as long as they like. Tip: these signs can be accompanied by stylish magnetic letters or 3d signs to draw eyes to your product.

Yell Cut wooden board signage idea for event branding

Option 11. Stair Wraps could be the bold promotional or direction solution you’re looking for

A picture or a text message rising out from the bottom of an escalator or stairs is an extraordinary way to convey your message! You can effectively use it for promotions or to direct visitors to wherever they are supposed to go.

Option 12. Embedded Printing gives you bang for your buck

Embedded printed units are utilized in locations that require them to stand up to harsh environmental conditions for long periods of time. If you’ve got space you’ve rented or own, this could be a good long-lasting option that makes a lot of sense.

Horoseno branded trade show booth for corporate event branding

Option 13. Sponsor Backdrop boosts your brand at a business exhibition

Sponsor backdrops are a common but effective way to boost your brand identity in trade shows and expos. This sturdy alternative provides a perfect photo backdrop and constant advertising for your trade show displays.

Sponsor backdrop idea for event branding

Option 14. Floor Graphics are an inventive way to garner people’s attention

Who said your venue floors should be boring and not used for promotion? Feel free to add floor decals, using them as a branding or sponsorship opportunity.

Option 15. Staff t-shirts show off your brand name!

Another common but great way to grab people’s attention to your brand are employees or volunteers wearing branded t-shirts. And of course, the people are going to be mobile, making them walking billboards and marketing tools!

Brand name t-shirts as a creative branding idea at an event

Outdoor event signage ideas

Some of the above-mentioned options can definitely be used for outside purposes, but now we are going to focus specifically on open air entrance ideas that will direct your guests while establishing a positive atmosphere.

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, holding large gatherings with a limited number of patrons is highly encouraged and even mandated in certain areas. Be sure to check your local city guidelines before you proceed with event preparations.

Option 16. Social Media Photo Zone creates a fun, user-friendly impression

When discussing branding ideas, you can’t skip some of the less-formal ideas that are currently trendy. They may not work for you, but they are still worth talking about. 

The benefit of using this type of signage gives excellent opportunities for connecting with people on a casual level, as well as getting your social media channels some attention. Decorate the icon area on the sides with your event-related hashtag. Then walk it around in crowds, making it prominently displayed in order to attract visitors to do funny selfies with your hashtag!

Option 17. Marquee Signs make sense at your public event

Marquee signs are a great option for outdoor event signage ideas. People will be already taking photos, and your sign in the background will attract a lot of attention to be in additional photos. 

Inspiring outdoor event signage idea from MGM Resorts

Option 18. Chalkboards Signs are a standard and budget-friendly idea

When it comes to budget-friendly branding ideas for corporate events, the chalkboard is one of the constant favorites. You can use chalks of any color, and of course, if you’ve got an artist handy, they can really make a big impact for such a small sign!

Event For Kids creative event chalkboard sign solution

Option 19. Put Barriers to work for you!

The barriers that are used to direct foot traffic can also make your entry charming while guiding attendees to your check-in point. Barriers can deliver marketing messages, as well as being one of those event directional signage or stadium branding ideas that entertains or informs your guests while they wait their turn.

Sale banner example on barrier for outdoor event marketing

Option 20. Banners are a perfect stand-alone marketing tool

One of the most effective event branding ideas are banners. Traditional while also evergreen, they are an affordable choice and are easily able to be remodeled for future events. Quality large format printing will make them aesthetically appealing. 

Among all the event entrance ideas, these signs are one of the most impactful, with high visibility, portability, and flexibility for use. They make the first and best impression, welcoming your guests and providing them with a general idea about the event or business.

Grand Opening banner for outdoor event marketing

Option 21. Flags to lead your attendees

Flags are highly valued by marketing teams working on outdoor get-togethers. They are extremely beneficial due to their mobility and capability to be fixed to anything. The flags are very compelling to people as they can be hung high enough to showcase branding above everything else.

Inspiring outdoor event branding idea with welcoming banners

Option 22. Digital Event Signage ideas to be noticed fast

Electronic boards are branding ideas for gatherings that are customizable to send different messages to your visitors. This can be a more savvy choice than going through the trouble of printing various banners. All kinds of text, picture, and video messages can be displayed by this unique digital board.

Option 23. Yard Signs are a versatile choice

Yard signs are typically suitable for directing visitors to your event booth as they can be spotted easily due to their flexible usage and “carry-ability” – even when they’re big, they’re lightweight. Fully customizable to any design, they always come in handy.

Branded outdoor even sign idea from Yell Extreme Park

Option 24. Use your vehicle as a mobile billboard!

Vehicle signage works two-fold. First, everyone you pass on the road will see your branding message. Second, you can park your vehicle outside an event to make an instant large sign, serving as a great outdoor entryway idea. 

Option 25. Magnetic Signs are a noticeable choice for multiple locations

Magnetic signs provide a solution for vehicles right at the entrance of an event hall. They are similar to vehicle wrapping, but can be removed and used on anything metal. But, if you do leave them on your vehicle, once again, they provide a mobile billboard for your business that you can take anywhere you drive!

Creative event branding idea with a car magnet from Time Travel

Option 26. Natural Landscape Signs showcase your message in a fun way

When it comes to outdoor event entrance ideas, the landscape signs in the form of custom light box signs are definitely worth a look. Custom signage set within a beautiful natural landscape, for example green plants, a grassy field, or a grove of trees will make your brand name more attractive.

Annenberg solar panel for outdoor event branding

Option 27. COVID-19 reminders to educate your guests about safety measures

Last but not least,  don’t forget to have informative notices if holding an event during the novel coronavirus pandemic. You can use  safety signage as an opportunity to remind your visitors about how to participate in the event while maintaining safe and secure standards. With a bit of creativity, these signs will provide extra surface area to advertise your brand and bolster your image in a favorable way. 

Covid-19 safety sign idea for post pandemic events

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