Creating Standout Event Branding: Key Elements and Solutions

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Consider event branding as the main pillar on which festivals are based. It generates an appropriate interaction between yourself and your audience. Strong event branding sends a positive message about your company’s basic values.

This article shows you the steps necessary to create distinctive event branding. It’s about how to leverage online and on-site tools to engrave your brand image in your attendees’ minds. You’ll explore the importance of design items. These include event signs as well as large format printing suitable for different industries.

Event Branding Design Elements to Highlight Your Brand

Branding for events pushes businesses to challenge themselves and develop unique branding concepts. Regardless of how you integrate your brand into an event, create a mix of these different elements into a unified style. Provide a pleasant experience with eye-catching stadium signage for sporting events or pylon signs for wayfinding at music festivals.

Forbes event branding with stand-alone structures and baloons

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On-Site Corporate Event Branding Design Elements

Your event should bring a new concept to life and create a one-of-a-kind experience. Online tools and branded business signs are key factors in these designs.

Find some smart ways below to leverage corporate event branding ideas to leave lifelong impressions.

Logo branding

Your logo plays a crucial role in event branding design concepts. An effective logo design guarantees powerful event branding and offers a visual identity.

It may seem enticing to have your firm’s logo everywhere but it’s not the best practice when striving for a good marketing campaign. Instead, place your logo in highly visible spots to leave a lasting impression. Incorporate a fresh event branding design that strategically demonstrates your brand character.

Stay consistent with the other event branding design elements you use. Include eye-catching light box signs to make an iconic logo design.

Logo branding for a Lamborghini outdoor event

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Promotional branded assets

Old-school branding options always come in handy. Select appropriate locations to install event branding design displays and enhance your presence. Use quality graphics identical to your brand’s storyline, color shades and visual image.

There are so many different ways to represent your company if you get ideas from current trends. Set up large 3D signs featuring your company’s name in the pool at your venue. It’s guaranteed to steal the show.

Keep sustainability issues in mind when thinking of your design. Reduce your environmental footprint by giving away eco-friendly gifts. They may vary from a stone paper notebook or a natural grass pen to a reusable lunch bag and a tree-planting kit. 

Event branding design with floating letters and cut-out shapes in the pool

Easy navigational solutions

Wayfinding signage is an important aspect of event branding design. They direct visitors to their destinations and prevent confusion. Whether you’re hosting a trade show or a business exhibition, these custom design solutions will guarantee efficient flow.

These trade show displays can also make a visual impact on attendees in your venue. Instead of boring designs, think of creative ways to brand those navigational arrows. Complement the theme of your premises and combine functionality with creativity. 

Event branding black and white directional display

Compelling photo zones

Inspire your guests to snap pics and post them online right from your event’s photo zone. These photoshoot areas will make your corporate event branding more presentable and add a “wow” factor. Install blank walls for graffiti art and ask your visitors to write feedback about your brand!  

Event branding design with a colorful photo zone

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Online Event Branding Visual Elements 

Online platforms have turned into significant components for every brand. Most people nowadays go online whenever they want to learn anything. Improving your presence on the internet as well as the content you provide is fundamental to your success. 

5 Components of online event branding

The following online components are crucial for event branding:

  • Empower your website 

Give your readers the details of your event with the help of a website that’s easy to navigate. Make information such as the event date, location, schedule and ticket prices available to the public.

  • Boost social presence

Branding for events is synonymous with boosting your online visibility. Get the people pumped to show up at your event by providing alluring information ahead of time and using hashtags to give it exposure.

  • Send emails

Keep the emails consistent with the theme of the event. Incorporate all your branding aspects in the email format!

  • Find influencers

Find local influencers and ask them to publicize the occasion. When these online celebrities mention and promote your event, you can bet you’ll have a much larger turnout.

  • Leverage event planning apps

It’s critical to use technologies that can aid in cutting down the time it takes to complete vital tasks. There are various event planning apps to get branding for events.

Event Branding Ideas for Different Events

The possible event branding ideas you can come up with are limitless. Pick an idea that won’t break the bank but still put you in a strong position against competitors. Tried-and-tested methods are guarantees for success. Thinking out of the box and coming up with unique ideas are some of the most important keys of planning great events

Festival Branding Ideas

Are you looking for event branding inspiration? We’ve compiled some incredible event branding ideas suitable for different festivals. 

Music festival branding

There’s a wide range of creative branding concepts you can use when organizing a music festival. Each one is distinctive, with some being bright and lively and others being sophisticated. It’s important to study some successful event branding examples before you start a music festival.  

Music festival branding giant display with illumination

Branding ideas for events may encourage you to:

  • Make giant art installations 

Many festival branding ideas are related to concerts. From outdoor signs to interior branding design, everything needs to be branded. Art installations are always a welcome option. They’re beautiful, eye-catching and large. These spectacular art displays will bring magic to any festival branding. Include channel letters featuring your brand name or logo in the overall design. Create jaw-dropping associations by adding lighting in a gradient of colors. 

  • Provide a stylised custom map 

Create a map to help direct those attending your music festival. Incorporate eye-catching legends that complement your brand’s color schemes and fonts. Use software that will give you an opportunity to make changes on the map for future corporate event branding.

Film festival branding

Festival branding ideas for films are as follows:

Film festival branding with vibrant wall adhesives

  • Use large adhesive displays 

Outdoor event branding ideas won’t work without bespoke imagery. Use wall decals to showcase your festival’s mission and agenda. Make a mark on the event by keeping the same theme in the outdoor event branding ideas and indoor branding ideas for events.

  • Let your attendee hang branded badges 

Branding ideas for corporate events revolve around using little branded items. Include your colored logo on every visitor badge you issue. Print out core data about your event. This may contain the schedule, hashtag or names of general sponsors on them for a quick reference. 

Food festival branding

Food festivals have always been held to bring different cultures together with the one thing that everyone loves. Creative event branding for food festivals includes displays announcing food contests as well as greeting messages in multiple languages. 

Summer food festival branding outdoor display

Let’s dive into these event branding ideas:

  • Display giant structures 

Your food festival needs something that embodies your foodie ethos. Drape custom signage across the road to be visible to pedestrians and motorists. Their vibrant graphics will fill the air with taste and mouth-watering imagery. 

  • Organize on-site contests

Corporate ideas for branding events are not limited to bold visuals. People love being engaged. Provide fun activity with on-site food contests and award winners with branded prizes. 

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Conference Branding Ideas

Effective conference branding will define your conference and its value. It’s successful if your attendees recognize you when they see your conference branding. 

Your main challenge is getting them hooked with your visuals and then reeling them in with your marketing expertise.

Conference branding huge illuminated display

  • Give a branded welcome

Implement conference branding ideas starting at the entrance of the venue. If there’s space to use, take advantage of it. Consider massive wraps to make a significant impact for anyone in eyeshot. Provide the key information about the event and don’t neglect your logo and name!

Reinforce the impressions people had outside with bright projectors inside and show that they’re much more than simple adhesives. Display your conference presentation on 2D or 3D surfaces. This tech conference branding idea will breathe some life and style into your brand. 

  • Brand the podium

If your speakers share presentations on stage, having a branded podium is a must-have. All eyes will be on it, and the audience will probably be snapping photos and sharing them on social media. Printing logos to fit the podium’s size is ideal. Install branded conference signage in strategic spots to enhance the impression.

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If you’re hosting a professional event, choose a more industrial venue for branding a conference. If you love sticking to traditions, choose a venue that has a wealth of history to create the vibe you’re yearning for.

  • Dress up your ceilings

Branding a conference ceiling ensures that your logo is front and center for every guest arriving at your venue. If the event consists of different areas, ceiling decorations can guide the flow of traffic.

Draw some conference branding inspiration for ceilings to make sure your idea gets your message noticed. If there’s any kind of lighting included, it’ll create a magnificent effect at night. 

Sports Event Branding Ideas

Maximize your branding efforts by covering all parts of the stadium with custom event branding. Integrate your own logos and banners as well as those of sponsors all over the stadium. Different-sized branding products will attract attention everywhere. Place decals on the floor and raise large displays in the stands, they’ll be perfect for the atmosphere.

Sports event branding large hanging wraps

  • Advertise sponsorship

Help your sponsors promote their product on a very large-scale. Install big graphics and showcase their names in bold letters. The higher your sponsors’ revenue is, the higher the chances for promoting your own sporting event in the future. 

  • Don’t forget about floors 

Don’t neglect the role of your stadium floors for branding. Bold graphics on the floors can direct fans and solidify your brand image. These graphics are also handy for slippery floors since they have anti-skid lamination. 

Fashion Event Branding Ideas

When it comes to fashion, creative event branding becomes a priority. You want to improve every time you build a new catwalk and turn the fashion show into an ‘online’ moment.

Boohoo fashion event branding designs displayed on stairs and in the venue

  • Create branded stairs
Who said your venue stairs aren’t suitable for branding? You can use them as a branding or sponsorship opportunity by adding creative store signs. A good example is putting your website or event name with a hashtag on them.
  • Outspread magic with neon lights

Flashy neon displays can’t be ignored, allowing for an offbeat effect on your fashion show branding. Though it might be a bit costly to customize these neon displays, it’s worth making the investment since you’ll be able to use them in future events. More importantly, integrating your business branding with these light up signs will give you an exclusive edge when most people are using basic solutions.

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Bonus Tips for Standout Event Branding

Now that you know the essentials of event branding design, it’s time to boost the experience with some helpful tips. 

  • Provide 100% transparency 
  • Keep it consistent
  • Be relevant to your target audience
  • Maximize on content
  • Get creative with merchandise 

The variety of ideas available makes it seem difficult to choose the right option for your business industry. But we’ve exerted maximum effort to help you out with some creative solutions for event branding ideas in 2022. 

These ideas work great for conferences, sporting events, exhibitions, trade shows, workshops, corporate meetings and any other festival.

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