Corporate Branding Strategy: 4 Key Basics

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Your corporate branding strategy sets the bottom line for either failure or success. It’s the blueprint for all future communications. Developing a corporate branding plan is vital to defining a persona for your company.

Service promotions, whether offline or online, are a basic part of how to do branding for a new company. They’re also integral for the performance of established enterprises. Tangible solutions such as business signs, lighting and interior visuals are the silent yet continuous representatives of your business personality.

Corporate branding strategy graph on the wall

In this article, you’ll learn about corporate branding elements that can make all the difference for your economic growth. To tie them all together, we’ll refer to corporate branding techniques that will optimize their effectiveness. We’ll also share quotes from notable entrepreneurs to inspire you at the end.


Corporate Branding Basics to Make Your Mark

Every brand has its foundation on a core set of principles. Revealing these is imperative for making solid connections. Once you align your brand and your beliefs, you’ll cultivate a community you can rely on for collaboration.

Keep reading about corporate branding basics to learn how you can create a distinctive voice.

# 1. Corporate Branding Elements for Your Individuality

Shaping a singular identity around your values and services is not easy. It’s a complex task that requires exploration and expertise.

Let’s see how to do branding for a new company and improve on previously established ones by generating a custom corporate branding strategy.

  • Define your purpose

The values and characteristics you choose are an indication of your work philosophy. They will help your clients understand what you stand for before they make a selection among competitors.

  • Set up your vision

Your vision should be the center of everything you do. A vital corporate branding tip is to integrate your mission with your inspiration. It’s the driving force of your corporate branding basics and will determine how your company moves ahead.

  • Act on your mission statement

This should direct your corporate branding plan. It will give your team focus and your consumers clarity about your business activity. Make sure it’s not just a statement but an ongoing practice.

  • Reveal your value proposition

The best way to brand your company is to offer real value. This is one of the most important corporate branding tips for success. It’s the solution to your customers’ problems so leverage it to the fullest.

  • Specify your target

Companies usually make their offers towards specific groups of consumers. You should know who you’re talking to and target your vision to an audience that will appreciate it. If you speak the same language as your customers,  you’ll create genuine experiences and results.

  • Be extra, not ordinary

Consumers seek the extraordinary so your corporate branding strategy must offer solutions in a unique way. Find an approach that pertains entirely to your identity and exceed your own expectations.

  • Be original

Once your corporate branding strategies are truly yours, you’ll gain confidence about your place in the market. Stand out from outmoded companies by setting your own positive principles and following through with them.

Showing how corporate branding is done at an event for Lamborghini

  • Be sincere

Customers are now savvier than ever before when it comes to marketing tricks and techniques. The best way to do corporate branding without turning clients off is by being transparent. Sincerity generates reliability and converts to loyal customers.

  • Be brave

How to do branding for a new company like a pro? Start taking risks. Your approach won’t suit every audience. Clear the way of distractions and get on track with the right niche. Experiment only with those corporate branding techniques that correspond to their needs.

  • Be real and emotive

Free yourself from the corporate branding basics that rely on a mechanized formula. Your campaign shouldn’t be based on tricky tactics but rather on real offerings. Focus on the human element and always retain a personal touch.

If you want to elevate your business with more creative solutions, read these business branding ideas.

# 2. Corporate Branding Techniques for Creating Your Visual Identity

Your core values are the heart of your plan. Once you have them in theory, it’s time to express them in visual form. Corporate branding basics center around a logo that lays the foundation for a consistent aesthetic.

Below, find a few corporate branding tips on how to make your visual marketing as powerful as possible.

  • Establish an appealing logo

If you want to leave an impression on your clients, start with a memorable logo. The characteristics of your logo should consider a buyer persona. Descriptive logos that blend textual and visual elements are the trendiest at this time.

Studies show that 60% of companies use non-descriptive logos while 40% prefer descriptive ones. Descriptive logos create positive associations with your company. They favorably influence consumer perception when done well.

Their effect is most noticeable when portrayed on light up signs for business such as light box signs so they can be illuminated 24/7.

Burger King logo as a part of it's corporate branding

  • Apply corporate branding techniques right at the entrance

Robust imagery is important since most people perceive you through visual media. It’s a persuasive form of communication that’s shaped through the visual elements.

  • Attach bold letters to welcome your guests

Bold 3d letter signs are head-turners in any venue and ideal for all occasions. They create a strong message and draw attention to your objective. Complementary lettering in key places will complete the image of your corporate branding basics.

Lobby signs are star players that offer a limitless source of creativity. They animate the atmosphere and grant maximum visual impact.

Showing how corporate branding is done at Hersh Goland & Green interior space

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  • Put welcoming notes at the door of your premise

The first piece of decor people see is the welcome display upon entry to any site. If you’re wondering how to do branding for a new company, first things first. You need to capture the attention of your audience.

Entrepreneurs often look for a welcoming design with a classic look. They’re not just for show; they provide an important service for your visitors.

Using your company and event name along with a slogan will tell a comprehensive design story. The right custom signs will become the focus of your corporate branding strategy and instill a positive mood.

Welcoming sign example as a corporate branding element

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  • Install guides with your branding

These kinds of signboards help to keep your workplace organized and pleasant. Installing them within your space is a great way to inform your visitors about where everything is, from departments to offices and restrooms.

This professional approach will personalize your visuals while enhancing customer experience with your company. Use these interior signs to show attention towards your guests.

Guiding signs as a part of a corporate branding plan

  • Make your message clear and visible

Use striking methods to identify your services and represent your company. Big, bold signs will mark your location and make it stand out. Clean but creative signage will enhance decor, streamline navigation and encourage sales.

Graphic signs are everywhere. They’re an important constituent of event signs such as trade show displays, stadium signage or conference signage. Brand-matching visual elements will communicate powerful messages and intrigue guests.

The best way to brand your company is through attention-grabbing visuals. The list includes quality posters and decal stickers that boost your exposure and raise awareness.

  • Use decorative design solutions for versatility

Maintaining the same tone of voice for your signage while keeping it versatile can be a challenge. The nice part of corporate branding basics is the decorative elements you can use in their design. Uncluttered and beautiful forms are the answer to how to do branding for a new company while maintaining flexibility.

With a tasteful design, you get more chances to win over the competition. Doing consumer research to find out how your preferred demographic perceives your sign and branding is also good practice. Thinking out-of-the-box and getting feedback from potential clients will set you on the right course.

Corporate branding elements at sports event in the form of a banner

  • Apply business decor elements

No one wants to get lost in the shuffle. Even prominent companies constantly make efforts to get noticed by new clients. For inspiration, they use not only ordinary signage but also creative constructions that pique curiosity.

These corporate branding strategy examples are a welcome interlude from ordinary signage solutions. They offer originality and create an alluring workplace.

Decorative elements at the storefront for corporate branding

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  • Hang enchanting ornaments

Using hanging design elements is another corporate branding tip that draws attention. When used with vivid colors, they offer great contrast and make visitors look up at a surface area that’s usually forgotten.

Generally hung from ceilings, these decorative signs get quickly noticed and make an impression.  Customer experience is enhanced and practical things like navigation become easier through a store with such store signs.

'Pay Here' sign with the brand's name as a corporate branding element

  • Utilize digital graphics

Electronic signs are another state-of-the-art corporate branding technique. They create stunning designs around your business place and animate your visitors with vivid graphics.

Digital sign for doing corporate branding outdoors

Main Corporate Branding Strategies: How to Bring the Basics to Life

It’s time to put your corporate branding basics into practice. Below, you’ll find the best corporate branding tips to bring key features of your brand identity to life.

# 3. Apply your corporate branding elements everywhere

These two corporate branding strategies are the base for any marketing campaign. Combining them adds professionalism and offers solutions for a wider audience.

Achieve effective corporate branding with outdoor advertising

This corporate branding strategy is arranged completely outside of the online world. Techniques such as promotional window decals, pylon signs, prints, building signs and other outdoor signs are used to establish your physical presence.

Offline ads are a fundamental practice if you want to know how to do branding for a new company without missing a beat. They’re compelling, immediate and lay the groundwork for online efforts as well.

  • Promotional advertisement on your outdoor premise

Designing a new product is a lot of work. Promoting it is even more so. Using creative signage on visible sites in and around your establishment is the best way to brand your company in the real world.

There are many affordable ways to implement corporate branding basics. One of them is sticking creative decals on large windows to display your services.

Outdoor signage solutions as part of the company's corporate branding strategy

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  • Amplify your voice during events and exhibitions

If you’re looking for means to advertise on a massive scale, use products like banners with large format printing done on them. Customizable for all occasions, they will be seen from afar and speak loudly about your achievements. Be it a trade show, seasonal sale or holiday promotion,  these posters will amp up your popularity.

Bold poster example as a way to brand the company

  • Use graphics on the streets

Display your name everywhere – even on the walls of neighboring streets. This is a cool and effective technique if you want to learn how to do branding for a new company in the current market. It can be included in big corporate branding plans as well.

Eye-catching graphics never lack attention from passersby. Big murals, posters, transit ads and billboards will promote your brand day and night. They will become a spotlight for the people who didn’t even know about you.

Wall design as a great corporate branding element

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Enhance your company’s online presence

Online advertising introduces your company’s name through different channels around the world. There are two basic online variants to make your name globally or locally known.

  • Utilize media marketing

Online marketing is one of the most valuable ways to do branding for startups. Look for solutions on different platforms and integrate them all into your game plan. Once you gain popularity in a certain niche, obtain positive feedback on social media platforms to expand their reach. Good reviews will bring positive results and boost sales.

  • Deliver quality content

If you want to deliver value in a digital space, create high quality content like an insightful blog. Become a worthwhile source of information and educate your readers. If you’re a fresh comer in the industry, this will be of great benefit for how to do branding for a new company in the digital age.

# 4. Constantly set goals to shape a better corporate branding plan

As mentioned, it’s crucial not to imitate others in your sector. Keep reading to learn other tips on how to do corporate branding in a way that’s authentic.

  • Define your end-point

Social responsibility is a key corporate branding element for every successful campaign. Businesses that want a competitive edge in today’s market must satisfy not only stakeholders but also society at large. Conscious marketing practices incentivize buyers to choose you over competitors. What’s your end goal?

  • Always track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

No matter how big your success is, always check your stats. Keep track of analytics, aim for better numbers and change your corporate branding techniques for growth in every area of performance.

  • Find new insights from bad stats

Continue putting in your best efforts even after you’ve reached success. Don’t get comfortable after wins and don’t get disappointed by failures. Learn from them and you can use them as springboards for your new and improved corporate branding strategy.

  • Keep going and getting ahead

Evaluate your funnels and always work hard towards their progress. Rest assured that results may come later but growth is guaranteed with the right plan of action. Be persistent and have patience.

  • Get inspired by grand corporate branding strategy examples

Look to get inspired by other corporate branding strategy examples. Learn how to do branding for a new company and track what kind of corporate branding elements they use.

Studying the corporate branding basics for successful local and global enterprises will provide key answers on how to do corporate branding for your company.

Read on to learn about 13 inspiring corporate branding examples.

5 Corporate Branding Quotes To Inspire Your Strategy

Enjoy these quotes from experts on how to do corporate branding like a boss.

Inspiring branding quotes by famous entrepreneurs

Hopefully, you have an understanding of how to do corporate branding by now. To make your business landscape your own, you can use the above-mentioned corporate branding strategies and make a positive investment into your professional portfolio.

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