Everything About Hoarding Advertising: Main Types and Benefits

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Technology is evolving at such a fast pace and advertising is evolving along with it. Outdoor media has undergone a complete transformation - but one form of OOH (out-of-home) marketing is still popular - hoarding advertising. These outstanding media have taken various forms over the years. You can find them in both rural and urban areas.

What Is Hoarding Advertising?

Hoardings are large barriers that keep people out of construction sites. These hoarding ads play an integral role in outdoor advertising campaigns. Want to know the meaning of hoarding advertising? The roots of OOH advertising can be traced back to the earliest civilizations. Ancient Egyptians used it to publish laws and treaties.

Now, its meaning has expanded to become more inclusive than ever. OOH advertising brands and markets businesses through different media such as logo signs and channel letters. Any construction site will have plenty of them, giving you a wide set of advertising opportunities.

Big lighted hoarding advertising board installed along the pavement

What Is Outdoor Hoarding Advertising Used for?

OOH hoardings protect the public from the dangers that can be found in construction sites. They’re a powerful tool for advertising services and products. OOH hoardings are also perfect for hoarding marketing as these business signs have powerful and jaw-dropping aesthetics.

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Types of Hoarding Advertising

Hoardings are much more than just advertising panels. They ooze professionalism which extends over any site. Now let’s check the most common types of hoarding advertising that various businesses use.

Large colorful-themed outdoor hoarding advertising for various types of businesses

1. Construction Hoarding Advertising

Construction advertising can include a sneak peek at a current project. It could also promote other local businesses that rent the vacant premises. Market your business with eye-catching displays bearing your company name. Use light up signs to make your name, address and phone number visible day and night. Other hoarding marketing media include vivid graphics on large format printing. They showcase a specific project or give a preview of what it will look like when completed.

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2. Retail Hoarding Advertising

Retail advertising is a popular form of OOH hoardings. This kind of advertising is usually placed near commercial areas such as stores, shopping malls and other similar locations. Outdoor protective barriers become high-impact adverts when combined with bespoke outdoor signs. When used in malls, it often promotes nearby stores using enchanting interior signs. The main purpose of this advertising is directing foot traffic to the relevant stores and driving up their sales. You can also put your logo in standout store signs to enhance your branding efforts.

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3. Event Hoarding Advertising

Corporate event signage on hoarding ads creates a visual barrier between the outside world and the event. These custom signs can be installed anywhere without having to do any digging. This means you won’t have to do a remedial job after you take down the barriers. These types of hoarding advertising are sturdy and adjustable. It allows them to withstand a massive crowd pushing against it. Hence, you can freely use them for stadium branding. Using striking architectural signs attracts more attention with enhanced visual appeal.

Filmozo Studios OOH hoarding in black and gold with a Coming Soon display for branding purposes

4. Development Advertising on Fences

Development advertising on fences promotes your company right from the start. It informs potential buyers that your property is up for sale or rent. These types of hoarding advertising may use printed custom decals placed on temporary fencing. 3D signs can also be a great addition to printed attention-grabbing advertising on fences. You can apply the advertising on fences anywhere you want and use it again in different locations.

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Hoarding Advertising Advantages

Many businesses use construction panels as an actual promotional tool. But hoarding advertising advantages are more numerous than you may think. From hoarding marketing to increasing conversion rates, whatever your goal is, you can achieve it in seconds. Discover more hoarding advertising advantages in the section below.

Large hoarding advertising board with a white background and a wayfinding solution

1. Visible and Versatile

Outdoor advertising effectively promotes businesses in specific geographic areas. Construction hoardings are usually placed alongside busy roads and highways. This means passers-by will always have a view of your eye-catching building signs. They can’t avoid looking at your outdoor hoarding advertising throughout the day.

2. Targeting a Variety of Demographics

Hoarding advertising advantages include attracting a general or specific audience with a single marketing strategy. It helps you find clients you don’t expect would show interest in your services. Additional design elements, such as eye-catching acrylic signs will render your advertising more versatile.

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3. Increasing Conversion Rates

Where hoarding board advertising is installed and what it looks like are extremely important factors in promoting sales. Imagine someone driving or walking by these large banners and seeing a product they’re interested in! All types of hoarding advertising amplify the possibility of promoting sales and products.

4. Providing 24/7 Exposure

Advantages of hoarding advertising are numerous, the most important of which is, it’s there all day every day. Those who have a set itinerary will see your advert multiple times a day. With creative design solutions such as aluminum signs, your hoardings will surely be pleasant to look at.

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5. Providing Public Services

Large-scale advertising is a useful tool for the public. It can provide directions, relay useful information or showcase the plans of the construction project going on. They may also convey ads with your company’s details on PVC signs.

Now you know what hoarding advertising is, what purposes it serves and what benefits it has. If you’re interested in ordering one, get in touch with our team of professionals. Our signage company has been commissioned to transform hoardings through a set of advertising graphics. Our team is always ready to provide free consultation and assistance whenever you need it!

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