Top 8 Large Format Printing Tips to Achieve High-End Projects

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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If you’re uncertain about how to proceed in regards to the best large format printing results, we’ve got your answers. Here are 8 large format printing tips that will yield stunning visuals for your prints and keep them fresh for decades.

Technical Tips for Large Format Printing

Effective graphic ads generally have two things in common: gorgeous high-resolution imagery and a clear message. Large format printing that captures the audience is achieved thanks to a variety of design strategies that come together to create the final look. 

Let’s go over the best file formats for large scale printing

Tip 1. Give precedence to Vector images

Ordering your prints in vector format will assure excellent graphics. This is due to the fact that vectors are computer generated. They use various shapes instead of segmented pixels in order to create visuals. This produces a better image quality regardless of size.

Vector extensions include EPS, AI, SVG and often PDF. They function based on mathematical equations, using formulas to draw lines and curves. This method yields faultless graphics. It provides unrivaled sharpness to your banners no matter how large they are. In comparison, bitmaps are based on pixel patterns. Regardless of resolution, they are not capable of the same level of precision as vectors.

Tip 2. Select EPS files for the best quality

EPS extensions are the most common vector files formats used in the printing industry. They’re ideal for producing the largest advertising banners like stadium signage and business signs. They yield the highest resolution graphics and are compatible across different operating systems. 

Pepsi high quality banner printing tip

Vector file types like EPS are self-contained and don’t depend on pixels for the resolution. They function based on exact numerical formulas. EPS file extensions are created and edited using professional illustration programs. Thanks to this digital technique, the image will never lose any clarity no matter how drastic its scale up. 

Tip 3. Choose Bitmap/Raster files for long-distance viewing

Bitmap or raster files types use extensions such as JPEG, PNG, TIF and GIF. They’re composed of small pixels that collectively make up the big picture. They’re great for advertising images that are intended for long-distance viewing such as pylon signs, high rise signs, building signs and other types of outdoor signs. Make sure to keep pixels per inch in the one hundred to three hundred DPI range. Your banner printing ideas won’t be effective unless they retain their visual appeal from afar. 

Experts will insert pixels in your artworks with a proper DPI. That’s a good rule-of-thumb to avoid losing print quality. The crucial thing is providing high-resolution files for raster images, especially scalable ones intended to be viewed from a distance. The ideal size for larger prints is at 300dpi but can extend all the way up to 600dpi. Just keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the more difficult it will be to work with the files depending on software and hard drive capacity.

Tip 4. Pick Pantone files for the perfect color

Sometimes you’ll need to put your emblem or other distinct visual features on your prints. Pantone files with the PMS extension are the best choice for vibrant graphics. The Pantone Matching System takes highly precise mixtures of ink to create an exact color match.

CMYK is the most common color model used for image depiction in this type of file format. It provides a super colorful range with deep contrast. If you want your sign to display vivid visuals, Pantone prints will yield the best color results.

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Large Format Printing Design Tips

To have a balanced design, you’ll need to get an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of different features and compositional elements that go into sign making. The following tips will offer basic insight into large format printing from a schematic perspective.

Tip 5. Single out fonts for readability

The mission of wide extension projects is to get people to see them clearly from a distance. Make sure to not only choose beautiful fonts but also highly legible ones. With proper sign installation, you can expose your brand name and advertise your products with purposefully selected messages. This is true for printed graphics like custom decals and dimensional letter signage.

Sans serif fonts are recommended for overcoming the challenge of balancing clarity with style. 

Banner font ideas for large format printing to display your messages

Points to consider:

  • Using simple fonts, you’ll prevent unnecessary crowding with letters.
  • Remember that one-third of your printing space should be left blank.
  • Incorporating too many bold fonts will create an unnecessarily loud effect.
  • Thin letters will look insignificant against any large background. 
  • Balance is key


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Tip 6. Choose colors wisely

First, consider the color contrast between the background and your letters.  Choose dark but vivid colors for the backdrop and light colors like white for the text. This will ensure good readability from a distance. 

Simplicity is another factor that you need to take into account. More than two colors on a banner are rarely effective.  

Color tips for large format printing to provide good readability

Tip 7. Balance boldness and simplicity

All your posters and custom signs should be clear and legible. That said, don’t be too boring with them. Harmony between simple and stylish is the key to making people love your large format printing ideas. Balance your design by:

  • Avoiding overloaded graphics. Apply only one main, well-positioned graphic.
  • Leverage the use of logos and lines in the design.
  • Go simple with texts. Writing headlines or short sentences will suffice.


Large format printing ideas for bold banner

Tip 8. Use the right message

Be helpful to your audience by supporting their goals. This will raise your credibility and boost the effectiveness of your graphics whether they’re used as event signs, store signs or anything else. This way, you’ll help them discover your brand-new products and services as well as enable them to execute their plans.

Successful businesses rely on constant quality advertising. Hopefully, this article will come in handy when  you’re looking for design tips and the best file type for large format printing.

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