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A-frame Signs

  • Time-tasted ads
  • Easy to reposition
  • Supremely portable
  • Hassle free installation
What are A-frame Signs?

A-frame Signs : Sandwich Board, Sidewalk Sign, Standard A-frame, Premium A-frame

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One of the oldest and simplest ways of advertising, A-frame Signs give you an effective way to attract customers. It is crucial to do some extra advertising with the help of A-frame also known as Sandwich Sign and Signicade.

Passers-by who have no idea who you are, and what you can possibly offer them, notice these eye-catching sidewalk signs as they are within their direct sight. And if the Sandwich Board Sign is done with a good and creative design, it means that this highly effective and affordable Sandwich Sign did its job.

We offer you a great variety of A-frame and Chalkboard displays with diverse styles and designs with double-sided form.

There are 2 types of A-frame displays at your disposal – Standard and Premium.
Standard A-frame Signage comes with printed adhesive Vinyl and Premium A-frame Signage includes Direct Printing on PVC, Coroplast, etc.



Front Signs provides Standard A-frame Sign displays with unique design printed on quality Vinyl. Sidewalk board gives more creative space for creating the graphics and merging with the location.

With Premium A-frame Signs you can have your message printed on a PVC board, installed onto the A-frame.

As the name indicates standing Chalkboard Signs are easy to write on and erase. They are lightweight and have wooden frame.



A-board displays and Chalkboard Signs provide a wide range of possibilities for your business and home. Good to point out the right directions of any special events. Sidewalk Signs can draw the attention of potential clients to attend restaurants, pubs, etc.

You can display daily menus with new food and drink offer or attract with product discounts and special promotions. For indoor purposes, A-frame advertising boards can be used in the information centers, museums, libraries, clinics, etc.



  • Long term usage
  • Visibility from both sides
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Easy-snap-open display system
  • Easy-to-fold for storage and transport

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Yard Signsthough similar at shape, Yard signage has different construction. Yard Signs are most of the time used to promote a sale, open house, opening soon and alike messages.

Stands and DisplaysX- Banner stands and roll up banners come as a nice alternative to the A-frame Signs. X-Banners are ideal to place at the corners. Roll Up Banner takes little space and provides high visibility.



No specific installation is needed. For storage, A-board Signs fold flat and do not take too much space.

For Graphics installation we use high quality adhesive Vinyl, directly applied to the A-frame signage. The fade resistant UV inks provide vivid print of your message and company name. The Vinyl graphics can be changed over time. This allows to keep the A-frame message board, but use it for different events and occasions.

The PVC or Coroplast board with your custom design and graphics is inserted onto the A-frame signage. Can be easily changed and reused.

Sizes and shapes


Standard sizes: 24” X 36”, 18” X 24”, 24″ X 24″

Thickness: Customized

Color: White and Black Frames

Printing on: Vinyl, PVC, Coroplast

Lifespan: 5 + years, if kept properly

Message: Temporary and permanent, removable graphics


A-frame Signs FAQs

What information should my Sign have on it?

Actually, you can have anything written on your Customized Sign you want your customers to notice. It can be the name or the logo of your brand, some information about your business type, operating hours, etc. You can get decorative Signs with motivational quotes, etc.

How do I store A-frame Signs?

They fold flat, and don’t take too much space. To use these signs repeatedly, we recommend to store them in a dry location. Just fold it up and store in an upright position, where legs will still support the base construction. It’s just easy to store them lying down, just be careful not to place anything on the Plasticade Graphic area. Thus, you will not damage the sign and you will have no problem to use it again and again.

Are A-frame Signs easy to display?

Due to their compact size, you can put the sandwich sign in the streets and underground parking, on the pavements or even on the grass. A-frame displays won’t take a lot of space or disturb the passers-by. There is even a handle provided to make the Plasticade sign transportation easier.

How can I use the Chalkboard Signs to its best?

Tip1: Posts can be straightforward, to the point with a good humor or sarcasm to give a confident impression and receive curious glances. Tip2: Leave some blank space around the text, add a border around the message for better and faster readability. Tip3: You can use chalkboard display to let your clients and potential customs know about the special deals or that you have discounts or lower priced products for them.

Where can I use A-frame Signs?

Apart from the above mentioned, A-board sign has other areas of applications for other industries and establishments.  Insurance agents, banks and financial institutions, hotels or motels can use A-frame display to inform about the monthly events and put general information about their brand. Moreover, Ice cream shops, Gym or fitness centers can use Sandwich boards with a daily basis or even put some humorous quote and design to attract customers. Sometimes, A-frame is also used as a yard signage. All the details in “A-Frame as a type of Yard Signs” blog post.

What is the difference between A-frame and Chalkboard Signs?

Plastic A-frame signs or sidewalk signs are made of plastic and are double-sided. They are lightweight and give neat and professional look. Chalkboard signs, on the other hand, have wooden frame. Wooden chalkboards have retro style and are mainly used in pubs, bars or fancy restaurants. The main difference is that you can change the graphics of sandwich board sign. In case of Chalkboard signage you erase and create another promotion with chalk. A-frame board can have the chalkboard effect printed on vinyl whereas chalkboard signs, if necessary, can be decorated daily, offering for example today’s menu or depict a humorous massage.