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Pylon Signs –  Plaza Signs – Monument Signs

If you are a business owner looking for pylon sign (Plaza signs), it’s perfect for you to ensure highly visible scene. Pylon signs are also known as freestanding signs or street-side signs. When it comes to pylons, the higher pylon sign is, the more visible message seems.

If your business is a part of a multi-business complex, mall or plaza, using pylon signs is the best solution. You can display your company’s logo, name, contacts or any other important information and reach more people faster and easier than any other type of media. Any successful outdoor advertising campaign begins with your own location’s signage. Pylon signs are designed to catch an eye immediately due to theirs cool and creative designs. Advertisers and business owners can be sure their message delivered fast and efficient. Pylon signs can be displayed in shopping complexes, stadiums, stations and other places where you want to increase awareness and popularity of your business.

Our pylon signs offer excellent visibility from a distance and low maintenance exposure for your business. We are next to you during the whole process: from design to installation and replacement by providing you with replacement panels of existing custom pylon signs and other services related to this process.  Order just now and make yourself seen!

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