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Pylon Signs – Freestanding Signs, Monument Signs, Plaza Signs, Led Pylons

The street-side signage is abound with Pylon Sign options.
Pylon sign or also known as plaza sign is a freestanding vertical structure. Made of Aluminum, combined with Acrylic sheet, Vinyl lettering or lightbox cabinet, these totem signs provide high visibility day and night.

Pylon signs and monument signs from Front Signs will take your signage to a new level, get the attention of the pedestrian or driver and leave huge impact. Custom Pylon signs increase your company’s exposure and brand recognition.


Among benefits of the Pylon signs is its height, hence the visibility, thus brand recognition.

Pylon custom signs are traditionally taller than the monument signs, obviously stands out over the monument 2 to 1. This is actually the main difference between them.
Pylon illuminated or non-illuminated signs are perfect to attract attention towards your business from far away.
Well-designed Plaza sign complement the surroundings and can feature advertising panels that can be used by different tenants.

Note: Check your local city or township ordinance for height and size restrictions (or just ask us and we’ll find out for you!).

Location and purpose

Pylon signs can be found in a number of locations to help attract and direct foot traffic toward your business location.
These Custom Pylon signs are ideal for businesses that want to be seen by drivers who are far away. Hence these signs are also known as freeway or highway pylon signs.

It makes sense to go for Pylon signs if your business is located in an industrial area or along the highway. Vehicles travelling at high speed will notice the board as it’s eye-catchy and easy to spot from afar.

Shopping centers use Pylons to display the store and brand names doing business at their venue. The Pylon signage has moderate height and, therefore, suits the character of the area.

Custom Pylon signs have widespread usage among banks, retailers, hospitals.

These custom signs can be used as a cost – effective identifier for industrial complexes, car dealerships, gas stations.

They can be installed near the entrances office parks and apartment complexes also.

  • Promote your business from afar
  • Crafted from a variety of materials with high durability and longevity
  • Custom made with limitless design options and possibilities
  • Reflects your company’s identity and professionalism
  • Average lifespan is 10-15 years

Pylon sign is distinguished from monument sign by its size and, of course, height . These signs have several options to serve different taste and style.

Pylon Sign types include single, double or multiple pole structures and monument signs.

Free Standing Pylon Sign

These type of Pylon sign is also referred as pole or freestanding signs. These are signs independent from any building or structure, erected on a pole or pylon. Can be illuminated either internally or externally.

Illuminated Pylon Signs

If you are looking for maximum impact and message capabilities, illuminated displays are ideal option for you. The LED illuminated Pylon signs are appealing to the eye 24/7. It is easy to notice at any time of the day, thus attract more attention from a distance and provide a longer viewing window to the drivers and passers-by.

Aluminum Pylon stand with cut thru Acrylic letters

Take your business to new heights with this professional and solid looking Pylon sign. It gives the exact look and amazing view to your company name and logo. The Acrylic letters are most of the time illuminated, which means that you have high visibility even during the night.

Pylon with Vinyl lettering

If you need to change the business information on the pylon face, we suggest Vinyl lettering. The vinyl custom graphics are easy to install, change and maintain.

Multiple tenant Pylon sign

For professional outdoor signage solutions for mall, shopping center, business center we suggest these Pylon signs that accommodate multiple tenants in different layouts.
You can advertise the brands and shops that use your venue and attract the shopping lovers.
The self-adhesive vinyl on Acrylic face will permit to change the brand name on the multiple tenant pylon display. Plaza can be totally illuminated or each tenant’s logo with a separate lightbox mechanism.

Changeable letters Pylon sign

Churches and schools highly benefit from this type of Pylon sign. This changeable letter totem sign leave space to notify the schedule changes, upcoming event, etc. The interchangeable letter Pylon signs can be illuminated. Thus, it’s another great way to showcase your establishment name and logo day and night.


Pylon signs are made up of three key components, the cabinet, cabinet faces and sign supporting system. Cabinet face and the base support can be manufactured with a number of different durable materials like Aluminum, steel, etc. Whereas, Pylons’ cabinet face can be made from PVC, Acrylic, Aluminum, etc.

The supporting structure is most of the time manufactured from steel and can be mounted on concrete footing.

Monument Signs

Very affordable and durable, Monument signs are alternative to Pylon signs. The monument signs are face, impact and harsh weather resistant.

Front Signs offers diverse models, range of color and size fabricated to easy transport and install.
Monument signs have classic and add permanency look and feel to the business. It’s a very solid sign that lasts for years. Requires low maintenance, regular cleaning will be enough.

Location and purpose

If you are located along a road with lower speed limit, within more residential area, Monument is a better option. You can display your company name, information, logo and message to increase the visibility of your brand.

For instance, lightbox cabinets and channel letters work with Monument signs and depict your brand uniqueness.

  • visibility, attracts all demographics
  • reach local customers
  • adds consistency
  • rot and insect resistant
  • moisture and fade resistant
Types and Design

Monument signs differ from business to business. The message, industry and location play specific role in choosing the design, material and layout.

Monument street-side signs can be designed to look rustic or very classic. Any type of Monument sign can include lighting system. The materials can be of PVC, Acrylic, Lexan, and other materials to best suit your brand theme and style.

Aluminum Monument signs

Highly used by health institutions and private companies. Aluminum or Brushed Aluminum with Vinyl lettering take Monument Signage to totally new level. Can be illuminated and edge illuminated.

Brick Monument sign

Monument signs include specific elements such as brick. The brick side-street sign has professional and solid look. The base construction can be brick made, whereas the actual sign can be made of PVC, wood, Aluminum or any other material that will best depict your logo and message.

Natural stone monuments signs

Natural stone monuments signs are alternatives to the brick style Side-street displays. The company name can be engraved, flat-engraved, thus leave deeper impact on the passers-by. The Natural stone monument displays can be illuminated with cut thru Acrylic letters or channel letters.

The monument sign is designed in a way to send an important message to the existing and potential clients. Also ensure of your solid, dependable and trustworthy company.

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