Foam Core Signs: Top-quality Foam, Gator & Ultra Board Printing in LA

Spread your message or decorate the interior with lightweight foam core signs. Vivid graphics printed on a custom foam board sign can’t remain unnoticed.

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Create a brand presence in your business endeavors with eye-grabbing foam poster boards. Print the name or the logo of your brand on these signs - or display it with large foam letters - to gain more recognition at various presentations and events.

Front Signs - an LA-based sign making company - offers three types of foam core signage: gator board signs, foam board signs and ultra board signs.

If you are seeking a short term signage solution and do not desire to spend a fortune on it - foam poster boards are the perfect marriage between affordable and high-quality.

The main difference between these three is the materials coating the foam board- which provide different levels of durability and finishes to the materials.
Keep your memories on the wall or get beautiful images printed on foam core signs to decorate your home or office interior.
If you are a photographer preparing for an exhibition you can consider one of these three foam core materials for printing your art.
Foam boards are versatile materials allowing us to make signs for various settings in any shapes and sizes.

For one-time outdoor presentations, you can get foam board signs. While for longer outdoor exposure ultra board signs are more recommended due to the plastic coating.

Foam core cutouts are highly-popular for creating 3D imagery for stage or other decorations.

For those who run a restaurant, store, beauty salon, etc. can benefit from foam board signs by displaying the cutouts of their product or promotional sales with these versatile signs.

Make your business noticeable in a sea of other companies with unique and attractive displays - while presenting your brand at trade shows, expos, and other events.

Display your desired graphics on one or both sides of foam core signs with sun-resistant UV inks and let it decorate your interior for many years.

Social Distancing Foam Core Signs


Everyone is doing their part to put an end to COVID-19. Safety guidelines have been implemented in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. One of these new measures is keeping a social distance of 6 feet to reduce the rate of infection. 

Nowadays, stores, supermarkets, banks and all other large establishments should be equipped with signs reminding people of key protocols such as  keeping a social distance. In support of public safety, we offer specially designed foam core signs.

You can choose from foam board, gatorboard or ultraboard materials. All three are perfect for indoor use. You may also customize the signs with your preferred messages and graphics.

Foam Board Signs

Foamboard sign printing

Foam board is in the list of the most lightweight materials used in the signage industry. The middle of this material is foam covered with two sheets of paper on both sides. Thus, it is not designed for outdoor use - but can serve for many years indoors.

Being one of the most low-cost materials in the sign making industry - personalized foam board signs are perfect for creating temporary promotional displays. Also, the lightweight of these signs makes it perfect for portable promotions. Besides being a lightweight and cost-effective signage option - these signs offer effective product placement with bright graphics.


Thickness: 0.125", 0.188", 0.5", 1"

Material color: White, black

Printing options: Color match printing on one or both sides

Usage: Mainly indoors

Lifespan: 5+

Gator Board Signs

gatorboard decorative sign

For those looking for a stronger material, we offer gator board, a material with wooden veneers on both sides of the foam. The firm coating of the material gives it durability to withstand minor pressure and flexing.

Due to its durability - this material is applicable for both exterior and interior use.

Naturally, the gator board material comes in two colors: black and white. But you can get anything printed on them in your desired colors.

Get your personalized gator board sign to spread your message or create beautiful decorations for any interior.


Thickness: 0.188″

Weight: 0.25lbs/sqft

Colors: White and black

Installation: Wall mounted, hung, easel backs, command strips

Printing: 4 color UV digital printing on one or double sides

Lifespan: 10+ years indoors, with short term outdoor use

Ultra Board Signs

ultraboard 3d letters

Ultra board is the strongest material among foam core signs. The middle of the material is foam covered with two sheets of plastic on both sides. Naturally, the material comes in three colors- the standard white, gold or silver aluminum but you can get graphics printed on them in any color. As for the finishes, the standard white ultra board has a matt finish - while gold or silver aluminum can come in matt, mill or brushed finishes.

The plastic sheets on the material allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors for business or decorative applications. Get ultra board 3D letters or print your company name on it to make a lasting impression on your potential clients.


Thickness: 3/16" 1/2"

Material color: Standard white, gold, silver aluminum

Finishes: Standard: matt, gold and silver aluminum: matt, mill, brushed

Printing options: One or double-sided UV printing

Lifespan: 5+ indoors, shorter for outdoor use


Foam core posters have a myriad of uses for any industry and purpose.

Foam poster boards are commonly used for indoor applications. Rarely these signs can be used outdoors but only for short terms - as the material is not weather resistant.

Foam poster boards have an ideal surface for printing to create both beautiful decorations and attractive promotional displays.

Restaurant or store owners can get foam core menu boards or price lists displayed on top of the cashier’s desk. Combined with a beautiful background image, such price list boards will attract the attention of customers.

Liven up the empty walls in your home or office with vivid foam board photo printings. Create a collage with the photos of your family with printed foam core signs of various sizes. For those who spend most of their time in the office, we offer small tabletop foam core photo prints - to always have the photos of their loved ones close to them.

Inform your customers about upcoming sales and spread your campaign with bright foam board poster printings. These are perfect for seasonal discounts - as you can get one-time use signage without spending much money as foam poster boards are one of the most affordable signage solutions.

Whether you are preparing for a presentation or if you are a professor who needs a board with charts or other information for their lectures - die cut foam core signs will come in handy for you. You can print all your desired information on these lightweight signs with graphics and take them to your presentation.

These materials are perfect for making wayfinding signs. Mark aisles in supermarkets, libraries or other establishments with hanging foam core signs to guide customers.

Foam core materials can be used for notice signs as well. In warehouses, hospitals, factories, etc. custom foam signs can be used to prevent accidents by displaying useful information on one or both sides.

Having eye-catching and effective signage during trade shows, fairs or festivals is highly important to attract the targeted audience. Custom foam board printings give the best of both worlds with bright graphics and a professional look. Do not let potential prospects pass by your booth - draw them in with attractive signs.

Lastly, you can make 3D imagery with foam core printings. These are perfect for decorating stages for performances. Foam core cutouts displayed at different depths create various scenes on stage. The light weight of the materials allows changing the background or the whole scene within minutes between interludes.


  • Lightweight, which makes it easier to transfer
  • Affordable - perfect for one-time purpose or for high quantity signs
  • Full-color printing to display your desired graphics in their real colors
  • Printing on both sides to provide more visibility


Send us your desired graphics to be printed on foam core board on one or both sides for better visibility. We use state-of-the-art printers with UV inks. The printers dry the inks with a UV curing system parallel to the printing process. This procedure makes the graphics sun resistant and helps retain its vivid colors for a long period.


The installation options depend on the purpose of the sign and the location where it is going to be installed.

There are different installation accessories for foam board printings. Stand displays can be installed with easel backs, for foam core mounting you can order the signs with drilled holes or you can use command strips. Also, you can hang foam core signs through drilled holes.

Contact us to get a quote and learn which type of installation suits best for certain materials.

Front Signs offer not only sign making services but also installation services all across Los Angeles. Our team of professional craftsmen will provide accurate and quick installation for your signs.

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Acrylic signs are a great alternative for foam boards if you are looking for a more rigid and versatile material. Compared to foam core signage acrylic signs can withstand all weather conditions while used outdoors. This material is ideal for both decorative and business signage purposes.

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Foam Core Signs FAQs


How can I take care of my foam board sign?

Here are some tips that will help you keep your foam board sign printing in the ideal condition: Keep the sign environment at 68°F – 75°F (20°C – 24°C) and the humidity between 45-50%. Store or put it on flat surfaces. Try to keep the foam board in locations with stable temperature.

Can I use foam board in outdoor applications?

Yes. Being a soft material accustomed to stable temperatures foam core board will serve you longer if you use it indoors. This will allow you to use the sign longer and with a fresher look.  Yet short-term exterior applications are also permissible․

Is there any difference between foam board and gatorboard?

Foam board consists of a foam core and paper veneers from both sides. Gator board is a material with polystyrene core - meaning that it is more durable. Yet they both are used indoors and have a professional look.

Can I have drilled holes on my foam board sign?

No. Foam core poster board is a soft material and any hard work on it can cause the deformation of your sign. Drilled holes work well on rigid materials such as aluminum, acrylic, wood, ultra board, etc. Other than these materials drilled holes are not recommended and you can think of other alternatives for foam board mounting such as velcro, hanging strips, wires and ropes, etc.

Do you print double sided on foam board?

Yes. We are happy to inform you that we provide you with double sided printing on foam boards. This is an incredible way of increasing sales, getting more visible and drawing the attention of more potential customers.

What is the original color of foam boards?

The default colors of our foam board material are white and black. This means that the parts without any graphics will remain with the default color of the material - so choose the one which you think will best showcase your design. Also, mind that the sides of the sign remain unpainted, so take that fact into consideration too.

Can I use Gatorboard outdoors?

It is not recommended, but still, you can use it outdoors for short term. gator board is a durable material mainly designed for indoor use, so bad weather conditions and direct sun rays may be harmful for it when used outdoors.

How to differ PVC and gator board?

PVC - also known as polyvinyl chloride is a rigid plastic material, while gator board is a foam core bonded between two sheets of wood-fiber veneers. Being a highly durable material polystyrene can be used both indoors and outdoors, yet gator board is less rigid and has a shorter exterior lifespan.

Do you provide custom cut gator boards?

Yes, our digital cutting machine allows us to give different shapes to any material - let it be gator board, PVC, foam board, etc. This means that you are free to order a sign for your business or personal use with any design.

What are the uses for Gator Board Signs?

Gator board is a cost-effective and affordable sign-to-have for small and medium businesses. Gator board printing usually comes with a matte finish and are used for conference, menu boards and event displays, tradeshows and even at fair exhibitions. Can be an ideal choice for promotional and kiosk displays.
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