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Create a brand presence or decorate the interior with Gatorboard Signs. This is foam covered with polystyrene, and the inside part – the fomecore gives the material the needed durability and neat look. It has some similarities with Foam Board but Gatorboard is more durable due to its inner material. So for longer use, the latter is preferable. Gatorboard is widely used in the sign making industry, exhibitions, wall decors, stands and a lot more. Due to its durability, both outdoor and indoor usages are available.

Naturally, the Gatorboard material comes in two colors: black and white. But you can get anything printed on them in any color.

Get your personalized Gator Board Sign to spread your message or create beautiful decorations in any interior.


Gatorboard Signs are widely used indoors, and due to the  shorter lifespan outdoors, they are not recommended for exterior usage

Gator Board Signs can be used for various purposes, be it personal or business applications. For decorative purposes, you can get your desired image printed on Gatorboard and decorate any interior with it. You can create beautiful wall clusters with your family photos or just display a collage of a breathtaking scenery in your office. As for the business purpose, Gator Board Signs can promote the name and the logo of your company in your office or elsewhere.

Moreover, Gatorboard prints can be used as wayfinding signs in hotels, hospitals, lobbies, etc. Gatorboard Signs can be used to provide information about working days and hours. These Signs can be used for promotional campaigns as well. Let your customers know about seasonal discounts or any other announcements.


  • Double-sided printing available
  • Long lifespan indoors
  • Vivid printings with UV inks
  • Perfect for interior decoration


For printing on Gator Board Signs, we use UV curing printers. After the printing process the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays, which make the inks sun and fade resistant. You can get any image printed on Gatorboard, the long lifespan of the vivid colors of the printing are guaranteed. Double-sided printing for Gatorboard is also available.


Thickness: 0.188″

Weight: 0.25lbs/sqft

Colors: White and black

Common Sizes: 12″ x 18″, 24″ x 48″, 48″ x 96″, can be customized

Installation: Wall mounted, hung, easel backs, command strips

Printing: Full-color printing with UV inks, double-sided printing available

Lifespan: 10+ years indoors, with short time outdoor use


Usually, Gatorboard Signs are wall mounted onto the wall and similar solid surfaces or hung. The Signs can be displayed as a tabletop sign with the help of easel backs. Another installation option for Gatorboard Signs, is with the help of command strips. Overall, the installation of these signs does not require much effort, but our team of professional craftsmen are always ready to provide you with installation services․

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Gatorboard Signs FAQs

What are use cases for Gator Board Signs?

Gatorboard is a cost-effective and affordable sign-to-have for small and medium businesses. Gatorboard prints usually come with matte finish and are used for menu boards, conference and event displays, tradeshows and even job and craft fair exhibitions. Can be ideal choice for promotional and kiosk displays.

Can you custom cut gatorboard?

Yes, our digital cutting machine allows us give different shapes to any material - let it be gatorboard, PVC, foamboard, etc. This means that you are free to design any type of sign for your business or personal use.

Can I have double printing on Gatorboard?

Yes, Front Signs can print your graphics on both sides of the gatorboard. You can have the same graphics on both sides or have different designs on the sides of your sign. This will add extra visibility to your sign from different sides.

What’s the difference between Gator board and PVC?

PVC is foamed polyvinyl chloride and gatorboard is polystyrene. PVC can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, yet gatorboard is less durable and has shorter exterior lifespan. We have a whole blog post dedicated to the comparison of these two materials and plus foamboard.

Can I use Gatorboard outdoors?

Not recommended. Gatorboard is a durable material meant for long-term indoor usages yet harsh weather conditions and sun rays may be harmful for it when used outdoors. Though short term applications in good weather conditions will not harm the display. Anyway for longer usages and better look of your sign - keep gatorboard for interior promotions and decorations.

Is there any difference between foam board and gatorboard?

Foam board is a material with foam core and paper veneers. Gatorboard is a material with polystyrene core. This means that gatorboard is more durable. Yet they both are used indoors and have a professional look. For more detailed information read our post on the comparison of the two alike material characteristics.