Sandwich signs: Lightweight and Portable A-frame Signs in LA and Nearby Areas

Show direction, promote your campaign or provide information with sandwich board signs. Lightweight and portable A-frame signs can come with graphics on one or both sides for better visibility.

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Being one of the oldest and simplest ways of advertising, A-frame sandwich signs are an effective way to attract customers. Front Signs offers an extensive range of sandwich boards to fit everyone’s needs in Los Angeles and nearby areas.

Passers-by who have no idea who you are, and what you can possibly offer to them, will notice these eye-catching sidewalk signs as these are within their direct sight.

Display plastic A-frame signs in targeted areas to attract potential prospects and increase sales. 

There are four types of A-frame displays you can choose from – standard, premium, wooden and aluminum sandwich signs.

Invite your customers in with directional sandwich boards displayed in front of your establishment.

A-frames are perfect for advertising purposes, whether it is a promotional campaign or a sales announcement, be sure that your advertisement will not remain unnoticed.

Display A-frame boards in strategic points to make the message more effective and attract more potential customers.

Sandwich Signs are often used for selling a property or promoting political campaigns.  These boards can be displayed on the sidewalk, on the lawn, in the lobby and anywhere else you might need. Sandwich boards are very easy to transport with a comfortable handle, you just need to fold the lightweight sign and set it up in another location.

Being equipped with top-notch printing and cutting technologies we offer top-quality custom A-frame signs all around the LA.


Social Distancing Sandwich Boards

To put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions and safety measures must be implemented. Stores, banks, business centers, and other establishments should display informative boards to remind people to keep a social distance.

At Front Signs, we offer sandwich boards with messages to inform people to stand 6 feet apart. You can get bespoke signs with the required messages and graphics as well as customize them to fit specific needs.

Informative sandwich boards can be displayed next to entrances, in hallways, checkout lines, and other crowded areas. Prepare your environment with warning signs to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Three A-frame Signs

Three A-frame Signs

Standard A-frame signs

Front Signs provides A-frame displays with unique designs printed on high-quality vinyl materials. The printed graphics are attached to the sandwich board. So, standard signs are mainly used for one time only, as the message is directly displayed on the sign.

Wooden A-frame sign for Amanu

Wooden A-frame sign for Amanu

Wooden Sandwich Board Signs

Also, we offer sandwich boards made of highly-durable wood. Wooden A-frames are often found in cafes, coffee shops and pubs to display their menus. These are perfect for interior use, as the wood goes along the interior design as well.


Premium A-frame boards

With premium displays your message is printed on a separate changeable board, attached to the A-frame. These boards with different messages can be changed according to the season, events or celebrations. Premium sandwich boards are perfect for seasonal promotions as you can change the graphics on each season - instead of getting a new board.

Styrene A Frame Signs

Styrene A Frame Signs

Metal A-Frame Signs

You can also get aluminum outdoor sandwich board signs which are more durable than all the other types mentioned above. These signs are perfect for both indoors and outdoors for promotional purposes. If you want your A-frame sign to last longer than choose this type.


A-frame sidewalk signs are one of the most popular promotional tools used in various premises. With these boards, you can rest assured that your ad will be noticed by thousands of people every day.

A-board displays provide a wide range of possibilities for your business advertisement. 

Often these boards are used to show direction while displayed on the sidewalk. This way you can attract and guide your customers straight towards your establishment. 

Custom sidewalk signs are most common among restaurants, bars and cafes. A-frame restaurant signs are used to showcase their menu and special offers. A-frame menu boards are great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Another common use of sandwich signs is for promotional purposes. Stores and shopping malls use large A-frame signs to announce their seasonal discounts. The large numbers on a bright background displayed on the sidewalk will easily attract everyone’s attention and draw them to your store.

A-frame boards are used to warn people about a slippery or wet floor. You can often see such boards in hotels, hospitals, schools and generally in all indoor areas.

Beauty salons use folding signs to display the services they offer. 

Also, A-frame boards are often used for food trucks selling hot-dogs, ice cream, etc. The versatility of these boards allows the business owner to install it in the morning and remove it at the end of the day. Food trucks use custom A-frames to display their menu and special offers.

Public parking lots or valet services use metal A-frame signs to show directions and guide drivers to the parking lots.

Such boards are often found in reception areas to display working hours or information about the services they offer.

And finally, one of the most popular uses of A-frames is to promote properties. A-frame open house signs are often displayed in front of the property or on the sidewalk to attract potential clients. Open house A-frame signs often showcase the contact details of the owner and show the direction to the property.


  • Double-sided option to provide more visibility from both sides.
  • Lightweight - making it perfect for transportation.
  • Easy-snap-open display system which allows installing the sign within seconds.
  • Portable, easy-to-fold you can take with you wherever you go. 
  • Comes with a handle which makes transportation even easier.
  • Premium option with changeable boards, perfect for multiple uses.


You can get one or double-sided A-frame signs - so the graphics will be visible from both sides. For printing, we use only high-end UV curing printers - which dry the inks with ultraviolet rays. This process makes the graphics sun resistant and prevents the colors from fading away. You can get any graphics printed in all the possible colors, as we provide full-color printing services.

Installation and Care

No specific installation is required for sandwich boards. You simply need to unfold it and position it on the ground. It is lightweight enough to be repositioned at any moment.  For storage, A-board Signs fold flat and do not take much space. You need to fold it back and take it in for the next use - with a handle that allows it to be moved around easily. 


Standard sizes: 18” x 24”, 24 ″x 24″, 24” x 36”

Thickness: Customized

Color: White and black frames

Printing: Full-color, one or double-sided UV printing

Lifespan: 5 + years, if kept properly

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The Making Process of Promotional Sandwich Boards
Sandwich board Sign for Amanu shoe studio




Opaque Vinyl

Opaque Vinyl



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Sandwich Boards FAQs


Where can I use A-frame Signs?

A-board sign has other areas of applications for many industries and establishments.  Insurance agents, banks and financial institutions, hotels or motels can use A-frame display to inform about the monthly events and put general information about their brand. Moreover, Ice cream shops, Gym or fitness centers can use Sandwich boards with a daily basis or even put some humorous quote and design to attract customers. Sometimes, A-frame is also used as yard signage.

How can I use the Sandwich Sign to its best?

Tip1: Posts can be straightforward, to the point with good humor or sarcasm to give a confident impression and receive curious glances. Tip2: Leave some blank space around the text, add a border around the message for better and faster readability. Tip3: You can use the display to let your clients and potential customers know about the special deals or that you have discounts or lower-priced products for them.

Are A-frames easy to display?

Due to their compact size, you can put the sandwich sign in the streets and underground parking, on the pavement or even on grass. A-frame displays won’t take a lot of space or disturb the passers-by. There is even a handle provided to make the Plasticade sign transportation easier.

How do I store A-frame Boards?

They fold flat and don’t take too much space. To use these signs repeatedly, we recommend to store them in a dry location. Just fold it up and store in an upright position, where legs will still support the base construction. It’s just easy to store them lying down, just be careful not to place anything on the Plasticade Graphic area. Thus, you will not damage the sign and you will have no problem to use it again and again. These boards come with a handle which makes the process of transportation and storage easier.

Where can I use A-frames?

A-board sign has other areas of applications for many industries and establishments. Insurance agents, banks and financial institutions, hotels or motels can use A-frame display to inform about the monthly events and put general information about their brand. Moreover, ice cream shops, gym or fitness centers can use sandwich boards on a daily basis or even put some humorous quote and design to attract customers. Sometimes, a-frame board is also used as yard signage.

Can sandwich boards be used outdoors?

Absolutely, these signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Often you can see these signs in front of cafes, pubs, restaurants, ice-cream trucks, so these are perfect for outdoor promotions. The double-sided display makes it more effective by promoting the ad from both sides. For making sandwich signs, we use only top-quality and highly durable materials which can withstand all weather conditions.
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