Modern Hotel Lobby Designs for Bold Business Branding

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Hotel lobby designs are endlessly exciting. Still, selecting a style can be challenging given the vast range of options. We’ll cover key aspects of luxury, modern, mid-century and contemporary designs. Let’s match the vibe you want for your hotel.

Trendy Hotel Lobby Designs in Different Styles 

These modern hotel lobby design concepts will inspire you and level up your hotel branding. Let’s get into it! 

Luxury Hotel Lobby Designs

Luxury is a state of mind; a concept of living that requires refined taste and vision. Luxury hotel lobby designs imbue a feeling of ease and elegance. Here are ways to achieve this:

  1. Get tailor-made lobby signs with premium materials. They’ll provide quality and sophistication to your luxury hotel lobby designs. Name displays and logo signs in a style that present your brand’s character are a must.
  2. Choose colors carefully to achieve the best hotel lobby design. Deep red, black, gold, purple and royal blue are timeless hues for a luxury hotel lobby design. Pair them with light, neutral palettes for a cultured harmony.
  3. Art collections complement all luxury hotel lobby designs and curate a cultured atmosphere. However, do refrain from cluttering your walls. One artistic custom signage piece will create a more modern effect. 


Luxury hotel lobby design with golden hues and decorations on the wall

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Contemporary Hotel Lobby Designs

Contemporary designs evolve with present trends. Currently, contemporary hotel lobby designs are minimalist in essence. They adopt the ‘less is more’ philosophy. This allows stand out features to make their impact. Here’s what you can do to perfect the style:

  1. Modern hotel lobby designs are known for clean and sharp lines. They use neutral colors and natural materials. These classic components of modern hotel lobby design are the basis for the more contemporary look. 
  2. Mix in an eye-popping feature to offset the minimalism. Modernist layouts become contemporary thanks to fascinating focal points. They can range from a single bold color to edgy cutouts or an irregular lighting fixture.

Hotel lobby interior design ideas with contemporary solutions and a text 'Crown Hotel'

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Mid-Century Hotel Lobby Designs

The mid-century modern hotel lobby design dates back to the 1930’s through to the 1960’s. It takes on a “futuristic” character by exhibiting objects with graceful curves and functional features. Here are some tips for the theme:

  1. Consider bright colors and earthy embellishments like walnut wood strips. Display your building signs against geometric features and interesting textures for a mid-century modern hotel lobby design.
  2. Natural materials such as glass, metal or plywood go well with mid-century designs. Use them to create display shelves that rely on simple, colorful and practical concepts. 

 Mid-century hotel lobby design with wooden decorations and non-standard shapes

Check these lobby design ideas to achieve styles that suit your brand identity. 

Classic Hotel Lobby Designs

Classic hotel lobby designs trace back to the likes of the Greek and Roman civilizations as well as the Victorian and Art Deco movements. Classic modern hotel lobby design has unique features:

  1. Make use of high-quality and even opulent materials to keep to this style’s essence. Classically-themed custom decals will upgrade plain surfaces without breaking the bank.
  2. Brown, gray, beige, black and white reign supreme in the classics. Use these colors in combination to achieve the perfect scheme for your modern hotel lobby design.

 Classical hotel lobby design in white with a text 'Royal Hotel'

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Hotel Lobby Design Ideas to Upgrade the Space

A lobby is a statement that sums up your hotel’s identity in one room. Create a welcoming scene from the entrance and reception area to the front desk. Let’s take a look at lovely hotel lobby design ideas to enchant your guests. 

Inviting Hotel Entrance Design Ideas

If you want to connect with visitors on a personal level, get them comfortable. These hotel lobby design ideas will make the space feel cozy while expressing your identity.

Hotel entrance design ideas with branded elements, a logo and a slogan 'We Take Care of the Unknown'

  • Add a Homey Touch

The best hotel lobby design always has a sense of ‘hominess’ to it. Display welcoming messages with attractive marquees or pylon signs at the entrance. They’ll inspire guests right from the start. In the welcome area, mild lighting and soft-textured rugs can offer added coziness. 

  • Use Inspiring Quotes 

Uplifting quotes can make a direct statement about your hotel’s culture. Sayings like ‘Arrive as guests, leave as friends’ or ‘Be where the good life is’ set a positive tone. Hotel lobby design ideas like interior signs and illuminated letters can spell out the feeling you want guests to experience.

Check out this article to get innovative business branding examples. 

Smart Hotel Reception Design Concepts

Hotel reception design ideas have to accommodate a constant flow of new people. Greet them with calming lights and lasting furniture. Keep reading to see which of the following hotel reception design concepts is right for you. 

Beige and brown hotel reception design with wall and ceiling decorative solutions

  • Opt for Calming Light Effects

Stylish lighting is a key feature of hotel reception design ideas. Light up signs and light box signs can brand, decorate and illuminate the rest area all at once. Both options can be configured with various effects to set the mood. Another plus is that they use energy-efficient LED bulbs with a long lifespan. 

  • Use Furniture That Lasts

Reception area furniture is subjected to a great deal of wear and tear as waves of guests come and go. Hotel lobby interior design ideas must include couches, tables, chairs with strong frames and stain-resistant materials. Seating with good cushions will help to increase comfort. Make sure to upholster everything with a layer that can be washed. 

Striking Hotel Front Desk Design Ideas 

Your hotel’s front desk is more visible than any other area in the lobby. An effective front desk design should be inviting and match an overall theme.

best hotel lobby design

  • Wow With Art Pieces

Besides cool artwork, 3D signs and murals are also excellent hotel lobby design ideas. Display framed paintings on the walls or creative decor near the desk. Artistic visuals make for the best hotel lobby design. 

  •  Warm the Space With Colors

The white-space-dominated aesthetic is stylish but can also appear cold and austere. A warmer palette is ideal for hotel front desk design ideas. It will help clients feel more at ease.                

These hotel lobby design ideas will elevate your brand image. Our professional team has extensive experience with hotel displays. From creating custom displays and 3D rendering to sign installation, we’ll complete any project with quality, speed and precision.

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