Dazzling Lobby Design Ideas Sure to Please Your Guests

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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The lobby makes your company’s first impression. It should reflect your business character and culture. Seize the opportunity and make a big statement with your reception design.

Reception Design Ideas

What kind of feelings do you want to evoke with your design? Excitement, comfort, peace? Define what you want to communicate to your guests.

Your lobby signs should reflect and distinguish your brand. They should also create a memorable experience for your customers.

We’ve put together a list of reception area design ideas to impress anyone who enters your premises. You’ll find unique reception area ideas and learn how to merge them seamlessly into the overall design. Let’s get into our lobby design tips and examples below.

Entrance Reception Design Ideas

Business owners need well-thought-out entrance lobby design ideas for smart placement. They use a wide range of office signs and decorations to create an impressive reception area. If you want to have a well-branded design, here are a few tips to consider. 

  • Apply bold decorations: Designers use distinct decor elements to make an entrance feel prestigious. Eye-popping displays such as custom banners and light up signs will grab attention right away. Channel letters of the company name and logo are also great reception area design ideas. Make them a focal point without cluttering the space with other heavy decors.


Dandy lobby design with colorful brand name display mounted on the white entrance wall

  • Bring in nature: It’s wise to keep things simple in small spaces. Choose nature-inspired reception area design ideas. Focal points like custom signs made of wood will create a biophilic mood. A bonsai in a corner to match will be enough. But the rule doesn’t apply for larger areas! Get lavish with a beautiful water fountain or a skylight tree to create a serene ambiance. 


Royal Hotel white reception design ideas with a lot of natural plants

  • Portray an eco-friendly mood: It’s good to integrate eco-friendly items into your reception design ideas. Go with pieces such as light box signs with sustainable LED lights. Along with a natural color palette, they’ll inspire an organic ambiance. To complete the ultra-modern green vibe, go with sturdy but stylish aluminum signs.


Elegant and striking G-shaped lobby aluminum design item in the middle of the reception

  • Pay attention to furniture: Well-cushioned and comfortable furniture is always advisable in any style. A sophisticated gray and white wall with colorful furnishings will set the right vibe for trendy reception area ideas. Hang irregularly-shaped ceiling lights to give an innovative touch to the space. Great reception design ideas use unique furniture that suits a theme.


Minimalistic lobby design idea with comfy furniture and round ceiling lightings

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Reception Desk Design Ideas

The welcome area is a focal point for every company. The role of creative reception desk design ideas should not be underestimated. Take into account not only the table but also the wall behind it. Below, find some inspiration for reception desk design ideas.

  • Add branded features: Your logo and company name can be key features of reception desk design ideas. Invest in high-end displays for your front lobby design ideas. Showcase your business name with custom 3D signs or make it iconic with halo-lit signs. Either one will nail your image in every customer’s mind.


Legion Capital lobby design solution with branded illuminated displays above the reception desk

  • Implement modern designs: Modern lobby design ideas may include a long wooden table with asymmetric shapes. Custom acrylic signs will also be a great asset to corporate environmental branding. Reception counter design ideas with round or spiral lights will complete this chic look.


 Enterprise dome front lobby design ideas with oval reception desk and white ceiling design

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  • Think minimal but elegant: When your lobby is small, you can use minimalist decor to make the setting look elegant. Front reception design ideas post-covid include glass partitions and social distancing stickers. A wooden desk along with custom wooden signs will look great with clear screens. You’ll get modern reception design ideas with features that are earthy and angular.


Lobby design ideas with furniture and glass partitions in the middle of the room

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Reception Ceiling Design Ideas

Designing your reception area from all angles will convey a lot about your brand. Reception area design ideas for entrances and desks are a great way to brand your space, but they’re obvious. Your reception space can take on a more prolific look with lobby ceiling design ideas. They’re a novel way to beautify and present your brand.

  • Apply geometric shapes: False ceilings for receptions are a great way to express yourself. Combine different geometric shapes and colors to create a new ceiling structure. Install minimalist bulbs and lamps to keep the decor in balance.  
  • Generate eco vibes: Using woodwork to layer your artificial ceilings can work wonders. Incorporating wood into the mix will give your reception a rustic and organic feel. Enhance the atmosphere with eco-friendly interior signs against black and white flooring.
  • Create a classic environment: The traditional tray ceiling style is one of the most versatile lobby design ideas. You can complement it with classic reception wall design ideas such as canvas prints. Complete the look with ornamental floor designs that match your curated graphics.


Lobby ceiling design ideas with striking chandelier hanging from the ceiling with round light bulbs 

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Reception Floor Design Ideas

If you want to wow your visitors, let lobby flooring be your secret weapon. Interesting  colors and design will transform the look of the entire lobby space. Keep in mind the upcoming pointers when selecting the right flooring for your lobby.

  • Incorporate contrasting colors: You’ll get the right blend of elegance with black and white flooring for your reception. Such a style is favored for corporate industries such as banks. Remember to use bank signs to make a bold statement and boost your trustworthiness. You can stylize reverse channel letters and install them on the reception desk wall. 
  • Consider a functional appeal: Achieve warm aesthetics with earthy tones for your floors. Rich designs on durable and soundproof materials such as vinyl or carpet tiles. They’ll enchant visitors while reducing noise so as not to interrupt communication. 
  • Indulge in wall-to-wall carpeting: Many industries use this type of carpeted flooring for a luxurious look. Hotels, restaurants and casinos benefit from its visual appeal and easy maintenance. Foam core signs behind the reception table are another popular addition. Use matching prints to complete the look.


Lobby floor design ideas with striking decorations in the hues of beige

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Lobby Wall Design Ideas 

There are many beautiful reception wall design ideas for decorating your lobby. Branding tools such as custom wall decals and custom vinyl decals should also go well with other decor elements. Here are the top lobby wall design ideas to get you started.

  • Brand bare surfaces: The reception wall is the first thing customers see when entering your building. Make it memorable with striking colors, logo signs or mottos. Other reception wall design ideas include graphic wraps that embellish the space. Lounge furniture with complementary colors will create a pleasant waiting zone for guests. 

Check out these office reception design tips and examples for more inspiration. 

  • Go green: Biophilic workspace and reception wall design ideas seem to have a positive effect on productivity. These flora and fauna friendly designs are easy to create. They also require a surprisingly low level of maintenance. Be it green lobby wall design ideas for a hotel or beauty salon, nature is always a great stress reliever.


Klooma lobby design in a biophilic style with grass decor elements and a brand name display

  • Use textured panels: Panels with cool textures produce a fantastic effect. Make sure to use ones that are soundproof and easily replaced when damaged. Take advantage of these lobby wall design ideas. Level up your creativity with push through signs that suit the panels.


Modern lobby design ideas with textured panels and structures hinting at musical instruments

  • Curate thematic art: Create a beautiful environment with artistic lobby wall design ideas. Choose abstract to classic wall art as long as it’s representative of your brand identity. As a rule of thumb, keep lobby wall colors neutral. This will make incorporating art into your reception wall design ideas easier.


 Lobby wall design ideas featuring colorful trees


Lobby design ideas with protective glass installed for the front desk

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Lift Lobby Design Ideas

Elevators are an integral part of the lobby layout. Areas around them often become a gathering hub for visitors and staff. It’s critical to have compelling elevator lobby design ideas. 

  • Choosing the right lighting: Good illumination outside the elevators will help guests maneuver the space with ease. Lighting is also vital for making the reception design ideas feel spacious and comfortable.
  • Assisting in wayfinding: It’s easy for people to get confused in unfamiliar places. Installing wayfinding signage should be at the top of your list for lift lobby design ideas. Adding stylish elements to the displays to liven up the space along the way.
  • Leverage the landscape: Use private lift lobby design ideas that merge with the building environment. Integrating details that match the theme of the whole design establishes consistency. Deck the walls of your space with brand symbols and colors to make a lasting impression.


Private lift lobby design ideas with wayfinding features
These lobby design ideas will present the unique character of your organization. Designing a lobby isn’t a simple task but with the right strategy in mind, it will prove to be one of the most beneficial.

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