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Channel Letters are three dimensional sings that jut out of the wall and are independently made letters or figures. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your brand message and can be used indoors or outdoors.
When a company is searching for ways to get notices, they are looking for a type of a sign with ideal visibility day and night and easy readability from a distance.

Front Signs offers Channel letter signs created with the latest technology in a variety of styles. They are made of mostly high quality aluminum, which doesn’t rust and can be installed on most surfaces. Due to its high quality, it’s a good weather resistant material for outdoor usage. It can have almost any font, color, depth, latter is dependent on the size of the Channel Letter and face covered with translucent Acrylic. Each letter is cut individually to match your requirements.
There can be extreme cases, very challenging for us but we cover 99.9% of requests for specific needs and design.

Many local and international brands and chains utilize channel letter signs as Exterior signs to grab the customers’ attention. It’s another branding display, which attracts attention and give businesses visibility to stand out among large franchises and box stores.

Channel letters can be of any shape, size, color and style but have limitations from local zoning codes and other regulations. If you want the letters to be identifiable and recognizable across a parking lot, one common size is 1.5 inches high or large for every 25 feet.

Front Signs offers different styles of Dimensional Letters. Having the diverse choice will help our customers find the best solution for their signage and brand promotion.


Channel letter signs are found on the storefronts and can generally be of two types with different design solutions. Face lit or Front lit channel signs and Reverse or backlit channel signs. The main difference between these two is the direction of the transmitted light. The letters can be mounted in most cases individually or on a raceway platform.

Front-lit channel letters are the most common type of illuminated letter signs. The letters individually emit light from the front of the sign (hence the name), which are easily visible from afar. Front lit or standard channel letters are created mostly with acrylic and similar translucent material. The variation can be Plastic Formed Channel Letters made from molded plastic. That style creates 180 degree bright illumination.
Back-Lit Channel Letters has a face and sides, and a translucent clear back with individually cut letters which emit light from the reverse side of the letters. Unlike the Front-lit signs Back-lit dimensional signage only glow on the reverse side, which creates a halo glow. They are slightly less visible than front-lit channel letters, but it’s very popular with bars, clubs and professional services. Backlit displays are also knows as Halo lit Channel letters. For more detailed information and specifications take a look at Reverse Lit Channel Letters.

The third type is the combination of these two. It’s very classy and elegant and combines the benefits of both types of channel signs. Called Front and Back-lit letters, it illuminates at the front and also has light on the back to give the halo and depth effect. Check further details for face and back lit signage; commonly used name of this type is Illuminated channel letters.


Compared to any other signage, Channel letters ensure that you can always make out the letters and the words none-withstanding the weather, lighting, or direction you see the sign.
Long answer is that any company, retailer, grocery store, bank, surf or skydiving center that wants their brand to be easily recognized use Channel letters to catch the attention of foot traffic. Companies use Channel Letter signs to advertise the company name and brand, store location or want to boost company services and products.
Short answer is any building with a storefront can use channel letters.

Advantages of the versatile Channel letters:

  • Custom made design to match your branding
  • Fabricated to match any typestyle, size or logo
  • Professional and highly visible and identifiable 24/7
  • Rustproof and fire resistant aluminum construction
  • high quality LED and Neon illumination with many letter lighting types
  • Are energy efficient, have low voltage and maintenance
  • Durable. Survive sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and high winds
  • Environment friendly


Three-dimensional custom Channel letters have 3 main parts, the back, the return and the face. The back is fabricated from a metal sheet, mostly aluminum or a durable plastic, which is typically cut by a computer-controlled Laser or CNC milling machines. Having the back, the Returns or the sides of the channel letters are then formed around the aluminum back. The return is welded or flanged at the seam and riveted onto the back to create the shape of a letter. The letter construction is painted and installed with the necessary lighting such as Neon tubes or LED (light-emitting diode) modules.
Note: LED letter Channels are commonly used for many years and they outperformed neon for the last several years. The can is later closed with a translucent plastic or acryl Face of 3/16” thickness. To give a finished appearance a trim cap border is applied to the edges. The final product is ready for installation.


Made from an aluminum back Channel letters are individual letters or a unit on a raceway illuminated with LED or Neon lights. Channel letters are lightweight, durable and easily worked and installed. Installation highly depends on the type of channel letter. We provide special team of craftsmen who check the location and wire connection, measure the site and accordingly give the best solution for the storefront installation system possible.
The readymade construction has a LED wire set that connects the sign to the wire system through a grommet with special wire transition. It’s possible that the construction is fixed on the walls with nails.


Channel letters are long lasting and have long life span outdoor or indoor. Proper care will prolong the life of the letter channel and keep the look vivid. For longevity of the Channel letters, clean them with a damp cloth to remove the dust when needed. This will preserve the exceptional color density and give clarity and sharpness to the display.


Letter height: 15″, 18”, 21”, 24” checked and customized
Letter Depth: depends on the letter sizes
Mounting: can be designed for mounting directly on the wall
Wiring: Includes power supply, transformer box, connection boxes, and installation pattern for easy alignment.
Font: Customized
Materials: Letters are constructed of aluminum backs and aluminum returns (sides) with drain holes. Translucent plastic or Acrylic face
Alternatives: 3D letters

Illuminated channel letters

Illuminated channel letters are lighting sign letters mounted in the front of the company for the purpose of advertising. They are made of different durable materials, have different colors and design to match the company vision. This can be considered the most popular advertising tool as it tells the customers who you are and where you are.

Material options

Channel letters can be made of acrylic, aluminum, etc.

We suggest custom materials and combinations of above mentioned materials as well.

Acrylic channel letters: You won’t be surprised knowing that this is the most suitable and popular material for making channel letters. This is because of the advantages that acrylic has over other materials. Acrylic is a transparent and translucent material – a feature that allows the light pass through it thus making acrylic the ideal material for illuminated signs. Acrylic can be used for the sign face, return, as well as for the back. Its combination with aluminum is definitely the most popular.

Aluminum channel letters: Aluminum is the other most popular material for channel letters. It is extremely durable and weather-resistant. As aluminum is not translucent (allowing light to pass through), for illuminated channel letters its combination with acrylic is more often applied. It can serve as the material of the face and the return of the sign and be combined with acrylic as a back surface (for backlit signs). For front lit signs acrylic will be put as front part for its transparency and aluminum as return and back.


Illuminated channel letters are quite popular for outdoor advertising. They bring the brand awareness to a new level always being in front the eye and standing out in the surroundings at night. As their main feature is illuminating, they are mostly used outdoors to let people know you are there 24/7. Materials they are made of (acrylic, aluminum,) allow channel letters to stay outdoors and serve for as long as 5 years. Indoor usages are applied for stores in shopping malls as well as offices, cinemas, cafes, etc.

Sizes and shapes

Illuminated channel letters are meant to be seen from big distances that’s why their sizes usually vary from 15” to 24”. Anyway, the sizes are customized and channel letters can be made according to your requirements and needs. Illuminated channel letters shapes are given in accordance with your design. Different fonts of letters are available and possible to give to the signs. If you are not sure about your sign sizes and shape, Contact us and let our professional designers help you with their knowledge and experience.


Means of installation differ depending on your sign design, channel letter sizes, but, well, mostly on the design and your preferences.

The following options for Illuminated channel letter installation are available:

  • Aluminum or acrylic board can be mounted on the wall with channel letters mounted on it with invisible hems
  • Channel letters can be installed on an aluminum raceway, that will carry the electrical wiring and power supply of the sign
  • Directly mounted on the wall with invisible hems
  • Mounted on the wall with high adhesive silicones

Other options are also possible and can be adjusted to your needs.

3D modeling

We offer you another great service to give you a better insight on your future sign. 3D modeling is the creating the model of the sign. This helps figure out changes or improvements needed to the product. After making the necessary corrections the 3D model turns into a real sign with the same design.


Backlit signs: The LED or neon light reflects on the wall, floods its rays and allows the illumination come out from behind and edges of the letters. Therefore the back material should be something transparent so that the light could go out and not be harmed. For this reason acrylic is the mostly used material.

Halo lit or Reverse Lit Channel Letters: This signs are illuminated around the edges which gives them a halo effect. For this signs both acrylic and aluminum can be used.

Front lit channel letters: This signs are illuminated from the face. As you can understand already the facing material is being translucent and transparent so that light could pass through it. Acrylic is the perfect solution here. This signs can be wholly form acrylic or be combined with aluminum.

Light boxes: If your sign doesn’t only consist of letters or you want them to stand together on a board, light box can be what you need. It can be a round or square box illuminated inside with LED lights. Your brand name or logo will be depicted on it.


Illuminated channel letters are themselves an advantage for a company. They call customers from distances telling that you are there. These letters are perfect because they:

  • are visible even at night
  • can last up to 5 years
  • are weather resistant
  • can be visible from huge distances
  • are easily maintained
  • have multiple mounting options
  • are durable


Being made of such durable materials as acrylic, aluminum and PVC, Illuminated channel letters don’t require much care. Biweekly cleaning with a soft, wet cloth is what it needs. If there is a stain that won’t be removed easily only with the use of a wet cloth, use a little soap.  Avoid using ammonia and other harsh component based cleaners. They may make notches and take off the gloss of your sign.

Material: Aluminum, Acrylic

Size: 15″, 18”, 21”, and 24”, customized

Thickness: customized

Color: customized

Lifespan: 5+ (if kept properly)

Mounting: directly; on raceway; on acrylic, aluminum boards

Alternatives: Front or Face lit letters; Halo lit, Backlit or Reverse lit letters; Open face channel letters, Light boxes

Usage: outdoor, indoor

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Halo-lit channels also known as Backlit letters or Reverse lit channel letters are a signage solution to give larger and deeper letter forms to your brand image. They have a beautiful and eye-catching backlighting effect to boost your display and make your customers find you in the darkness.
The face of Reverse or Halo lit channel letters is constructed from aluminum or any other opaque material and it’s non-illuminated. The lighting is backwards facing the wall, which gives the whole construction an elegant and classy look much different from Face lit letters.

Reverse lit letter signs are also known as internally illuminated letters. The LED or neon light reflects on the wall, floods its rays and allows the illumination come out from behind and edges of the letters. This is called a halo effect, hence the name. These letters have a modern look that are visible 24/7 and more radiant at night.


Just like advertisements on TV or printed on a banner, Reverse-lit signs are one of the many different ways to attract customers. The look and layout of the signage outside has a very important role especially for companies located in a low light environments, businesses that are open at night or a shop chains. With a glow on your signage, the dimensional channel letter looks professional and inviting. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they enhance your company name and brand in an unmatchable way. Institutions that can benefit from Halo lit channel letters are medical and dental offices, spas, beauty salon, boutiques and even ice scream shops. To boost your business signage you can use these halo backlit signs in commercial buildings, indoor malls or shopping centers, hotels or lobby areas and any other indoor or outdoor purposes. For more detailed information for other indoor purposes, check Interior Signs.

Benefits and advantages:

Investing in a Reverse backlit signs have massive benefits. It will make stand out from the opponents who use standard signs and give a unique glow and enliven your display day and night. The 3d effect gives your sign deeper appearance, and halo effects enhances the full beauty out of the 3D effect. The Halo effect is visible from a great distance. Be sure, you won’t get unnoticed among all the other signs or letters of the city. Another benefit is there are different colors available that can be used alone or combined and illuminated with neon bulb or LED modules.
Tip: LED modules are very popular in a couple of years but neon is another reliable source of illumination. Neon can give a softer glow, whereas LED illuminated displays have more harsh appearance.

It’s Good to know that ….
…. there are many other lighting colors and color combinations used for halo backlit signs except the classic white.
Tip: Combined colors can give a movement appearance. You can use your brand colors or convey a right tone to effectively get the attention from the passers-by.
…. Reverse halo signs are a better choice from flat cut metal letters, as they are lighter and have dimension.
Tip: Neon is making a comeback and can be used to give your sign a nostalgic look. This is an advantage that LED vivid lights can’t provide.

Here are the general advantages of Reverse lit Halo signs.

  • The best solution for a black logos and letters that are not that easy to illuminate
  • Aluminum, rustproof construction
  • Neon or LED illumination
  • Has 3D effect that gives a floating feel
  • Enhance visibility
  • Exterior and Interior application
  • Display for 24/7
  • Flush onto the wall, raceway or wire way mounted
  • Customized size, shape, font and color


These dimensional backlit letters have 3 main parts, the back, the return and the face. The back is fabricated from mostly acrylic, aluminum, or any other translucent material, which is usually cut by a computer-controlled Laser or CNC milling machines. The Returns or the sides of the channel letters are then formed around the aluminum back. The letter can be stapled, welded or flanged at the seam and riveted (depends on your requirements) onto the back to create the shape of a letter.
The letter construction is than painted and installed with the necessary lighting such as Neon tubes or LED modules facing backwards (to illuminate on the wall). The color reflection on the wall depends on the color of the LEDs illuminating the letter from the inside. The can is closed with aluminum, PVC, plastic or any other opaque material. The cover material of the face is dependable on the “Return’’ material.
To give a finished appearance a trim cap border can be applied to the edges. We leave spacer between the wall and the metal construction according to the effect we want to get in a final illuminated product. The final product is installation ready.


We provide special team of craftsmen who check the location and wire connection, measure the site and accordingly give the best solution possible for the storefront installation system.
The readymade construction has a LED wire set that connects the sign to the wire system through a grommet with special wire transition. It’s possible that the construction is fixed on the walls with hems or Pin-Mounted.


For outdoor usage signage a polycarbonate or any other material sheet is added to the back to make sure that no animal will nest inside and damage the system or themselves.
Otherwise, in both indoor and outdoor usages you can clean the surface of the letters with a damp cloth to keep fresh impression.


Color: Available in standard Warm/Pure/Cool Whites as well as R/G/B
Size/Height: Standard choices are 15″, 18″, 21″, and 24″ can be customized
Mounting: directly to the wall
Materials:  can be aluminum faces, aluminum sides with drain holes. Acrylic backs: totally customized
Alternatives: 3D letters and illuminated Channel letters
Usage: Outdoor, Indoor

Our graphic designers and experienced craftsmen are here to assist you to make your Reversed channel letter signage from the start until the end.

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