LED Screen Displays in Los Angeles and US-Wide

LED screen displays rank high among the products used for mass branding campaigns. These high-value constructions spread your business messages to large audiences. They stand out with high-resolution graphics and accurate colors.

Front Signs is a well-known sign making company in Los Angeles that excels in creating business signs of all dimensions.

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Types of LED Screen Displays

An outdoor LED screen display is a great alternative to light up signs. This large-scale product comes in three main types, offering different branding solutions. Our company crafts and delivers all types of innovative projects in Los Angeles and all around the United States.

Realtor outdoor monument LED display with a screen on a beige base reading a phone number
independent restaurant led display

Independent LED Screen Displays

An independent LED screen display is a type of exterior signage with a separate screen encased in its own aluminum frame. The construction also includes a separate non-digital element to ensure optimal branding performance in the vicinity.

Thomas Edison Elementary School outdoor LED video wall with printed and digital displays

Integrated LED Screen Displays

An integrated LED video wall is another popular digital display. As opposed to the independent option, the screen is combined with a non-digital, printed display framed in a single metal case. Integrated LED video walls can also be used as sophisticated pylon signs.

city of duarte monument led display

Monument LED Screen Displays

A monument LED screen display is a modern version of classic monument signs with programmable graphics. Our monument LED video walls are a smart combination of technology and tradition, suitable for low-height applications

LED Displays for Different Industries

Outdoor LED screen displays are amazing advertising boards for any industry. An outdoor LED screen display leverages the best attributes of different products including traditional building signs and corporate event signage.

blue medical led screen display
West Covina Civic Center monument LED display with a black screen and aluminum-acrylic frame

Community LED Displays

Outdoor LED screen displays are excellent branding media for churches, municipalities and other institutions. These sizable custom signs light up the neighborhood, spreading your business messages in no time and effectively communicating with people.

Azusa Light and Water LED display made of a screen and aluminum-acrylic frame

Commercial LED Displays

Businesses like shopping centers, healthcare organizations, banks and restaurants require massive commercial exposure to reach their clients. Our innovative LED display solutions compete with such traditional media as store signs. Due to their advanced features, they increase foot traffic and boost profits.

California Theatre LED display with a yellow screen and aluminum details on the facade

Entertainment LED Displays

Outdoor LED screen displays with effective placement work magic in the entertainment industry. The dynamic graphics, scrolling texts and photos displayed on large screens attract attention and invite people to your events day and night. Check out our stadium signage in case you need different large projects for your venues.

Application of LED Displays

Our indoor and outdoor LED screen displays create captivating imagery maximizing brand exposure. These modern signs will reach everyone thanks to their software development, high-resolution graphics and dynamic features.

LA Cañada High School LED display along with the printed school name
Indoor LED screen display for a basketball court showing the scores of the match

Indoor LED Screen Displays

Indoor LED screen displays are available in different dimensions and designs based on the placement area. Like interior signs, an LED display can be free-hanging, standing or wall-mounted.

yuba city fire department led display

Outdoor LED Screen Displays

An outdoor LED screen display is a widely used digital construction. It has several advantages over traditional lightbox signs. One such advantage is the capacity to showcase high-resolution graphics even under the scorching sun.

Benefits of LED Displays

  • Great Exposure
  • 24/7 Branding
  • High Brightness
  • Color Accuracy
  • Dynamic Content
  • Modern Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Lifespan
  • Zero Environmental Impact
  • Weather Resistance
Sunkist Elementary School LED display with a printed metal sheet installed outdoors

Services We Provide for LED Screen Displays

sign manufacturing

Sign Manufacturing

We offer licensed sign manufacturing services to create avant-garde projects. Thanks to our tested technologies, high-end materials and skilled craftsmen, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind LED video wall for interior and exterior applications.


Sign Installation

Use our professional sign installation service to get your LED screen display safely set up in your desired premises. Not only do we design and create bespoke projects but also deliver accurate installation in no time.



Our company provides permitting services for small to large projects according to local laws. We manage the whole process from doing the paperwork to getting the permits. Rest assured that your product won’t cause any concerns.


Repair & Replacement

Use our signage repair and sign replacement services for your outdoor LED screen displays that need to be fixed, updated or replaced. Our professional technicians will troubleshoot any issue refurbishing the product and give it a brand-new look.

Related Products

Drury University halo lit sign made of aluminum and acrylic for indoor branding

Halo-Lit Signs

Elevate your branding campaigns with exceptional luminous displays. They’ll attract everyone’s attention with impeccable lighting designs, colors and placement. Once installed, the product will market your business day and night for a long while.

Ticketmaster 3D letters set up in the lawn made of acrylic for branding

3D Signs & Letters

Displays made of dimensional pieces are the best choice when it comes to advertising your brand from different angles. We’ll help you customize a brand-new project implementing professional technologies and a wide range of durable materials.

California Pizza Kitchen outdoor sign made of aluminum installed on the wall for branding

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor branding projects are among the most in-demand products that spread messages in the whole neighborhood and tempt passersby around the clock. We craft outdoor projects with sturdy materials to make sure they withstand weather changes.

District 56 community signage installed outdoors made of mixed products for branding

Community Signage

These large-scale constructions are also known as neighborhood displays. Create your own project to increase navigation in the vicinity and reach people across a large distance. The construction will build an image to identify your residential area.

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    LED Displays FAQs


    Are outdoor LED screen displays weather-resistant?

    Yes. Every outdoor LED screen display has a ventilation system that lets heat escape the casing even in hot weather. You can safely use your product under the scorching sun or pouring rain without damaging it.

    How bright are LED video walls?

    The screens stand out with their brightness and color accuracy ensuring clear visibility around the clock even under direct sunlight.

    What kind of graphics can be shown on an LED screen display?

    LED video walls can display all types of content, from vibrant photos and videos to scrolling texts and messages.

    How to install an LED screen display?

    You won’t have to worry about the installation process. Our crew will deliver the construction to the placement area and set it up with all electrical and wiring jobs in a short time.

    How to use an LED display?

    Once you have your product installed, you’ll gain access to a cloud-based software and receive training on how to use your display.

    Will I get a warranty for my LED display?

    Yes, you’ll get a 5-year warranty for your screen. In case of incidental damage, you’ll receive maintenance and replacement services within the warranty period.