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Create a brand identity outdoors with striking custom channel letters. Front- and back- lit channel letters will attract potential clients day and night.

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Channel letters - front-lit and reverse letters - are a top-class signage choice across all industries and companies in LA seeking a way to get noticed. Due to its upscale and elegant look - custom channel letters - catch the attention of any potential prospect passing by your business location day and night.

Many big and small companies utilize channel letter signs as an outdoor advertisement to draw customers’ attention and create a can’t-ignore brand presence.

Custom front-lit and reverse channel build up letters often appear as individual letters, custom graphics, logos & corporate taglines. They give businesses extra visibility to stand out among large franchises and box stores.

Here at Front Signs, we know you can’t go wrong with channel letters. Each and every one of our manufactured letter signs are precision-crafted to your exact requirements. We also ensure the design complies with the mounting codes required by the State of California or your local area.

When you work with us, your project is powered by the most advanced industry equipment and backed by the massive experience of our craftsmen. This enables us to offer you the most sophisticated, personalized signage solutions - every single time! Furthermore, for custom channel letter manufacturing, we use energy efficient and long-lasting LED lights, which provide your signs with evenly dispersed, bright illumination.

With our exceptional commitment to quality and clear understanding of the impeccable reliability that our customers have come to expect from us, we craft letter signs to match & exceed your requirements. Channel letters are typically used as an exterior branding medium or for interior applications to create a unique tone and highlight the internal space with its exceptional glow.

Front Lit Channel letter Signs

Front-lit channel letters are a traditional and intelligent way to display your brand name. They are also a great way to put your brand in front of your customers. Frontlit letters can be fabricated with any custom type, style & color you desire. As for the illumination, we use energy efficient yet bright LED lights.

Any business establishment (retailer, grocery store, bank, etc) wanting to gain more recognition will find custom channel letters a wonderful tool to catch the attention of potential clients. Furthermore, shopping malls, outdoor plazas or pharmacies, restaurants or banks can use LED channel letters to create powerful on-site branding.

Moreover, companies and different industry representatives use channel letter signs to advertise the brand name, boost store location presence or want to upscale company services and products.


Face-lit channel letters represent your brand culture and build a trustworthy, professional image for your brand. Tailor-crafted exterior frontlit letters help your business stand out in the crowd and draw attention day and night.

There are a variety of manufacturing combinations and mounting options for these LED custom channel letters from hundreds of fonts, styles, sizes, and colors.

Active Impact flush mounted channel letters

Active Impact flush mounted channel letters

Flush-mounted Face-lit Channel Letter Signs

Make your establishment easily noticeable with attractive backlit channel letters.

This style of letters - attractive and noticeable - are directly affixed to the facade of the building. In most cases, flush mounted letters are placed above the drop ceiling with the power system located inside the building.

These flush mounted channel letters underscore the brand name and logo of any business - be it a franchise, corporate and retail building, etc all across Los Angeles.  Furthermore, individually mounted channel letters add an element of interest and graphical excitement to the exterior or interior space.

The letters are illuminated with low-voltage - yet powerful and brightly lit LED bulbs which emphasise your brand power and catch the eye of prospective clients.  Typically, the face lit channel letters are illuminated with white LEDs, however, RGB colored LED lights can also be used to match your exact logo color.

Our highly experienced graphic designers at Front Signs are always ready to consult with you and find the best option noticeable all throughout the day and night.

trimcap channel letters

trimcap channel letters

Trim Cap Channel Letters

Trim cap is an elastic aluminum “film” - the most popular material to use for channel letter edge finish. The band is attached to the aluminum return and acrylic (or translucent) face to give the channel letter neater edge finish.

The letters are fabricated to your color selection and choice of translucent face material and the trim color. Face and the trim can have the same or contrast colors based on your style. The translucent face usually comes in standard colors, but for custom shades, painting service is available.

The trim cap border gives the LED letter sign a finished appeal, keeps the light focused on the surface for more accurate presentation. With more focused light, these signs draw attention and more nighttime traffic.

Trim cap channel lettering is one of the most sought after signage styles for fulfilling the branding needs and requirements. This style comes with a variety of built-in flexibility and design options. We can surely say- our professional team is ready to provide with world-class solutions and visuals to best reflect your brand culture.

Smoke Shop raceway channel letters

Smoke Shop raceway channel letters

Raceway Front lit Channel Letters

Raceway channel letters also known as business wall signs are used to promote and add character to different business establishments. It's a highly popular signage solution among manufacturing facilities, office and shopping centers and stores, retail shops and malls - and a wide variety of other private and corporate organizations.

Raceway is a mounting mechanism consisting of a 3-sided rectangular metal box and electronic components (wires and transformers) required for the sign to work. The rust-proof aluminum raceway and our state-of-the-art fabrication technology are put together to best reflect your brand guidelines. We custom-manufacture raceway and - its counterpart-  railway channel letters in our sign making company in Van Nuys.

Both railway and raceway mounting options are wonderful means of commercial signage to help your business gain maximum visibility and groundbreaking engagement in your community.

The advantages of the raceway signs over the flush-mounted letters are.

  • Ideal solution for buildings with limited access to the facade (either by lack of space or landlord requirements).
  • Requires fewer drilled holes (due to simplified power supply system)on the surface as all the letters are fixed on the raceway.

trimless channel letters

trimless channel letters

Trimless Channel Letters

Channel letter face with a trimless finish is used for simpler illumination portion - exciting ambiance to allure clients to your business venue.

Trimless channel letters have “day/night” acrylic face, which shines 24/7 to showcase your brand presence.

Here at Front Signs, we take specific elements like logo, font, color, location, readability, and traffic patterns into consideration when designing trimless channel letters.

Thus, with this attractive sign design you add brand credibility and inspire your prospects to take action.

Made to your exact requirements - channel letters serve to match the culture of your establishment, create a harmonious & exciting architectural display with a luminous glow.

We bring your signage visualizations to life. Knowledge of the industry standards, creativity and our extensive experience in crafting channel lettering helps to create a delicate yet professional signage solution to enhance your business presence.


Front-lit channel letters are a traditional and intelligent way to display your brand name.

They are also a great way to put your brand in front of your customers. Frontlit letters can be fabricated with any custom type style & color you desire. As for the illumination, we use energy efficient yet bright LED lights.

Any business establishment (retailer, grocery store, bank, etc) wanting to gain more recognition will find custom channel letters a wonderful tool to catch the attention of potential clients. Furthermore, shopping malls, outdoor plazas or pharmacies, restaurants or banks can use LED channel letters to create powerful on-site branding.

Moreover, Companies and different industry representatives use channel letter signs to advertise the brand name, boost store location presence or want to upscale company services and products.

Channel lettering is an affordable way to provide visibility to establishments doing business mostly at night such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Research shows that LED channel letters mounted on the front of the establishment with a larger - legible letters have better nighttime visibility than signs that are perpendicular to the roadway.


Face material: Acrylic, Lexan

Back & return material: Aluminum

Trim size: 0.75”, 1”, 2”, customized

Return Depth: 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", customized

Letter font, color, size: Customized

Letter height: check the visibility chart

Letter depth: Depends on the letter size

Letter Stroke width: 1.5”, 2”, etc.  

Lifespan: 5+ years, if kept properly


There are several installation options for channel letters. Light up letters can be installed on an aluminum raceway, that will carry the electrical wiring and power supply of the sign. They can also be mounted to the wall with screws and spacers. Other options are also available and can be adjusted to your needs and the installation location.

Due to the huge size of the letters and small details which must be taken into account, we recommend you use our installation service to eliminate the hassle of the installation that may come when you do it on your own.  Our crew of professional craftsmen is ready to install your custom lettering in no time and with utmost precision.

Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs

Create corporate presence both indoors and outdoors with the help of striking reverse channel letters. Indeed, in the modern digital world backlit channel letter advertising is much more cost-effective. Made in full-color, custom halo-lit channel letter signs will illuminate your message, make your brand attractive and appealing.

Display the name of your company on top of the building or on the exterior wall to increase foot traffic to your establishment. These letters provide excellent visibility at night. Your brand will have a non-stop promotion attracting passersby in the streets on the go.

Use custom back-lit channel letters to depict the name of your brand on the storefront and attract customers to your company. Whether you own a restaurant, bank, shop or any other establishment, reverse lit channel letters will provide an effective advertisement 24/7.


First impression counts! The right exterior sign creates a positive and long-lasting impression which also represents your business in the way you intend.  

With broad understanding of signage industry trends and market needs, we are manufacturing an exclusive range of reverse channel letters. Here at Front Signs we have all the resources to execute sign projects of any scope. We provide different sketches ideal for your corporate branding and its location. Extraordinary results and within your budget!

We offer different styles of Custom backlit channel letter signs to help elevate your business sign presence and stand out among your competition. Furthermore, back-lit signs allow people to easily identify your corporate location and thus contribute to customer awareness of your business.

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letters

Standard or Pin Mounted Reverse Channel Letters

Custom halo-lit channel signs are mounted offset from the building fascia on pins, spacers or studs.

With our vast experience in halo lit channel sign fabrication - we properly capture the design and provide “spiking” and focused lighting. However, the longer are the pins (or the gap between the rear of the letters and the wall), the wider shadow and more diffused lighting effect we get for the letters. This way of channel letter lighting brings new dimensions to the sign.

Pin-mounted reverse lit signs are created using individual letters, symbols, logos and/or numbers. Each and every one of these signs are individually secured on the building face and powered with LED lights.

The style, dimensions and design (font & color) are fully customizable to your business.  We at Front Signs have all the necessary equipment to fabricate your reverse channel lettering in-house to meet & exceed your business needs and requirements.

Reverse channel letters provide ethereal impact to all-size businesses from health clinics & cosmetology salons to movies and theatres. Dining service providers like restaurants, coffee shop, bars use these signs for dazzling exterior sign presence.

Automost edge lit letters

Automost edge lit letters

Edge-lit Channel Letter Signs

We developed various techniques and styles of reverse channel letter fabrication. Custom Edge lit letters are usually flush mounted signs with sophisticated visibility and diffused halo lighting. With its subtle light effect, the sign reels in your customers with its stunning letter casing and design.

The translucent acrylic is laser cut to the size and has metal non-lit face. Your message, company name or logo is lit only from the edges through Acrylic sides.   
Aluminum or metal face can be custom painted to match your business logo color from our spectrum of shades.

If you want an illuminated sign that’s “moderately - flashy”, these edge-lit channel signs pay off in that they both build brand presence and entice potential customers to engage with your business.

These signs are surely head-turning for their striking imagery. Retail and businesses reinforce edge lit channel letters signs to improve brand recognition.

raceway backlit channel letters

raceway backlit channel letters

Raceway Reverse Channel Letters

This style of reverse channel letter sign is of special design & fabrication. Among the many options to choose from, these custom raceway reverse lit signs add simplicity of a single installation point.

 The raceway box serves as a contrast background which highlights your wording. It creates an appealing look, which reflects your business professional image. This style gives prominence to your exterior signage making it more vivid and three-dimensional.

As raceway is usually bigger and thicker compared to wireway mounted signs, it makes this style of reverse signs a superior choice when bolder design is required.

Backlit channel letters are used on public, governmental and commercial buildings to ensure the striking and eye-popping exterior branding presence. Also popular with hotels, spas and other leisure establishments for its attractive light and shadow effect.

Raceway back lit signs are one of the most cost effective mediums to advertise businesses of any size. If you opt for raceway mounting, we at Front Signs can design, fabricate & install the letter signs perfect for your location.

We hope to create dramatic results for your entire business and deliver true value to our customers.

nobby double reverse lit sign

nobby double reverse lit sign

Double Reverse-lit Channel Letter Signs

Compared to other types, these custom backlit LED channel letter signs effectively double the impact of your message by effectively outlining it. Using the right visuals, this type of the sign will not only help locate your business but also make a big difference in attracting new customers.

It’s a turnkey marketing tool with a greater level of durability, and is more energy - efficient - provides excellent cold weather performance.

Double back-lit channel letter signs are ideal for any business looking for ways to increase store-front exposure. For its clear and district halo appearance, it’s a popular choice for retail storefronts, shopping mall or workspace branding.

Due to its dimensionality, double lit channel letter signs create optimum visibility at night.  

We offer an avenue of one-of-a-kind signs not found elsewhere to best depict your tasteful and sophisticated corporate look.


Face material: Aluminum, Dibond

Back & return material: Acrylic, Lexan

Letter height, size, style:  Customized

Letter depth: Customized

Font and color: Customized

Lifespan: 5+ years, if kept properly


Channel lettering is an affordable way to provide visibility to establishments doing business mostly at night such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Research shows that channel letters mounted on the front of the establishment with a larger - legible letters have better nighttime visibility than signs that are perpendicular to the roadway.

Custom Channel Letters can be used indoors in offices, hotels lobbies, you name it. Moreover, use reverse lit channel letters indoors for both decorative and business purposes to display your desired message.

Furthermore, both front-lit and reverse channel signs are widely used in shopping malls and movie theatres.

They are also used on television sets where backlit set pieces are required. Additionally, it is highly used in commercial signs, airport displays, storefront signs and open/closed signs. Moreover, channel letter displays are used for trade or retail displays and Menu boards.


  • Have an elegant and professional look creating perfect brand identity both indoors and outdoors
  • Easily attract attention with vivid color and halo glow which entice people to look towards your establishment
  • Have three-dimensional reach and powerful branding impact; highly legible and identifiable 24/7 brand presence increases visibility and attracts more traffic  towards your business
  • Assist your business marketing & branding strategy; helps get your message out to customers
  • Intensifies foot traffic by due to its enhanced visibility & greater aesthetic potential
  • Creates brand credibility; ideal display for night and day brand presence
  • Proper spacing (letter strokes) and the size of the letter create an extensive brand display
  • Have energy efficient LED illumination, which stands out better compared to fluorescent signage
  • Durable & Energy-efficient: requires low voltage and almost no maintenance  


There are several installation options for reverse channel letters. They can be wall mounted indoors or outdoors with screws and spacers. The latter one creates space between the wall and letters, to let the light fall on the wall. These letters can also be installed on a raceway.

The installation options for Reverse channel letters depend on the size of the sign and on the location where they need to be installed.

Front Signs offers installation services as well. Our professional craftsmen can come and accurately install your signs.

Proper care will prolong the life of your halo-lit channel sign and keep the look bright. For longevity of the acrylic halo channel signs, clean them with a damp cloth to remove the dust on a regular basis. This will preserve the exceptional color density and give clarity and sharpness to the sign.

Our highly qualified team of designers, production and installation crews are here to help with getting the sign you envisioned.


Here at Front Signs, LA sign making company, we offer halo lit channel signs ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Each and every one of our signs are precision crafted - ideally welded per your specifications. All letters are sanded and painted with weather resistant Matthews paint system.

State-of-the-art painting technology along with 80k color shades along with superior craftsmanship is combined to create industry’s finest reverse channel letter signs.

Letter visibility chart

Letter HeightMaximum ImpactMax. Readable Distance

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Channel Letters FAQs


What size and shape of letters do you recommend?

Illuminated wholesale channel letters are seen from big distances. Their sizes usually vary from 24” to 48”. However, the sizes are customized and the signs are made according to your requirements. Illuminated letter shapes are given in accordance with your design. If you are not sure about your sign sizes and shapes, please contact our customer service team. Let our professionals help you with their knowledge and experience.

What are Front-lit Channel Letter Signs?

Face-lit dimensional letters are the most common type of build up letter signs. The letters emit light from the front of the sign, through an acrylic face, hence the name. These signs are easily visible from afar due to the LED illumination. Front lit or standard light up letters are created mostly with acrylic or similar translucent materials like lexan. Institutions that can benefit from face lit logo signs are medical and dental offices, spas, beauty salons, boutiques and even ice cream shops, and why not restaurants, food points, stores and any other business establishments.

What are Back-lit Letter Signs?


Back-Lit Letters or Reverse light up letters have face and sides, and a translucent clear back. The back has individually cut letters which emit light from the back side of the sign. Unlike the Front-lit channel letter signs, Back-lit dimensional signage only glows on the reverse side. For illumination, we use LED bulbs, which are very popular with bars, clubs and other professional services.

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