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Due to its durability and solid look Aluminum signs are still in high demand for its untouchable qualities. It’s the most long lasting sign you can buy for any business. Aluminum sheet stays tough in the weathering changes and is the preferable rustproof exterior sign material for many decades.

Front Signs found many options and creative solutions for this rigid material and uses Aluminum signage to your advantage. We offer you Aluminum signs, Brushed Aluminum signs and Reflective Aluminum signs.

Custom Aluminum Signs are most of the time used for outdoor signage to give more resilient and industrial yet simple look. Among the benefits of personalized Aluminum sign is its durability and longevity.

What is the difference between Aluminum, Brushed Aluminum and Reflective Aluminum signage?

The common similarity that unites all these three types is the fabrication and mechanism. Similarly, the installation for three is very easy and can be mounted, posted, hung or framed. Albeit these similarities, there are more differences to mention.

Printing on Aluminum sign has solid white appearance. In case you don’t want a white background, you have the possibility to choose another color for the background.
Note: The sign can be printed double-sided with the same or totally different display on each side.
Brushed Aluminum has a metallic silver color with expected brush finish. The background is of course silver, and in case there is a white ink on the design, it will not show up as it can’t display white.
Note: This sign can only be printed one-sided to perfectly fit to wall-mounting. Also the back side of the sign doesn’t have the brushed effect and can’t be printed on.
However, for Reflective signs first come the adhesive and special reflective type of Vinyl which is than stack on the metallic cut sign.
Note: Identically, reflective signs are also printed one-sided just like Brushed and precautions come in from of rounded corners.
Specifications and usage possibilities here: Brushed Aluminum signs and Reflective Aluminum signs.


Due to its solid surface and specific color Aluminum is all time favorite for office signage, which can also be used as Business signs or Directional Signs. Medical institutions like hospitals or dental clinics highly benefit from this material and found multiple usage possibilities and diverse purposes to fit in.  It gives more professional and expensive look.
Furthermore, to add more effect, Brushed aluminum sign technique can be also applied, hence, to increase the visibility and get more curious looks. Moreover, combined with Vinyl lettering or printing, Aluminum business sign gives great results in the form that it doubles the longevity and adds more color to the white or monotonous looking walls. Areas of use that can interest this possibility are construction and extreme climate areas under full sun exposure. Aluminum metal signs are more economic and are used for Traffic signs, Safety signs, Yard signs or to advertise business. Point sometimes overlooked, is that Aluminum signs are used for corporate and architectural signage also.


  • waterproof and chemically resistant
  • High resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Moderate abrasion and Scratch Resistant
  • Thin, Lightweight, Rigid yet flexible
  • Expected lifespan up to 5-10 years
  • Lasts for decades indoors
  • Optional protective coating can be added to prolong the lifespan
  • Easy to install
  • Can be one-sided or two-sided
  • Customized design

Good to know that…
… Compared to wood or plastic Aluminum is thinner, rigid but still enough flexible.

… Generally custom made Aluminum sign has 5-10 years outdoor (with a proper coating it can have until 15 years of lifespan) and serves for decades while used indoors.

… To give more sturdiness to aluminum advertising signage Dibond material is available. It is highly used and goes hand in hand with custom cut Aluminum Signs. For more detailed information about Dibond, check the Dibond Cutting page.


Aluminum Signs are a popular choice because of their low density and corrosion resistance. A lightweight yet rigid metal, aluminum is easily shaped and formed. With its silvery-white color affects the general impression, gives great contrast and provides easy readability with nearly any other color.
Aluminum custom cut signs can have single or double sided print with resistant UV solvent inks.


Custom metal signs are easy to handle and install. Depending on the size and the difficult construction, it can be hanged, framed, glued onto the other surface or posted.

It’s very easy to drill trough and attach to the bolts if necessary. Besides, they can be mounted on the concrete with screws for extra safety.

Storage and cleaning

For storage under an extended period, aluminum should be a bit oiled and stored vertically to provide enough air circulation over the entire surface. The Aluminum sign should be kept indoors in a clean, dry and dust free environment without any contact with other materials.
Avoid interference with sharp surfaces and scratches.
The cleaning can be done with a plain water or mild soap. Solvents such as kerosene or white spirit are used if necessary. After cleaning the aluminum sheet should be washed thoroughly and completely dried to prevent further streaking.

: Aluminum sheet
Finish: matte, reflective, brushed, glossy
Print: one-sided, double-sided
Design/shape: customized
Alternatives: Acrylic signs

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