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Safety signs – Emergency signs, Security signs, Safety labels, Caution signs

Everybody understands how essential safety signs are in our daily life. They don’t only inform the presence of danger but raise peoples’ safety awareness.  They are generally placed in many specific and important areas, like roads, airports, building construction areas etc. The Safety Sign, also known as Emergency Sign, warn us about potentially dangerous situations and give us directions to escape from danger.

There are several types of safety signs: caution, danger and hazard, keep out, warning and prohibition signs. Every safety or emergency sign have special color and symbol, containing less information, but more importance. Often they contain even one pictogram.  For instance red color is used for prohibition or danger signs, with round shape, black pictogram on white background, red edging and diagonal line, the purpose of which is to express dangerous behavior or stop. Yellow or amber is used for warning safety signs. Generally having a triangular shape, black pictogram on yellow background with black edging, the yellow part of which covers at least 50% of the sign area. Green is mostly used for emergency or first aid safety signs.  Generally having rectangular or square shape, white pictogram on green background, the green part occupies at least 50% of the area of the sign.

Alternatively there are also Traffic Signs and Site Signs as well.

It took a long time, many efforts to get what we have today, in the result of which Safety Signs and Emergency Signs can be understood by everybody, regardless of culture and language.

In spite of their international standardizations, the safety signs can still be of different colors, sizes and individually designed.

Being an experienced manufacturer of safety signs Front Signs offers to its customers a wide choice of safety and emergency signs and design. You are welcome to order safety signs of any color and size. Front Signs offers a wide range of safety signs made of aluminum and PVC.  The most common types of aluminum safety signs are reflective aluminum signs and brushed aluminum signs. As compared with the brushed ones, the reflective aluminum safety signs have a reflective property that allows additional visibility in the dark especially when light shines on the surface of the sign.

The design is printed directly on the aluminum or on a special reflective material that will be adhered to the aluminum surface later on.

The brushed aluminum safety signs are also available in different sizes and design. The material is of high quality, however corrosion and water resistant that will preserve the sign nice look and color for a long time.

Additionally, Front Signs provides its customers with Aluminum Printing and Aluminum Cutting services.

As for the aluminum PVC safety signs are also highly demanded. As compared with aluminum ones they are lightweight and more cost effective.  So PVC sheet is a good option if you need a number of signs at an affordable price.  But the choice of material of safety signs also depends on the area and environment the safety signage are going to be placed.

We are open to fulfil any creative ideas and challenges of your custom design that will meet your needs and requirements.

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