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Traffic signs – Road signs, Street signs, Regulatory signs, Stop signs

Everybody understands how essential safety signs are in our daily life. They are generally placed in many specific and important areas, like roads, airports, building construction areas, etc.

The Safety Sign, also known as Emergency Sign, warn us about potentially dangerous situations and give us directions to escape.

Usage and purpose

There are several types of safety signs: caution, danger and hazard, keep out, warning and prohibition signs. Most often we meet safety signs in big farms, factories, in production lines, at offices. The aim is to keep people away from any possible danger, to make the workplace safe and compliant.

We can freely say that the safety signs have plenty of advantages. They possess an informative category and are able to spread the information more quickly and efficiently.  For employers they are convenient on the aspect of responsibility reduction. They help to decrease the chances of accidents in the workplaces. The safety signs are good for boosting safety consciousness among workers as well.

The safety signs can be divided into indoor and outdoor types. This classification in its turn can be further narrowed down into different spheres that human being can imagine.


The installation of the safety signs are done either by hanging them, installing on the ground, wall-mounted and etc. All depends on the relevant message it has to convey.

The safety signs are everywhere and are even more important than one could imagine. By the help of well-chosen colors, design and messages they keep people away from danger and are always a good idea to keep the surrounding secure and safe.


Being an experienced manufacturer of safety signs, Front Signs offers to its customers a wide choice of safety and emergency signs and design.

The most common types of aluminum safety signs are reflective aluminum signs and brushed aluminum signs. As compared with the brushed ones, the reflective aluminum safety signs have a reflective property that allows additional visibility in the dark especially when light shines on the surface of the sign.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition sign show only what is forbidden to do. To prohibit behavior likely to cause any risk to safety and health, these signs must be red.  With this signs one can specify behavior or action which is not allowed to do.

Emergency signs

Emergency signs convey fire and exit related messages. These signs are most of the time green, can be illuminated to a higher visibility.

Under the emergency signage include first aid signs, emergency eye wash, fire, exit, shelter, etc sign options. All has their own usage and purpose. But the message for all is the same: inform people of the way outs.

High voltage signs

High voltage signs help to keep people safe. As electrical energy run through machinery everywhere and of any type, it should be indicated of a possible danger. The labels should tell the amount of the voltage needed to operate the equipment. In case of any life-threatening and hazardous potential situations, High voltage signs are used.

No smoking signs

It is against the law to smoke anywhere than the designated areas. The failure to clearly use correct signage within your workplace will result in receiving a fine. Reinforce no smoking policy with smoking signs and labels to manage the smoking regulations in your office, restaurant and elsewhere.


No smoking

Please, no smoking

No smoking in this area

Non-smoking area

This is a smoke free zone

Multilingual safety signs

For public areas and multinational offices, one surely needs multilingual safety signs. Choose the common foreign languages spoken in the workplace and ensure all the staff understands the potential risks related to the workplace.

Multi lingual safety sign language options can include Armenian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Danger signs

Safety signs also include Danger signs, which is probably the widespread sign used above all mentioned. The signs warn when a hazard or hazardous conditions are likely to happen. It there is a life-threatening situation possibility, the word “danger” is inside an oval or a rectangle of red color featured with warning symbols. Danger signs and labels alert the staff about a present danger in a location.

Hereby are the most common quotes to use with “Danger”:

  • no trespassing
  • do not enter
  • do not touch
  • keep out
  • authorized personal only
  • biological hazard or biohazard
  • keep hands clear
  • corrosive
  • hard head required
  • risk of explosion
  • deep water
  • high voltage

The classification is not restricted and any sign can be used both inside and outside ambience.


Every safety or emergency sign have special color and symbol, containing less information, but more importance. Often they contain even one pictogram.

For instance red color is used for prohibition or danger signs, with round shape, black pictogram on white background, red edging and diagonal line, the purpose of which is to express dangerous behavior or stop.

Yellow or amber is used for warning safety signs. Generally having a triangular shape, black pictogram on yellow background with black edging, the yellow part of which covers most part of the sign area.

Green is mostly used for emergency or first aid safety signs.  Generally having rectangular or square shape, white pictogram on green background.

The safety signs could be met in any environment we live in.

By the help of these signs people are aware of warnings, stay cautious about dangers and become informed of risks. Any arbitrary form and shape can be given to the signs. They can be of a specific color- each having its own significance and meaning. The red colors, for instance, always comes to replace the word “stop”.  The yellow color, lightens the hazardous situation but bears the warning sign meaning in it. The green color is devoid of danger, it has the emergency escape context and makes all smooth and clear.

The safety signs are made of Aluminum and Dibond material. For indoor applications PVC is also preferable.  However according to customer needs and requirements any material and design and color is used to emphasize the information and make it spread easily.

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