Backlit Decals : Backlit Adhesive Film, Backlit Adhesive Vinyl, Illuminated Outdoor Adhesive Signage

Backlit Decals – be sure to make an indelible impression on your customers – create a long-lasting effect with eye-grabbing, back-illuminated graphics. Backlit films are great to adhere to an internally lit sign face and create a back-lit signage. These semi-translucent decals are removable, can be changed and replaced.

This material is highly cost-competitive and durable – lets your messaging shine bright 24/7. The vinyl has 75% opacity, works best when applied to glass, acrylic and similar surfaces.
The vibrant colors make it the perfect choice for both promotional & individual needs. Backlit decals are weather resistant and have a lifespan of 3+ years.

Due to its special quality – light transmission and clear message delivery, it’s one of the best kinds of signs to make a solid brand visibility – day and night. The information can be anything in between simple message, Logo to photorealistic graphics.

We offer several options to best fit your exact needs and even surpass them. Our secret of quality is vibrant Backlit Decal and the state-of-the-art printing technique. The printing option widens the possibilities of getting a detailed and complicated image with exceptional color density, sharpness and vibrancy. After the printing, colors illuminate brightly at night and remain vibrant in the daytime.

Backlit Vinyl Signs provide a project solution for every budget and scenario, extend the customer day giving your message a new way flow. Most often used to highlight a building, storefronts, menus, point-of-purchase display and much more.


Backlit decals have their special role in sign making industry. Mainly used for illuminated signage, Backlit Vinyl serves as the best representative for Lightbox signs, Acrylic or Lexan signs, cinema and theater boxes, menu displays or window advertising.

The backlit translucent decals are applied to these surfaces and make the sign more visible by night. Vinyl can depict the company name, logo, some quote, all the options are at your disposal. Apply backlit decals to your store window, light it behind and let people know about your sales, coming or current collections, news and more even when you’re close.


  • Wind and sun resistant
  • Creates 24/7 brand visibility
  • Quality printed Vinyl Graphics


Thickness: 3mil

Size/ Shape/ Style: Customized

Weight: 0.9oz

Color: White

Material: Backlit Adhesive Vinyl

Lifespan: 3+ years


Before applying the decals make sure that the surface is clean. For this, use water with little soap. Clean with soft cloth so that the surface gets smooth and dry. Take the backing paper away and stick the decal to the surface. While applying the decal, firmly rub with squeegee to have your decal stuck better and without any air bubbles.

With the dry method, you’ll have one chance to do it right. For that some measuring skills and experience is required.

When you place order with Front Signs you can have our professionals to do clear and safe installation in minimum time.  

Our Installation services guarantees your 100% satisfaction with the final results.

Clean your backlit decals with damp cloth to keep its fresh look. Once in two weeks is enough for indoor usages. For exterior use more often care will be required. Try to clean your sign at least once a week.

Backlit Vinyl
Backlit Vinyl
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Backlit Decals FAQs

Can I remove my backlit decals?

Backlit decals - like our other decals such as clear, opaque, frosted and perforated - are removable. Yet this doesn’t mean that they will easily remove after some time of application. Our decals are highly adhesive and stay to the advertising means as long as it is necessary. You can easily remove your backlit decal with something sharp without harming the surface. In case of any difficulties use hair dryer or turn to our professionals.

What is the original color of backlit decals?

Backlit decals are originally opaque but it doesn't mean that your printed graphics will have anything white on them. The white background makes the print more vivid and is seen only on the places when printing is missing. If you have any problem with this just tell us what color you need the unprinted parts to be and we will get the very graphics you had in mind.

Can I have my backlit decals with the shapes I want?

Backlit decals are too versatile. They can be cut at any shape you will choose. Any detailed and complicated image and shape can be cut from this wonderful material. The vinyl plotter cutting machine is capable of giving any shape to the decal. Printing option widens the possibilities of getting any design available.

Where can I use backlit decals?

Backlit decals are an amazing way to make your message more visible and deliver it to a broader audience. They can be stuck to transparent materials and being lighted from behind become more visible. The most common usages are lightbox signs, lighted signs, menu displays and window advertising.

What materials can I use backlit decals with?

As backlit decals need light from behind to trespass through them, a transparent material is a must for their base. These kinds of materials are acrylic and lexan. Their transparent nature is the necessary condition for light transmission. They make the graphics printed on the decals brighter and clearer.