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Brushed Aluminum Signs elevate the interior and exterior premises to set a modern and sleek tone. The brushed metal effect has a silver metallic color, creates a unique vibrancy, has long durability as it comes already laminated, thus also scratch resistant. Moreover, it is also weather resistant, rust-proof and waterproof – perfect for mid-term and long-term outdoor usage.

This elegant, wall-mounted sign can be displayed in any business establishment or any other prominent location to give a presentable and solid look. More often, can be seen as a lobby, hallway decoration or a directional-wayfinding sign. For office interior layout, it’s highly used as a branding tool and department wayfinding accessory.

Brushed metal signs – a stylish alternative to plastic signs, compliant with your property and match interior design. The digital printing capacities enable us to manufacture full-color logos, messaging or design elements and take the signage solution above anything done. Even though the sign is only one sided, as it is usually mounted onto the wall. The graphics are guaranteed to serve a lifetime as it’s a high-gauge Aluminum sheet printed with state-of-the-art, UV inks with lasting-print durability.
Furthermore, the metal sign is cut to any shape and size, the light-weighted material thus can be used virtually anywhere.

If durability and flexibility is what you seek for your ad campaign or interior branding, then Brushed Aluminum signs are an excellent choice. It is sure to catch the attention of your customers and make it your ultimate favorite choice.
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Brushed Aluminum has a beautiful appearance and a fashionable surface, ready to make a strong visual impact. Brushed Aluminum signage is used as a photo frame, Door plaque, Window sign, decorative or directional board. Its has a mass and versatile usage both as an interior and exterior display. Due to its rustproof feature, it is the preferable choice for Commercial architecture: Building number plates, exterior letterings, ID tags, etc.

Apart from the business applications, the Brushed Aluminum signs are also used as a household decorative furniture. For example, Brushed metal is used as a photo frame, gift, etc. Moreover, people use it as a house nameplate, directional sign, etc.


  • Fireproofing, Anti-static, Anti-Bacterial, Mould-proof 
  • Maintenance-free
  • Comes laminated: extra protection for the graphics


Thickness: 0.032", 0.040", 0.060", 0.080", 0.090", 0.125", 0.25"

Design and Shape: Customized

Finish: Brushed

Lifespan: 10+


Custom Brushed signs, depending on the size and construction difficulty can usually be mounted directly, glued, fixed with Standoffs onto wall or any solid surface, ground mounted or hanged.
The signage project can be manufactured in any typeface, fixed onto a wall with screws, standoffs or adhesive tape. The standoffs especially create a dimensional sign – note that the brushed sign will stand minimum of 10mm from the wall.

Usually, it the sign has moderate size, you can handle the installation on your own. We highly recommend trust our appointed specialists, who will fix the sign the best way for optimal results and time-saving manner. Check our installation services to learn more.

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Aluminum signs - Aluminum sign comes with a standard opaque color with a matte finish. Unlike its counterpart Brushed Aluminum signs, Aluminum signs do not have the brushed effect, can be easily printed to any Custom color.

Brushed Aluminum
Brushed Aluminum
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Brushed Aluminum Signs FAQs

Can Dibond have a Brushed finish?

Dibond is a Polyethylene core enclosed by two sheets of Aluminum. Thus Dibond Aluminum can have mill, matte and, of course, brushed finish.

Will the print fade or scratch?

The Aluminum is not an easy material to scratch. Moreover, the inks are fade resistant and highly durable. However, the sign comes UV laminated which serves as an extra protecting layer for both sun rays and scratches.

Can I have double sided printing on brushed aluminum?

Usually Brushed Aluminum signs have one sided prints as they are fixed onto the wall with standoffs, command strips, etc.   We offer Custom Brushed Aluminum signs, which means you can order any sign with your custom requirements. Thus, your brushed metal sign can have double or one sided prints.

How do I know which surface looks best Aluminum mill or brushed?

Aluminum standard mill material looks like a vibrant – full color printed – brilliant artwork with a deep matte and semi-glossy finish. In case of Brushed aluminum, the clear parts of the sign have artsy Brushed Aluminum background. Both have a metallic look and highly solid touch of professional branding.

What is the difference between Aluminum Mill, Brushed and Reflective Signs? Where can I use each of them?

We offer Mill, Brushed, Glossy, Matte finishes for Aluminum signs. All three serve different purposes. Read the specifications of each of the signs and areas of applications at our blog post Standard VS Brushed VS Reflective Aluminum  and choose the one based on your establishment layout and brand style.