Frosted Decals : Frosted Vinyl, Etched Glass Decals, Frosted Privacy Window Film

Companies, business owners and individuals use this etched window partition for office signs,  interior branding, to add touch of isolation and limit peculiar passers-by. Frosted Vinyl Decals are the advertising trend for storefront shops. You can create a strong impression with window and door frosted glass films. When installed on internal windows, you can achieve the best results in decorating and branding your space.

The Frosted Decals leaves no residue or damage to the applied face. Here at Front Signs, we offer professionally designed graphics to transform your mental image into stunning reality. The Graphics will have a muted and elegant finish.


Frosted decal has the appearance of a sandblasted – etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, it ideally substitutes glass in appearance. Typically it’s for residential and commercial usage.

Frosted decals can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are often used to advertise promotions, sales, product, display logos, offer generic information about the business  etc.

This type of decals is designed to be transparent enough to let the light through the window but also opaque enough to provide privacy for company offices, retail storefronts etc..

It is the modern alternative to the curtains, affordable and with little to zero maintenance.

Frosted decals are used in the offices, banks and professional environment to partially block the vision and provide privacy to the office layout. To break up the interior, more and more companies are using this film for conference rooms, meeting rooms, interior glass panels, etc.

Furthermore, you can dress up the spa, bistro or a store with these semi-translucent graphics. Design solutions are versatile and flexible per project. The decals can have standard partition look, or geometric or fanciful graphics.

Window film is not only used at offices and commercial establishments but also for house and residential building decorations. House front doors and even the shower screens can have personalized opaque decals.


  • Limits unwanted peeping
  • Makes the glass or window stronger
  • Allows the light to penetrate and lit the room
  • Blocks the unwanted heat or harmful sun rays
  • Comparatively inexpensive to etched glass


Thickness: 4.7mil

Size/ Shape/ Style: Customized

Weight: 0.056/sqft

lifespan: 3+ years, if kept properly


Firstly, make sure you have a clean surface before you apply the decals. Next, just peel off the backing tape from the frosted adhesive and place the decal onto the surface from one corner.

Work your way from the corner towards center and outwards with a squeegee. Properly smoothen the air bubbles from under the decal. We recommend dry installation method, however with this method you have only one chance to do the installation properly.

To avoid the possible mistakes and damages to the product during installation, we recommend you use a professional installation and replacement service.


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Window decals - in case you are looking for a clear or opaque stickers, but not a semi-translucent Frosted decal, window decals get you covered!

Perforated decals - unlike frosted decals, which provide double-sided - blurred visibility and natural light in, perforated decals have one way visibility and dependant on lighting. Meaning, perforated decals showcase the graphics from outdoors during the daytime, and from indoors at nights.

Frosted Vinyl
Frosted Vinyl
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Frosted Decals FAQs

Will window decals create privacy?

Yes they can. Frosted decals applied on glasses and windows give them etched effect which blocks the view of the inner part. This is why they are highly used in offices, meeting and conference room designs, etc.  

Will window decals block my view?

There are different kinds of window decals for various usages. Clear window decals are transparent vinyl that provide visibility of the printed graphics yet don't block the view. Opaque Window decals are used for decorations and window vinyl lettering with any custom message. Perforated decals also called see-thru decals will provide one-way visibility for you allowing you see outside yet avoiding curious glances from the passers-by. Frosted decals, on the other hand, obscure the view but still let sunshine in.  

Can one see through frosted decals from the inside?

No, the main advantage of frosted decals is that they don’t let the unwanted glances transpass the glass. They block the view yet let the daylight pass the glass providing the necessary illumination for the working atmosphere.

Do frosted decals come in different colors?

Yes. Originally being greyish, frosted decals can be custom printed and take any color your design suggests. High quality UV inks provide the vividness of colors and fade resistance of your graphics. There are more than 80 colors to get the custom color of your design and provide the exactness of your design.

Is Frosted window film suitable for bathrooms?

If your bathroom consists of glass doors or windows, frosted decals can be the means you needed for adding some privacy there. You can have some thematic graphics there or just use some standard frosted decals just for blocking the view.

Where are frosted decals used?

Because of their non-transparent nature, frosted decals are widely used on glasslike materials when privacy is necessary. These projects are mostly conference and meeting rooms, different office rooms or departments separated from each other with glass doors, etc. Frosted decals make the glass non transparent at the same time depicting some personalized graphics.

What means are there to make the glass obscure?

Front Signs suggests you one of the best and visually pleasing ways of making your glass obscure. Frosted decals are the tool that will give feel of privacy at the same time provide pleasant environment in your place.