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Looking for a lobby sign for your newly opened office or business center? Front Signs offers a range of custom office lobby signs for businesses that are tailored to your exact requirements. Our advanced production facility allows us to craft signs for all kinds of businesses in Los Angeles and all around the USA.

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Reception Area Signs

Transform your reception area with stunning signage solutions. The reception is where visitors get their first impression of your business so be sure to make it a good one.

Ameriabank reception area sign with illumination made of acrylic and wood for interior design
Sherwin Williams 3D logo lobby sign in blue, red, and white colors made of acrylic

3D Logo Lobby Sign

Creating a brand presence in as many places as possible is vital for business success. 3D lobby signs for businesses can be made of various durable materials such as acrylic, PVC, wood and aluminum. Having your logo displayed in the lobby increases your chances of being noticed. If the whole building belongs to one company, oftentimes the logo of the company is displayed as a reception sign. This is the perfect spot for 3D lobby signs as it’s the first thing people notice when entering a building. If the building is the center for multiple companies, logo signs can be used for the lobby directory as well as the entrance of each office.

Conference room lobby plaque made of acrylic and installed with metallic standoffs

Lobby Nameplates and Plaques

Nameplates are among the most popular types of custom lobby signs. Here, you can get tailored nameplates and plaques for the front desk and directory to represent your business and establish a professional atmosphere.

We offer lobby plaques made of various premium materials such as acrylic, aluminum, dibond and more. Usually, lobby nameplates are installed with metallic standoffs that create a space between the sign and wall, giving it an elegant look.

No Other Way Productions illuminated lobby sign made of acrylic and aluminum for indoor design

Illuminated Lobby Signs

Make sure your brand stands out among other companies in a business center with the use of custom lit lobby signs. We offer a comprehensive list of custom lobby signs with multiple illumination configurations. You can get face lit, back lit and dual lit office lobby signs as well as retro marquee signs with visible bulbs.

informative lobby sign in black color made of acrylic displayed on the reception desk

Informative Lobby Signs 

Help your visitors find answers to their questions with informative company lobby signs and tabletop reception desk stands. Informative signs can inform about working hours, services, safety instructions, important news and beyond. Acrylic desk signs are the most popular option although you can order reception desk signs made of many other materials as well.

Complete Lobby Area Branding Signs

Find all types of signs required for complete lobby branding at Front Signs. Whether you need reception signs that are illuminated or not, big or small, mounted or adhesive and beyond, we have you covered. You can get all kinds of custom lobby signs at our comprehensive signage company.

Ameriabank lobby area branding signs made of acrylic and opaque vinyl for interior decorating
Ameriabank custom lobby branding signs with a car decoration made of aluminum

Custom Lobby Branding Signs

Apart from specific types of reception signs, we offer complete lobby branding signs as well. We’re a one-stop sign shop, meaning we can design, manufacture and install all kinds of custom lobby signs. Whether you need logo signs, decorative reception signs, lobby plaques or else, we can make them all here. Our expert consultants will guide you through the entire process.

Once you approve the design and pick the style of sign you need, our craftsmen will get to work on fabrication. Afterwards, our installation crew will arrive at the site and put the custom lobby signs in their perfect position. We can handle projects of any size and complexity. Get in touch with us to start discussing your lobby branding sign project.

frosted lobby graphics with custom prints displayed on the office windows for interior design

Lobby Graphics

The appearance of your lobby area sets the tone for how visitors perceive your company. Attractive graphics can transform the lobby area and leave a good impression on visitors. We offer custom lobby signs for walls, windows, floors and other smooth surfaces.

The graphics are printed onto highly adhesive vinyl decals that are easy to install and remove whenever needed without leaving residue. Such decals can be used to decorate any space and create a branded atmosphere. You can display the company logo, motto or important information throughout the lobby with vibrant UV printed decals.

Ameriabank decorative lobby signs displayed in bright colors made of PVC

Decorative Lobby Signs

Decorative signs are a great way to spruce up the lobby area. It’s a high foot traffic area and often neglected. Decorative reception signs can make it more interesting for visitors.

We offer various types of decorative signs from decals and custom cut-outs to stands and 3D reception signs. Whatever you can imagine, we can create. Our experts can design as well as manufacture and install your decorative office lobby signs.

Ameriabank wayfinding lobby signs in yellow and dark blue made of PVC and opaque vinyl

Wayfinding Lobby Signs

Directional signs help visitors easily navigate through and beyond the reception area. Wayfinding signs can be free standing, wall mounted or hanging. You can also get large directories with interchangeable name tags.

Custom wayfinding signs should be installed throughout the lobby to help your customers easily locate their places of interest. Wayfinding reception signs can be made of various materials and designs to best suit your business requirements.

Types of Lobby Signs Based on Materials

We offer custom lobby signs for businesses made of various high-quality materials. Whether you’re looking for wooden lobby signs, plastic lobby signs or signs made of other materials, we can tailor them to your specific needs. Below, we’ve listed the most popular materials used for making custom lobby signs.

different materials for sign making displayed on the table
Ways Compliance Center aluminum lobby sign displaying the company name and logo

Aluminum Lobby Signs

The most durable materials utilized in the signage industry are aluminum and dibond. They’re perfect for the long-term application of interior lobby signs. Dibond is a reinforced medium, a plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.

We can make various types of signs with aluminum or dibond, whether illuminated or not. Aluminum is an ideal material for lobby nameplates, informative desk signs, wayfinding signs or decorative reception signs. You can also depict your company name and logo with 3D custom lobby signs in combination with other materials. Dibond and aluminum office lobby signs are available in personalized colors, sizes, shapes and designs.

Psyclarity Health plastic lobby sign displaying the company name and logo for office branding

Plastic Lobby Signs

We offer custom lobby signs made of versatile plastic materials such as PVC, acrylic, lexan and vinyl. You can get custom wall, window and floor graphics for the reception area made of highly adhesive vinyl decals. One of the most popular uses of plastic signs in the lobby area is for nameplates.

Acrylic nameplates with metallic standoffs are often used for reception desks or lobby directories to provide an elegant and professional look. It’s also common to use PVC for making cut-outs and stands for the reception desk itself. The range of plastic materials for custom lobby signs is diverse so you can pick the ones that best suit your needs.

Ameriabank wooden lobby sign with custom letters and numbers for accent wall design

Wooden Lobby Signs

For reception area signage, we also offer high-quality wood and plywood signs. Plywood is more durable than wood thanks to a special design. It consists of multiple plies bonded together that provide density to the material. Wooden lobby signs are tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Whether you need a logo sign or you’re looking for decorative reception signs to spruce up the interior, we can make stunning wooden office lobby signs with whatever custom designs you can envision. 

Renovate Works Inc. foam core lobby sign in black with brand name 3d letters

Foam Core Lobby Signs

We offer three types of foam core materials for lobby signage: foam board, gator board and ultra board. All three consist of a foam core to create a lightweight but rigid medium. The main difference between the three types is their outer layer and level of durability. Foam board is a foam core sandwiched between two sheets of paper; gator board between two sheets of wooden veneers; ultra board between two sheets of plastic. Foam core signs are perfect for both business placement and decoration in the lobby area. You can get foam core 3D lobby signs, nameplates, desks signs and so on.

Design Services for Lobby Signs

We’re here to deliver custom design solutions tailored to your business needs. Our talented designers are ready to bring all your signage ideas to life. With the use of our cutting-edge technologies like 3D Rendering, our clients can view models of their future signs installed in the lobby area before the production of the sign begins.

This is all made possible with the latest software and our master designers in order to make the sign making process more efficient. Whether you need a new design made or you have one that needs to be retouched, our experts can help you in any stage of the sign design process.

the sign design process at Front Signs


  • Professional appearance: lobby signs look elegant and provide a professional image for the company
  • Positive first impression: striking receptions signs leave a lasting impression on customers and boost reputation
  • Durable and attention-grabbing: the signs are made of durable materials to help your business stand out for a long time
  • Attractive and modern: they attest to the fact that that you're keeping up with the latest trends to enhance customer experience
  • Style and material options: the signs can be easily customized with an array of material, style and mounting options
Grand Venue lobby logo sign in golden color made of aluminum for interior branding

Other Services We Offer for Lobby Signs



Large Format Printing

We offer full-color printing services for custom lobby signs using UV-cured inks. During printing, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays that make them sun and fade-resistant. We can print vibrant texts and graphics on various lobby sign materials.


Manufacturing and Installation

Get professional lobby sign manufacturing and installation services in Los Angeles and around the USA from Front Signs. We’re ready to make custom lobby signs of any complexity and install them in your desired location.


Cutting and Engraving

We provide cutting and engraving services for various high-quality signage materials, both soft and rigid. With our bleeding-edge equipment, we can create custom lobby signs in all styles and shapes.



We offer painting services for custom lobby signs as well. We can paint 80,000 different color shades onto virtually any material using the Matthews painting system. The signs are painted with top-quality paints, ready to stand the test of time.

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Ameria City The interior decoration of the 4 floors of Ameriabank
Installation Process of 3D letters for Fishman Block Diamond

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    Lobby Signs FAQs


    What is a lobby sign? 

    Lobby signs are used to provide information, guidance, branding or decoration for the lobby area. Custom lobby signs are made of various premium-quality materials with unique designs. Lobby signs showcase your company style and provide a professional look for your brand. Custom lobby signs for business needs can vary depending on your goals. Get in touch with us and our experts will offer you the best solutions.

    Why do you need a lobby sign?

    Custom lobby signs feature unique styles tailored to suit your brand and interior design. They help you create a good first impression, the value of which cannot be overstated. Imagine your visitors, employees, guests, partners, vendors or clients entering your building and being greeted with ravishing representations of your brand. The interior must “speak” to them. Custom lobby signs are the perfect solution for this.