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Perforated Window Decals: Window Advertising, Perf Window Film, Perforated Window Decals

Perforated adhesives are perfect for business storefront or vehicle window signs. This material is great as it reduces the sun heat and does not block the view from the inside at daytime.
The perf pattern has a nice balance between the image quality and visibility – also adds touch of privacy. It has a high tech adhesive vinyl with micro holes. Perforated stickers make a great impact on one side but do not cause distraction on the other.
You can use these type of a vinyl decal to advertise, promote a product line or announce upcoming event, program, etc. Although this vinyl window film is used for temporary applications, it has a lifespan of more than 2 years, weather and sun resistant.
You can custom print any information, specific messaging, logo and graphics artworks to best showcase your visual merchandise. The film is easy to install and remove once not needed. These features make the stickers the preferred and the popular item as they are affordable and ideal for front facing and mobile businesses.

Here at front Signs we offer a professional team of designers, who know our products inside and out – they will have your back when customizing the graphics to your expectations! Moreover, our team of craftsman will help apply the stickers, so fear not!


Perforated decals are ideal solution if you want to identify your business, get a message across and get attention of the potential customers without obscuring sunlight.

Moreover, you can use them as a decorative graphics to show off school football team or just create an attractive entrance of your home or business establishment.   

If your travel agency, youth center or office has a window facade, brand your storefront for the customers to discover you. Very much unlike Frosted decals, perforated decals provide one way visibility and very often used for commercial or street furniture decorative purposes.


  • 40% open area
  • Water resistant & tear resistant
  • Removable adhesive
  • Apply to the outside of the window


Thickness: 6.3mil

Weight: 0.08lbs/sqft

Size, shape: Customized

Lifespan: 3+ years


Perforated decals arrive with a special backing tape. After you determine the location and make the final measurements, you can squeegee the decals from one direction onto the desired location.

Perforated Decals usually come in bigger sizes and shapes - something an amatuer installer might not handle. Hence, to have a spotless and smooth graphics, we offer  installation and replacement specialist team to provide you more satisfying end-results in a shorter period of time with maximum care and precision.


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Perforated Vinyl
Perforated Vinyl
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Perforated Decals FAQs

Will window decals block my view?

There are different kinds of window decals for various usages. Clear window decals are transparent vinyl that provide visibility of the printed graphics yet don't block the view. Opaque Window decals are used for decorations and window vinyl lettering with any custom message. Perforated decals also called see-thru decals will provide one-way visibility for you allowing you see outside yet avoiding curious glances from the passers-by. Frosted decals, on the other hand, obscure the view but still let sunshine in.  

Are the perforated decals car wash resistant?

Yes! The adhesive should hold the high pressure.

What is the estimate lifespan of the perforated decals?

On average, they’ll need to be replaced every 3 years or so. Afterwards, the vinyl adhesive can leave a residue or peeled off with extra efforts.

Are car wraps applied to windows?

Yes, when wrapping the vehicle windows are also included in the process. Yet there may be some differences in the material. For car wrapping, we use high-quality films that provide super fixation on the car material. For windows, we have some other options depending on your needs. For high visibility we can offer clear decal, for one way visibility - perforated decals, if you don’t have a problem with window blocking, so opaque and frosted decals are what you need.