Reflective Aluminum Signs : Reflective Metal Panel, Reflective Vinyl Signage

If you are looking for a Sign that will be noticeable in the dark, then you are in the right place. Reflective Aluminum Signs provide perfect visibility at night by reflecting the light.

Reflective aluminum signs are quite widespread. These signs have the privilege of being visible in the darkness. You can use Reflective Signs outdoors as well as indoor, though these are often used for the exterior applications.

These Aluminum Signs get their reflectiveness from a special Vinyl material. We can display any information or graphics on Aluminum by attaching Reflective Vinyl onto it, thus making the Aluminum Sign – Reflective.

The most common use of Reflective Aluminum Signs are Warning and road regulatory Signs. Often, when driving at night, you can see a sign from a distance but you can’t make up the whole picture on it but when the car approaches you start seeing it. This is because the sign reflects the lights of the car – making the symbols more visible.


Reflective Aluminum signs are the perfect choice for department signs, Emergency signs, Entry signs, Exit signs, Access signs, etc.

Among the emergency signs there are - used in case of fire, Emergency only use or fire only use Aluminum sign messages.

Furthermore, Reflective Real Estate Signage is also highly in demand. The material is of high quality and long durability – two highly important factors for the realtors to use the signs outdoors.

The Reflective Aluminum signs can have different installation accessories based on their usage environment and style. The signs can be fixed onto the pole using screws or nails, or fixed onto the wall or any other rigid surface. Moreover, the signs can be attached from wire fences if needed.

The Reflective Aluminum panel is a stylish and excellent choice for day and especially night usage- as the Reflective signs are highly visible in the darkness.

Reflective Vinyl has mass usage also for making road signs, work zone or urban environments, parking signs, in companies and other institutional buildings or to advertise a business.

Sometimes, these signs are used to give office premises more exclusive look. The purpose of the sign can be any from warning, informative, directing to regulatory.


  • Rustproof, fading and mild chemicals resistant aluminum
  • Visible day or night
  • Great price/durability combination
  • Can come with rounded corners for safety precautions, easy handling and a professional appearance


The Reflective Aluminum signs are not printed. Otherwise, The 6 colors of reflective Vinyl - white, red, black, Yellow, Orange, Blue and green - are cut and lettered to the needed shape, style and message.

Each color indicates the nature of the road signs:
White, Black, Red - Regulatory

Yellow - Warning

Green - Guide

Orange - Construction

Blue - Services


Thickness: 0.032", 0.040", 0.060", 0.080", 0.090", 1/8"/0.125", 1/4"/0.25"

Vinyl Colors available: White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Black

Lifespan: 5+ years


Reflective Aluminum signs are fabricated at our in-house factory with utmost quality and care. They usually come with predrilled holes for fast and hassle-free installation. The huge signs are usually heavy and need a professional assistance. Our professional team from Installation and replacement department will assist you for easier and faster handling with your sign.

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Aluminum signs – come with standard mill finish and is versatile for all kinds of industries, purpose and usage. It is perfect for stores, reception areas and Exterior facades. It can be used to direct, show parking location, mark property, etc.

Reflective Vinyl
Reflective Vinyl
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Reflective Aluminum Signs FAQs

Are the graphics printed on the Reflective Metal sign?

Unlike other materials and actual products, Reflective Aluminum is just cut precisely to your Custom requirements and attached to the Aluminum or Dibon surface.

What is the estimate lifespan of Reflective Aluminum signs?

The sign as it is has a lifespan of 5 and more years. However, depending on the location and the level of violence and high winds - this can affect the look and durability of the sign.

Is Reflective Sign enough durable for outdoor use?

Surely! reflective Aluminum consists of Dibond or Aluminum and reflective Vinyl - Aluminum as the most durable industrial material and Vinyl as a sun and fade resistant material - come quite handy for outdoor use. The signs will definitely withstand the different weather conditions.  

Are your reflective aluminum signs single sided or double sided?

Usually, Reflective road Signs are one sided as they are attached from a pole or back to another road sign. However, if you Custom require double sided Reflective Aluminum, our professional team can surely fabricate it.

What is a reflective aluminum sign?

Reflective Aluminum sign is an most commonly used tool for Road signage. Due to the reflective features of the vinyl, it’s the ideal solution to use for traffic, yard and real estate signage. Reflective Aluminum sign is the preferred choice in the locations and areas where visibility is crucial.