Street Signs : Road Signs, Traffic Signs, Stop Signs, Arrow Signs, Regulatory Signs

Having good street signs is essential for the traffic, for the safety of the drivers and not only. You can get street signs to replace them with the existing old ones. Or you can get customized novelty signs for personal purposes. Traffic Signs serve as indicators of direction for drivers and pedestrians.

Usually, Streets Signs can vary with the information they provide. They can provide guidance by giving information about the location, the mileage or near hospitals and gas stations. Street Signs provide regulations on the streets, by indicating traffic laws.

Traffic signs and symbols can be used in different parts of the road. For instance, there are always several street signs at intersections. You can notice numerous street signs on freeways and highways as well. These signs are used to inform drivers about their location or how many miles there is left for them to drive. Traffic signs are also used to prohibit certain actions, this can be a stop sign or a sign banning drivers to turn left. There are types of Street Signs that can be seen only on certain parts of roads.

Road signs have a decorative use as well, these signs can be seen in theme parks or cafes. You can use Novelty Signs to decorate your room, office or wherever you desire.

Stop signs


One of the most common types of Road Signage are Stop Signs. These are red octagon signs indicating drivers to stop, check both sides of the road and then continue driving.

Guide Signs


Usually, Guide Signs are blue or green, have a rectangular shape and give information about the location, the mileage, etc.

Regulatory signs


Regulatory signs are black and white, but sometimes they can be red and white as well. These signs feature traffic laws.

Directional arrow signs


Directional arrow signs can often be seen at crossroads. Multiple arrow signs can be used to show the road curvature. These can often be seen at crossroads. Arrow Signs help to indicate which way the driver should continue the road or to show the road curvature.


Street Signs are used outdoors to regulate traffic. This is done with the help of various types of road signs. Traffic signs and symbols can be used in different parts of the road.

Traffic signs are also used to prohibit certain actions, this can be a stop sign or a sign prohibiting drivers to turn left or right. Street Signs can have a decorative use as well and be seen in theme parks or cafes.


  • Durable
  • Provide control in the streets
  • Visible from afar
  • Come in any color
  • Decrease chances of accidents
  • Informative


Usually, we use direct printing on street signs. The printers that we use are UV curing, so the ink is dried with ultraviolet rays. This makes the signs sun resistant. But, with the customer’s choice we can write anything on the signs with vinyl lettering as well. Also, all the traffic signs are made with reflective vinyl, in order to make the signs visible at night.


Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangle, Octagon

Size: Customized

Thickness: Customized

Lifespan: 5+ years, if kept properly


Street Signs can be installed in several ways. The most common ones that we often see are installed on poles. Another way of installing Street Signs is by hanging them. These signs can be hung next to a traffic light as well. Often Guide signs are hanged or fixed on the bridges. This way  drivers notice these signs faster. Also, traffic signs can be installed on special constructions, which can often be seen on freeways.

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Aluminum Signs are very durable types of signs. You can get anything printed on aluminum signs, also you can get the information displayed on these signs with vinyl letterings. Aluminum signs can be either brushed or reflective.

Safety Signs are very important, as they give us information about a certain danger and give directions on how to avoid them. There are different types of safety signs, such as prohibition signs, mandatory signs, warning signs and emergency signs.

Reflective Vinyl
Reflective Vinyl
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Street Signs FAQs

Do the Street signs vary from one country to another?

Street signs vary depending on the country - the cultural and geographical location highly influences this fact., to learn more about this check out our blog “The Difference Between Road Signs Around The World”.

Can I get a stop sign in a different color?

Usually, stop signs are red octagon shaped with a white text on them on a red background. If you are going to put the sign in the street then it probably should be red and white. But if you want to get a traffic stop sign in a different color then, you should have it approved by DOT (Department of Transportation). As for personal use street sign can be made in any custom color you want.

What color should the Street Sign be?

We offer street signs in every color. But there are certain types of street signs that need to have a specific color. The usual colors for street signs are red, white, black, green, blue and yellow.

How heavy are Traffic Signs?

The weight of the traffic sign depends on the material of the sign. But overall these signs are made of aluminum, which is slightly heavy to withstand weather changes and high winds.

What shapes can Street Signs have?

You can order street signs in any shape you want. But usually the street signs are in the following shapes: circle, triangle, square and rectangular, etc

What is the difference between Standard and Reflective Street Signs?

The difference between standard and reflective street signs is that reflective road signs are visible at night. Thus the drivers will be able to notice them. Standard ones can be visible only under the daylight. All the traffic signs should be reflective, but if you need a decorative street sign - then it’s not necessary to have it with reflective.