9 Cool and Creative Sign Designs That Raise the Bar

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Sophisticated signs are the guarantor of a professional atmosphere and inspiring ambiance. Why not make the most of your premise with creative sign designs?

Your efforts won’t go to waste with cool designs for signs that send your message across the board.  

Let’s take a look at 9 creative signs and designs that have brought immense value and inspiration to our customers! 

Huge Creative Sign Designs:  Concepts for Branding

Our expertise in signage design has created extraordinary branding for our clients. Here are some of the top projects completed by our team including trade show displays, office branding and more.

Best Signage Designs Completed for Commercial Institution Branding

Design Project 1.  Ameriabank – Turning Ordinary into Extra!

Our team transformed Ameriabank’s regular interior into a mind-blowing work of art. The implementation of the bank’s interior signage took several months of hard work and was worth every minute. Let’s check it out.

  • Illuminated arch over a welcoming semi-vehicle and bike parking

 Imaginative, aren’t they? Lobby signs are one of the first things people see. It’s crucial that they stand out and reflect your brand identity. Front Signs highlighted the bank’s unique personality with these innovative features.

Creative sign designs of Ameriabank with innovative features

  • Wall decorations that breach the surface

No one likes blank walls, especially those of a dull bank. Why not direct customers’ eyes to this suitcase-adorned accent wall? Or light up their minds with light up signs and channel letters framed with wooden slats? Hexagonal storage units or spaceship windows, anyone?

Our company designed, fabricated and installed these business signs. Their aim was to stretch the limits of the imagination. Envision it and the rest will be realized by our talented crew! 

Our focus was on cool designs for signs that would help Ameriabank set a new standard for the industry.

Cool vibrant suitcase fancy corridor custom sign design for Ameriabank

  • Guiding stickers that beautified the paths

Front Signs didn’t cut any corners when bringing this grandiose project to life. The adhesives on the floors add an extra kick to every step. They harmonize the overall airport-themed design. Digital runways combined with creative cube signage lead the way and streamline navigation to the “command center”.

No one would ever expect this design to belong to a banking establishment. It’s so cool that customers will enjoy their experience with finance for a change. 

Ameriabank creative guiding floor stickers designs

  • Creative wood signs and designs to incorporate natural elements

Our craftsmen have merged handsome natural elements with a serious business image. Our mission was to establish creative wooden signs and designs that would reduce stress and boost productivity. 

We did it by mixing organic materials and advanced fabrication techniques like engraving. The result was a range of custom signage products with an enhanced visual appeal. Durability and a sense of balance were also key. 

Ameriabank engraved wooden interior designs to boost productivity

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Design Project 2. Erewhon – Bringing into Light the Best Corners of the Building

This luxury supermarket in Los Angeles turned out to be our next triumphant project. Our designers merged promotional materials with aesthetic solutions to create functional beauty. Let’s have a look. 

  • Thematic badges for a positive lasting impression

This project was centered around versatile decorations for the walls and windows. The sample of signage design shows the endless creativity of our professionals and the top quality of our large format printing services.

These compelling store signage design examples are adhesives that apply and remove within minutes. Don’t miss the chance to bring your brand to thousands of customers. There’s no excuse when it’s so simple to accomplish. 

The name and message of the brand was displayed in a distinguished font. Purposeful yet minimal backgrounds made it pop. They captured the cultivated essence of Erewhon and elevated it to the next level. 

Erewhon creative aesthetic adhesive solutions with impressive fonts

  • Exquisite adhesives to exude elegance with a branded window space

Large windows are a perfect place for promotions. When adorned with neatly designed window decals, they express brand aesthetics throughout a commercial space. Our team’s artistic abilities were put to the test for this project. The results were as refined as the Erewhon brand itself.

Erewhon cute window signage design idea to express brand aesthetic

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Best Signage Designs Fine-Tuned for Corporate Events

Design Project 3. Annenberg Space for Photography – Futuristic Solar Stands to Maximize Branding

This is a design project Front Signs has been widely praised for. Solar-powered light box signs kicked off the event reception in ravishing fashion. They set an exclusive and powerful atmosphere that spoke volumes for the Space.

The Annenberg collaboration was a tremendous achievement for Front Signs. It’s our new standard for corporate events. Such forward-thinking event signs have the power to serve as strong marketing tools. This one really packed a punch.

Annenberg corporate event branding with creative sign design ideas

Design Project 4. MGM Resorts – Artistic Letters for a Visual Impact

MGM knew exactly who to turn to for showcasing their brand identity. Go on reading to find out the most creative sign designs we have achieved together.

A masterful combination of design skills and materials promoted a breakthrough style for MGM Resorts. Designer 3d letter signs marked the brand’s love for high-fashion.

These prominent signage design samples caught the attention of all the guests at the event. Filled with little tennis balls, adorned with lights, framed with green walls – you name it. We do whatever it takes to achieve sophisticated results. 

MGM Resorts branding solutions and sign design examples

Want a similar project with creative design concepts? Contact us!

Cute Sign Designs: Decorative Solutions 

A well-designed space plays a huge role in leaving a great impression. How you decorate your premise will have an immense effect on your reputation.

Here’s a list of grand yet cute sign designs crafted from start to finish by our specialists. 

Cool designs for signs outdoors, constructed to highlight the company’s otherworldly presence

Want to stand apart from the rest? Create an appealing exterior. Distinct outdoor design solutions with building signs establish an unforgettable image for brands.

Design Project 5. Flying aluminum butterflies to merge nature with industry

Why not get creative and turn blank, dreary walls into something beautiful? That’s what our design team did to put a unique twist on Plush Home by Nina Petronzio’s furniture line’s facade. 

Beautiful golden butterflies break out of the building. They hint at the elegant products that await customers behind the walls. 

Plush Home exterior design with cute sign designs

Design Project 6. Humanistic mural in black-and-white 

Most companies opt for creative signs and designs to express their brand identity. They also want these same concepts to make them look cool. This wall mural for Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company is a crowd favorite. It quickly became an identifying feature of the neighborhood. 

Brooklyn Bagel cool exterior design with black and white human wall mural

Cool designs for signs implemented for filling negative spaces

Indoor signs should be communicative and charming, promoting a trademark sense of style. Here are a few examples of how to optimize interior design using creative signage.

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Design Project 7. Decorative clockwork mechanisms to get your gears spinning

Looking at the precise movement of mechanical gears will inspire you to make the best of your time. This crafty interior sign is for GatSoft, an IT and graphic design company. They entrusted us with creating unique symbols and texts for their corporate headquarters. We both loved the results.

Gatsoft creative interior sign designs with clockwork mechanisms

Design Project 8. “Shout out loud” wall art 

It’s possible to create a masterpiece even for a simple beauty salon. This poetic design captures customer curiosity and entertains them while they wait. 

Shout Out Loud salon interior branding sample with creative wall sign

Design Project 9. Iconic Coca Cola bottles and logo for strong a brand image

Finally, our crew incorporated a variety of creative details for this Coca Cola branch office. Bottles, logos, establishment dates and so on educate visitors. They also tell the story of the brand with every mark. 

CocaCola interior branding with creative signs and designs solutions

These are just a few of the exciting design projects from our portfolio. If you’re looking for outstanding design solutions, you’re in the right place. Our specialists are at your disposal. We’re ready to collaborate and bring your most illustrious visions to life!

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