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Acrylic signs – Plexiglass signs

Acrylic signs are one of the most popular signs available in the market.

This signs are made of acrylic plastic material known also as Plexiglass. This material is very similar to ordinary glass but differs in quality a lot. The material is very durable and weather resistant. It comes transparent as well as in any color you may need. Acrylic can be heated and shaped into any shape of your preference.

The acrylic sign can have glossy and matte finish based on your preference. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Acrylic signs go through the process of acrylic cutting and acrylic direct printing. These signs can be cut into any shape, engraved, printed on or accept any adhesive decal or vinyl on.

Acrylic signs are easy to install and maintain. They have professional and solid look being rather affordable in price.


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