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Acrylic signs – Plexiglass sign, Perspex sign, Acrylic letters, Acrylic logo sign

Acrylic Signs or Plexiglass Signs are the classy solution for office, home and exterior signage. Custom acrylic signs have mass usage. As it is a versatile material, it is used for light boxes, building signage and not only.

Front Signs offers custom plexiglass signs with the full guide of usage possibilities. We provide the best design and solution to boost your brand awareness. We also offer Acrylic cutting and Acrylic printing services.

Acrylic business signage gives an exclusive and luxurious feel, has a long lifespan. Variety of color pallet of acrylic signage and its different levels of translucency fit in any office, home interior. it has long term usage for any outdoor purpose.


Acrylic is a bold and very beautiful material with a high gloss similar to glass. It is much more durable, so accordingly preferred for long-term usage.

We offer different combinations with Acrylic material. The creative design creates truly outstanding signage that serves your needs and requirements.

Combined with Vinyl lettering type, it can be applied to your custom plexiglass sign. Thus to attract all the incomers from the first sight.

To thrill your opponents and customers, we suggest  Acrylic and Aluminum combination.


Acrylic logo signs have various color, sizes and finishes. These options are for multiple possibilities and limitless imagination. You can wow your customers with Acrylic sign or use it for home decoration purposes.

The possibilities for implementation and creative boost is limitless. Our designers have a lot of interesting and crazy ideas to make a little difference in the signage world. The design is, without a doubt, customized to meet your needs but we can add borders to the sign. For that we use multiple lettering colors and layers of acrylic to give the image a unique finish.

 Interior usage:

You can use Acrylic signs to make the needed first impression. Showcase the hotel entrance and main lobby or use acrylic business signs as an Office sign. Style your corridors and elevate common areas like conference and meeting rooms. Thus depict the uniqueness of your brand and please both your customers and your workers.

Furthermore, you can use Plexiglass signs with 3D letters. This effect fits your taste and branding and lasts for many years.

In addition, Acrylic signs used as Home signs can give your interior signage a different look and speak of your creativity and taste. It can be used in different rooms with a possibility to print the family pictures and hang from walls. As a result, this technique creates a cozy feel and warm atmosphere for you and your family.

With its versatile solutions, signs made of acrylic sheet are ideal to for your shops, practice or showroom to provide a stylish addition.

 Exterior usage:

For outdoor usage Acrylic is widely used and preferred among other materials. It is guaranteed to have a perfect look. Withstand any weather condition and preserve its color and still shine for many years.

Custom Acrylic signs are most commonly used to create Lightboxes . They shine 24/7 and help to boost your brand awareness. As a result, Large Acrylic signs used as Building signs, create a high visibility for your brand and are easily spotted from a distance. In fact, it’s a very elegant material to use for retail stores and offices that match your company branding and philosophy. Frequently, it is used to create a house number and name plates that easily pull in your friends and relatives.


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Weather, water and fade resistant
  • Durable material with 5+ years life span with proper storage and care
  • Has transparent, translucent or clear and colorful effect
  • Can be used with a combination of other materials
  • Easily shaped and formed, engraved and cut


Being a multifunctional material it is used as an advertising tool for many companies and varies industries signage. The installation of these Custom acrylic sign highly depends on location and type of installation. The area where it needs to stay for uncertain period of time, represent the brand and please the eyes of incomers. Hence, the purpose and the usage together with the size and thickness is also crucial in choosing the best and safest way for installation.

– The construction can be self-supporting , so there will be standoffs that support the acrylic construction.
– It can also have a hanging mechanism for a smooth and hassle free installation.
– certain type of products an be installed with professional assistance.

Care and storage

Custom acrylic or plexiglass signs are used in numerous industries and institutions. Just like everything else, these custom signs need a proper care to serve its best. To prevent damages, it needs a proper installation and care. As the acrylic material is easily scratched, avoid contact with any sharp objects. Actually, cleaning with a damp cloth to wipe the surface will be more than enough.

If you want to store your Acrylic sign, just wrap it with a soft fabric. Equally important is not to put any objects on or against the Plexiglass sign during storage.

Another key point is to keep the sign away from a direct sunlight, thus prolong its longevity.


Color: Transparent, translucent (frosted) or clear
Finish: glossy glass effect, matte effect
Printing: Direct printing with UV inks
Thickness: customized
Shape/Size/Font/Style: customized
Alternatives: Aluminum signs,

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