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PVC Signs

  • Project professional image
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Smooth finish
What are PVC Signs?

PVC Signs : Styrene Signs, PVC Hanging Signs, PVC Stands

PVC-sign-direct print for interior decor

PVC Signs are sometimes referred to as plastic signs as well.

PVC sign, also known as a foamed polyvinyl chloride, is famous in several names such as Foamex, Sintra board, PVC foam. Actually, they are the same durable, rigid, yet lightweight material. PVC can take custom shapes undergoing PVC cutting process.

Its clean surface gives a smooth and neat look to any sign.

The spheres of its usage are as diverse as the landscape: from real estate signs to photo displays, from house plaques to POP displays. You can get anything printed on PVC signs, be it a brand logo or some advertisement.




PVC logo signs – logo printed on a PVC sheet

PVC letters – an interesting way of featuring a brand’s name

PVC hanging signs – storefront signs, exit, directional, real estate sign

PVC directional signs – Exit, open house, welcome signs

PVC stands – a common sign type in conferences, meetings, trade shows, cinemas

PVC flat signs – Storefront, restaurant, cafe, gallery signs

Interior PVC sign – Wall decors, Logos, office door plaques



PVC is meant for long time indoor and short time outdoor usages.
The specter of usages is diverse:

Safety signs – construction and danger signs for preventing upcoming hazards

House address and name plaques – personalized plaques for houses

Photo displays – Photo prints on PVC with matte and clear look

Point-of-purchase displays – An effective way to stand out and promote sales

Tradeshow signage – The most important investment in trade shows



  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Cracking, rotting or peeling and smudge resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals and corrosive conditions
  • Printed on smooth, solid surface with matte finish
  • Can be printed on both sides
  • Last for decades inside and comparatively short-term outdoor usage
  • Ideal for hanging
  • Customized size, shape, thickness, style and design
  • Easy to install and mount

Related Products

Aluminum Signs – Aluminum is the most durable sign material and is used for signs of long-term usages. You can get elegant aluminum name plates for your office.

Perspex Signs – Acrylic is a glasslike and durable material for more delicate works. You can order unique acrylic letters to display the name of your brand on the wall. Or you can get beautiful acrylic signs for the decoration of either your office or your home.



PVC being a lightweight material has easy installation methods depending on the sign type.

Wall mounted – Due to its lightweight PVC is easily mounted to the walls or other backgrounds without any strong hardware.

Hanging sign – hanging from scroll brackets, hooks, wires. With these mechanisms, you can hang these sign from almost anywhere.

PVC stands can be put on the ground for promotional as well as for decorative purposes.

Sizes and shapes


Before mentioning the exact sizes, be noted that at Front Signs sizes and shapes are customized and you can always choose the size and shape best suiting your sign design.

The PVC board thicknesses are 1″, ¾”, ½”, ¼”, ⅛”

Common thickness: ¼”, 1/8”

Common sizes – Customized

Lifespan: 4+ years, if kept properly


PVC Signs FAQs

What information should my Sign have on it?

Actually, you can have anything written on your Customized Sign you want your customers to notice. It can be the name or the logo of your brand, some information about your business type, operating hours, etc. You can get decorative Signs with motivational quotes, etc.