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Real Estate Signs – Open house signs, For sale signs, Realtor signs, For rent signs

A wide variety of real estate signs and riders!

Real estate signs take the greatest part of the signage industry. Realtors do appreciate the great importance of the signs in business and take the utmost of it.

Signs are the most effective way to draw attention to your product. You can put ads in newspapers, put the information in your website but directing people to your product is of no less importance and sometimes may work better. Signs can turn a passer-by into a customer. Realtors have used signs for decades and come to a conclusion about the real estate sign general characteristics: what it should look like, what to depict and how.

The common real estate signs are yard or lawn signs that depict on them the real estate agency or independent agent/realtor name, contact information, the purpose (or sale, for rent, for lease, open house, etc.). A hundred word text is not welcomed at all, because no one is going to stop to read your board. You should draw attention with only some words. So we can call these words starters. They do the first job and the rest is left on the realtor.

Now we know that the sign should have as few words as possible. This itself means that there is more space for the writing thus the phrase can have large fonts.

To conclude the full image of a real estate sign is a word or phrase with contact information to draw passers-by attention.

We make innovative custom signs and can make literally every sign you will design.


Open house – Open house signs seem to be the most demanded real estate signs. They can have the shape of an arrow, house, key or be rectangular. Suggested materials for these signs are aluminum, PVC, Styrene. Of course we could suggest other materials as well, but the market has already found its needs. Anyway, we are open for any request, so don’t hesitate to contact us for custom orders.

For sale – What a real estate agency without selling anything? “For sales” signs are mostly put in yards and draw potential customers’ attention.  They are time proof signs that have proven their importance for decades.

For rent, for lease – Realtors not only sell things, but also give for rent or lease. These signs are highly effective if designed correctly. For example Key-shaped for rent signs took the market in a short time.

Real estate coming soon signs – Coming soon signs are considered a great marketing tool in every field. They make the customer ready for action. Real estate coming soon signs are used by a lot of professional real estate agents.

Other popular writings for real estate signage

Reduced price


New price

Sale pending

Open house

Just listed

Bring offer

Back on the market

Must see inside

Shown by appointment


Open Sunday


New price

Under contract

Types – shapes of real estate signs structure

A-frames – A frames are the most popular real estate signs in shape. They are super suitable for any kind of announcement because they are put in yards or in front of the houses and catch the eyes of passers-by. Add it the fact that A-frames are double sided and you will realize how effective these signs can be.

H-frame Stake – H-frame wire signs are another popular and widespread option. The stakes are made of aluminum to make it stand firmly on the ground and boards can be made of Aluminum, PVC, Gatorboard and Styrene. Coroplast and aluminum stakes fit perfect together and have the highest demand in the field. They are the most cost-effective option as well.

Hanging signs – Hanging signs quite suitable for realtors. The signs can hang from wood and metal panels. The hanging boards can be made of aluminum, PVC, Gatorboard and Styrene. The board sizes can be customized.

Directional signs – Directional signs are leading potential customers to see the real estate product.


Real estate signs are mainly used outdoors that’s why mostly durable materials such as coroplast, aluminum, styrene, PVC and plywood are used.

Coroplast: Coroplast is the main material of yard signs because of its durability and light weight.

Aluminum: Aluminum can be made both for riders and boards. These are the most durable signs. Aluminum can also be combined with PVC and wood serving as rider or stake for boards.

PVC: Real estate signs can be wholly or partly made of PVC. Mostly A-frames and hanging signs are made of this material. Not as durable as aluminum but still great for comparatively shorter time usages outdoors.

Styrene: Styrene is another material for real estate signs that can still be combined with other materials.

Plywood: Plywood can be considered one of the main sign materials in real estate sign industry. This signs look classy. Very popular and widely used by realtors are big plywood boards with the information printed on it.

Reflective: Reflective vinyl allows the sign to be seen 24 hours a day allowing late passers-by also notice it. It is mainly made by applying reflective vinyl on the material.


Depending on the type of the sign, different installation techniques are applied. Besides design and production services Front Signs suggests installation services as well. Though you can hardly have any difficulties in installing your a-frame, H-frame stake sign or hanging real estate signs, because our specialists provide installation instruction, you can enjoy our installation services as well.

Real estate bandit signs have been and are highly popular and as the high demand shows will not lose their popularity at least in near future. Make your product stand apart in the neighborhood using real estate yard signs. Choose whichever you find more effective for your very business and promote it using custom real estate signs or posts.

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