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Yard signs, Lawn signs, Garden signs, Bandit signs, Birthday yard signs

Yard signs or lawn signs are, as their name implies, signs that are installed in yards for different purposes. They can be used for a variety of purposes: from informative, advertising up to decorative. These signs can be made of different materials, have different sizes and shapes. All you need to do is send us your yard sign design or leave it to our designers, choose installation option and wait for your sign.

Large yard signs, small yard sign, different shapes and thicknesses, choose whatever you want. Everything at your disposal.

Types of material

Aluminum– As yard signs are meant for outdoor usages, durable and rigid materials should be applied for them. Aluminum, being extremely weather resistant and good looking, is the perfect substance for yard signs. Metal yard signs are the ideal option for long-term usages.

PVC – This popular plastic is a very suitable material option for yard signs. It is lightweight and durable. The ability of printing on both signs of PVC increases its usefulness.

Wood – Wood is another material for yard signs. Wood yard signs are more natural-looking and give the yard a complete look.

Corrugated plastic or coroplast – This lightweight tough material is widely used in yard sign making. Corrugated plastic yard signs are for short-time usages but yet durable.

Sizes and thicknesses

Standard and most common yard signs dimensions are:

Aluminum                 18″ x 24″

Zink                          10″ x 30″, 10″ x 15″

Plastic (PCV) frame  8″ x 26″

Wood                        customized

Thicknesses – 4mm


Yard signs can have the shape of a-frames, be mounted on aluminum stands, stand alone as aluminum boards, stand with stakes, etc.

A-frames yard signs have the shape of the letter “A”. They are easily set up, taken off. When not needed they can be flattened and kept.

Aluminum boards can be mounted on aluminum poles and be pulled into the ground. Thus they become like an aluminum stand. They are mostly for long-term usages.

Aluminum boards can be just stuck to the ground without any adhesives or hardware.

Yard signs with stakes are the most popular yard signs – step stakes, H stakes, metal frames with riders, heavy duty yard sign stakes, etc.


Yard signs are outdoor signs so they are made of durable, rigid materials. This itself means that they are used to harsh weather conditions and are not easily bent or destroyed.

Aluminum signs can be cleaned with soap and water with a soft cloth.

PVC yard signs are less durable than aluminum so prevent keeping them in the sun, and in high temperatures. Moisture is also not very useful for PVC signs, so use them if the weather is fine for longer usages.

Cleaning wood signs with damp, non-abrasive cloth is quite enough. Thus they will keep their fresh look for a long time.


Yard signs are very popular and effective marketing tool. They bring popularity in the neighborhood – being visible by passengers, cars.

Double sided – thus becoming more visible

Portable – can be put and taken off any time

Space-Saving – No need to rent another area for advertising, yard is there

Affordable – an inexpensive option of sign


Yard signs, being used in yards, have outdoor usage. They can be used for various purposes. Here are some of them:

Real estate yard signs – Real estate agents will definitely appreciate the importance of yard signs in their work activity. Using these custom yard signs is (considered) the most important marketing tool for any kind of business. Namely, Yard signs for sale and open house yard signs are the most effective yard signage for realtors.

Business yard signs – For every other kind of business yard signs are a good solution. They tell the passengers about the existence of the company in their neighborhood giving a brief information on it.

Decorative yard signs – If you’re an esthete and want to make your yard or garden a place of pleasure, use decorative yard signs. These personalized signs are ready to give a homey atmosphere to every place.

Special event yard signs – holiday yard signs, yard signs for birthdays, weddings are an excellent decoration and also a directional sign. A great way of giving the yard a special look on the special event. Help the guests know where to go exactly, tell them that they have arrived or give them the place to have great photos at your event.

Welcome yard signs – Let people know they are welcome at your place with warm welcoming signs near your house, office, etc. Welcome baby yard signs are another popular and interesting welcome sign type.

Political yard signs – ways of capturing the voters’ hearts become wittier year by year. This is another effective way of being stuck in the heads of the future voters and spreading the name in all neighborhoods.

Construction yard signs – If your yard, house, office are under construction, you can help people beware of upcoming dangers using yard signs. Use construction yard signs to be on the safe side.

Security yard signs – They are another kind of yard signs that warn or just inform that the building is protected by a security agency, or just being recorded by the company.


Real estate signs – real estate signs are another category that can be used instead of yard signs.

A-frame – A-frames are “A” shaped boards that carry any message on them and being double-sided, make the possibilities wider.

Banners – banners are another option for outdoor advertising. They can bear your message and design and still stand in yards and other public places.

Flags – Flags can be used for announcing sales, business promotion, etc. They can be teardrop, feather and business flags.

Material: Aluminum, PVC, Wood, Coroplast

Sizes: customized, depending on the material

Aluminum                 18″ x 24″

Zink                          10″ x 30″

10″ x 15″

Plastic (PCV) frame  8″ x 26″

Thickness: 4mm, Customized

Color: Customized

Lifespan: 10+ (if kept properly)

Installation: With stakes, directly stuck to the ground, mounted to the poles, etc.

Alternatives: Real estate signs, Sandwich Boards, Banners, Business flags

Usage: Outdoor

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