Custom Bank Signs In Los Angeles and US Wide

Trustworthiness lies at the core of success in the financial industry. Expertly selected, designed and manufactured bank signs will help you create the right brand image and attract as well as retain loyal customers.

Front Signs is a California-based sign making company with extensive experience in the industry. We’ve crafted high-quality and effective signage for many financial institutions. Our indoor and outdoor bank signs as well as ATM signage help to boost your brand image and gain trust in the business. We tailor signs that reflect the services you provide and the reputation you strive to promote among your customers.

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Bank Signage Types

There’s an assortment of sign types that are ideal for the banking industry. They vary according to purpose, illumination, dimensions and much more. We’ll help you get creative while maintaining a professional appearance when it comes to bank signs. We provide fully customizable solutions. Below are the main types of bank signage we get requests for.

Ameriabank sign in black and green made of acrylic for outdoor branding
FBD 3d bank sign displaying the brand name and logo made of PVC for wall branding

3D Bank Signs

3D signs are widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They add visibility to your message, familiarize your audience with the company name and attract prospective clients. Dimensional bank signs are perfect for displaying your logo, bank name and other vital information. We provide multiple mounting options to serve different corporate needs.

Acra Lending light up bank sign displaying the brand name and logo made of aluminum

Light Up Bank Signs

Light up signs capture attention for your brand 24/7. Different material and illumination options allow you to get a bank signage design consistent with your brand image. We use eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED technology which requires little maintenance. Combined with translucent acrylic, the result is even lighting and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Baker McKenzie. nameplate made of brushed aluminum

Nameplates & Plaques

Nameplates and plaques are used in every financial institution to help customers navigate towards their service agents. These financial office signs can be made of various materials. Acrylic signs are widely used as door plaques while aluminum signs can be seen on desks with names and titles of representatives.

retro-style bank graphics made of opaque vinyl for office wall decorating

Bank Graphics & Stands

Larger stands and graphics are used in banks for decorative, informational and promotional purposes. Custom decals can also be applied to walls, windows, floors and other smooth surfaces. Stands can be used in various indoor and outdoor premises to promote your brand and provide vital information to customers.

protective bank desk screens made of clear plastic

Bank Desk Screens

Sneeze guards have wide usage in the service industry, including financial institutions. They provide a safer atmosphere for both clients and employees. Custom prints and graphics can be applied to the screens to utilize free space for branding. They’re mainly made of clear plastic to provide perfect visibility.

Bank Signage Applications

Bank and financial signage products have various applications. They can be used as interior and exterior as well as ATM branding solutions. The bank signage design, materials, mounting options and other features vary based on their placement. We offer signs for bank institutions that will satisfy all your unique requirements.

Converse Bank signage with brand name lighted letters made of aluminum and acrylic
Ameria outdoor bank signage with brand name channel letters made of aluminum and acrylic

Outdoor Bank Signage

Custom outdoor signs for the financial industry offer a perfect opportunity to gain new customers. They help people to determine whether they can entrust your institution or not. Choose from multiple style, material, illumination and mounting options. We’ll tailor outdoor bank signage that resonates with your brand image.

Fineman West interior bank signage made of acrylic for reception branding

Interior Bank Signage

Interior signs for bank institutions ensure your guests feel welcome. They inform and lead your customers to the right place and their visual appeal also boosts the productivity of your employees. Break the stereotype of dull designs with creative bank interior signage. We’ll help you create a modern image for your bank.

privacy bank lobby sign with custom graphics made of frosted vinyl attached to windows

Bank Lobby Signs

Front desk and lobby signs have various purposes for financial institutions. Bank lobby signs with letters may display your brand name and logo whereas desk graphics can promote special offers. Reception areas are also ideal for getting creative with your sign types.

Ameriabank atm signs and wraps displaying branded graphics made of acrylic and aluminum

ATM Signs & Wraps

ATM wraps and signs offer yet another opportunity to promote your bank. They’re placed in countless locations across the country and provide free space for branding. Showcase your logo and brand name and advertise special offers with your indoor and outdoor ATM sign.

Acts full bank branding with dimensional logo sign and brand name letters made of acrylic

Full Bank Branding

Bank signage design should match the overall look of your interior and exterior space. For bank signage, we offer full branding with custom designs for indoor and outdoor use. We have it all from ATM decals to bank lobby signs, along with a full spectrum of services.

Bank Signage Regulations

When it comes to bank signage design, each municipality and property may have different requirements for color, size, illumination options and other specifications. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to produce bank signs that fully comply with local, state and national requirements.

When you request a quote, you may ask us to look into the bank signage requirements in your area. Your account specialist will take on all the hassle involved in obtaining a sign permit. We’ll get all the necessary approvals and paperwork for proper bank signage design and installation.

Ameriabank logo sign and brand name letters in green and blue made of acrylic

Benefits of Bank Signs

  • Enhanced authority
  • Rich selection of styles
  • Full branding solutions 
  • Premium materials
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Professional appearance
  • Regulation compliance
Converse Bank signage displaying the brand name made of aluminum

Bank Signage Materials 

The selection of materials we use to craft bank signs depends on the signage type you choose as well as your specific requirements. We offer a wide variety of materials with different finishes. All the metal, plastic, wood and composite materials we use are of premium quality. They allow us to create bank signage with a professional and appealing appearance.

For signs with illumination, we usually combine a translucent plastic material along with a metal to provide light transmission and ensure safety at the same time. We also offer eco-friendly bank signs made of wood and other natural materials to elevate your corporate ethos and identity.

Let us know what types of bank signs you need and our specialist will help you choose the best materials for the project.

different bank signage materials

Services We Offer for Bank Signs


Bank Sign Permitting 

A range of signage types require special permitting and each property and municipality has its own processes and regulations. This often means tedious paperwork and an investment of time and effort. We offer sign permitting services for all types of signs in Los Angeles and across the country to help you avoid the unpleasant hassle


3D Signage Rendering

To get an idea of what your signs will look like before production, we offer bank signage design and 3D rendering services. This means our specialists will create a detailed visualization of your future signage for your approval before manufacturing begins. The process eliminates misunderstandings and wasted resources on both sides.


Manufacturing and Installation

We offer manufacturing and installation to guarantee you get the best quality of bank signs produced and mounted. Our professional installers will do the job with speed and precision, regardless of complexity. When positioning your displays, we’ll optimize their angle of visibility while staying in compliance with building regulations.



Sign Repair and Replacement

Signs require proper maintenance and at times repair to retain their initial look for a long time. This is true for both indoor and outdoor signage. We offer sign repair and replacement services to help you get the most out of your investment. If you need your old signs fixed or replaced, our team will take care of the entire process.

Related Products


Channel Letters - Used both indoors and outdoors, these illuminated and eye-catching signs will showcase your brand name or any other short message with style. Their clean design allows for your sign to be visible from long distances when used outdoors. They’re also used indoors as bank lobby signs and the like to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Office Signs - Made for branding and decoration, financial office signs are available with multiple designs including custom materials, illumination features and dimensions. This allows you to get fully tailored signage to meet your unique needs and requirements. They’re your chance to make a favorable impression on your guests and customers.


Light Box Signs - This luminous signage type is mostly used outdoors to designate your property, create a recognizable icon and direct foot traffic. The cabinet signs are used to display your logo and name as well as other short messages. They come in different mounting and design options to serve whatever business positioning needs you may have. 

quality lighted pylon sign

Pylon Signs - This large sign type is perfect for reaching a wide audience. They can be placed in any location across the country to represent your brand 24/7. Plaza signs are often used on highways to ensure message visibility even in areas with high-speed traffic. They can also be set up in indoor premises like malls to promote your brand.

Ameria City The interior decoration of the 4 floors of Ameriabank
Front Signs Retractable Banner Stand Sign
Front Signs X-Banner Stand Printing and Installation
Creating and Printing of Vinyl Wall Decal

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    Bank Signs FAQs


    What types of bank signs do you offer?

    We offer bespoke signage solutions for financial institutions with a wide selection of styles and designs. You’re free to choose custom features like illumination, dimensions, materials, mounting options and other elements.

    Does your bank signage comply with permitting regulations?

    Each city and property may have its own requirements for bank signs and we always make sure to comply with local building codes, laws and ordinances. We can check all the specifications for your location and obtain a sign permit on your behalf.

    Do you offer ATM signs?

    Yes, we provide custom ATM branding solutions. This includes ATM decals, blade signs, dimensional letters and much more.

    Do you offer complete bank branding solutions or single products only?

    We offer full branding solutions, including ATM signage. We’ll help you brand your bank both indoors and outdoors with high-quality custom signage.