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Coroplast Signs have a long-term usage that hold up to all weather conditions, is easy and economical advertising means with maximum exposure.

It is one of the best and high quality materials available on the market for effective and inexpensive marketing campaigns and not only. Even though it is a “cheap” material, but the material does not look cheap at all. The material holds the UV inks with pride, the graphics printed on Coroplast is no less effective and vivid as others.

Coroplast is a brand name of Corrugated plastic, is seen everywhere where temporary messaging is required. It’s lightweight, but rigid enough to withstand the high winds and the weathering changing.

These plastic signs can have a logo, image, photograph, piece of information printed on one or both sided. It’s highly eye-grabbing print advertisement which is affordable, durable or lasting and simple.

Businesses use these affordable visual displays to boost their brand presence and style, enhance consumers. Corrugated plastic is adaptable, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications – let it be business promotions, advertisement on a budget, for sale yard signage, announce an upcoming event, political posters or decorative standees, etc.

Of course, there are better choices for long term usage, but, again, Coroplast is ideal for short and mid-term temporary uses but equally strong visual presence.

Among other advantages of the Coro plastic is that it is lighter than the solid plastic but tougher than cardboard. The material is stain resistant and waterproof, meaning it can serve at least 2 years outdoors. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors, doubled up with our printing capabilities, meaning you can get the sign with full-color vividness, just like you required.

Bring your design to us at Front Signs or let our designers’ creative juices flow with something more intricate.


Corrugated Sign is a durable, versatile and the most popular material for one time or long-term promotional purposes.
The surface is waterproof and smudge resistant, which makes it the ideal material to place in any outdoor venue.

Coro signage is used during the tradeshows, special events, political sign boards, garage sale sidewalk signs, sponsorship event, and during professional, decorative or residential usages.

Coroplast signs is highly used by real estate agents, event managers, politician assistants and many more.
Due to its rigid but lightweight features, its a material used as directional arrow signs, Sale promotional sign, Open or close sign, house yard signs and what not! Moreover, it is used for indoor signs to decorate and advertise.
Furthermore, Coroplast signs is highly used by real estate agents, event managers, politician assistants and many more.

Commercial uses of Coroplast signage go even further.
Coroplast signs are ideal for industrial - temporary or permanent signs. Businesses like to use changeable Coroplast signs to display the tournament sponsor signs or point of purchase signs as it is an quality print with matte finish and budget-friendly.


  • Superior ability to withstand extreme temperature for short periods
  • Waterproof, stain-resistant and lightweight material, ideal for interior and exterior uses
  • Temporary display for seasonal, realtor, etc promotions
  • Budget-friendly signage solution
  • Ribbed surface - looking like a plastic cardboard


Thickness: 4mm or 5/32”, 0.1556”

Size/ Style/ Design: Customized

Shape: Square, Rectangular, the Custom cut is available

Lifespan: 2+ year outdoors


Many business representatives favor command strip, double-sided tape or velcro to attach their sign onto the wall. Also possible to display the sign with the help of easel setup.

In case, you have a window coroplast sign, suction cups and a hook can be used to create a secure, clean and professionally attractive promotional sign.

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Coroplast Signs FAQs

Where else can I use coroplast signs?

Coroplast signs are good for Construction sites so as to inform or direct the passers-by of potential danger. Wall signage is another popular application – the name and the logo of the establishment can be printed on the material and fixed on the facade of the building. Business, educational or corporate establishments to display various messages.

What message Should My Coroplast Sign have?

The messaging can be from simple design to creative – juicy to intrigue your potential clients. Corrugated plastic signs are used to announce upcoming events, direct, provide temporary advertising of restaurant specials and so much more. So, depending on the purpose and the location, Coro signs can be used at any size and color. If you are not sure, contact our dear Rose for more information.

Why use coroplast signs?

Coroplast is a lightweight, cost effective material for short-term and long-term both for exterior and interior uses. The coroplast signs can be the solution to many of your next project. Its flexible and adaptable enough, which makes it the ideal choice for realtors, advertisers, individuals and so on and so forth. Its advertising dollars for its effective visual presence and variety of solutions.

What is Coroplast?

Coroplast is the brand name for the corrugated Plastic material. It’s a plastic board made of thin polypropylene substrate. It’s a plastic version of cardboard – with its zig-zagged layers of Plastic in between two plastic sheets.