PVC signs: Outstanding Custom PVC and Styrene Signs in LA

Custom plastic signs are perfect for interior branding & decoration, as well as for promotional needs. Whether used indoors or outdoors PVC signs will retain their striking look for a long period.

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Promote your company and spread your message across to your business endeavors with professional PVC or styrene signs.

PVC, also known as a foamed polyvinyl chloride, is famous in several names such as Foamex, Sintra board, and PVC foam. For more durability, we offer styrene signs as well.

Front Signs offers custom plastic signs for all your promotional and personal needs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

PVC and styrene are versatile materials that are able to withstand different weather conditions - making them perfect for all types of settings. 

Increase brand recognition and rev up your ad campaign with tailor-made and highly effective plastic signs.

Without any large investment, PVC plastic signs pay off in no time, by promoting your company with style and professionalism. You can attract your customers with PVC custom signs, to give a preview of what to expect from your brand and your services.

The spheres of its usage are as diverse as the landscape: from real estate signs to photo displays, from house plaques to POP displays. You can get anything printed on sintra signs, be it a brand logo or a personal image. Its clean surface gives a smooth and neat look to any sign.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight yet professional and sophisticated sign, Fronts Signs recommends you to go for sintra signs.


PVC & Styrene - lightweight and durable materials - are ideal for commercial and decorative signage. With its high-quality print and professional image - plastic signs are used for long term indoor and short term outdoor applications.

PVC office logo sign

PVC logo signs

There are three ways you can display your company logo with a PVC sign. First, you can get it printed on a PVC sheet of your desired color, second, you can get the logo engraved on it. And finally, you can get the sign custom-cut in the shape of your logo. We have the industry know-how to produce logo signs in any complexity. This is a perfect solution for interior as well as exterior branding.

Directional PVC signs

PVC directional signs

Often, such signs can be found in any building, malls, business centers and even outdoors. Use such signs to guide your potential customers to your establishment.  PVC signs are often used as section marking signs in supermarkets. These guiding signs can be direct mounted or can be free standing on a pole. 

Acrylic and PVC signs

PVC Nameplates

Naplate signs are essential in any business premises. Order nameplates to identify each room in the building by displaying them on the door or next to it. You can also get flat number signs with the number of the room printed on it. Such signs can be used for displaying address numbers as well.

pvc menu boards

PVC Menu Boards

Plastic PVC menu boards are flexible and lightweight. You can update the menu items according to the special promotions in a cost-effective and easy way. PVC Plastic menu boards can be of a different size, shape, and color. These signs can often be seen above the cashier’s desk or on the outside of the building to catch the attention of passersby.


PVC Letters

Another great way to display your company name. You can get plastic letters in any color, font, and size. Get a professional visual identity by displaying your brand name in the reception area, office or on the building. The plastic sign letters can be directly or pin-mounted to any flat surface and have a dimensional look.

PVC decorative Signs

PVC stands

If you are preparing for a tradeshow or some other event, then you need professional signage to represent your company with pride. These can be simple stands to promote company fliers or tradeshow booths. Such stands can be used in working areas as well, to give information about the company or to keep important documents.

Accent Wall with PVC Signs

PVC Decor

Being a versatile material, PVC is perfect for creating all types of custom decorative signs. You can get custom sintra signs to fit any interior design. These signs will be a perfect solution to spice up the interior of offices, stores and houses as well. Give color to dull walls with your desired image printed on PVC. All your sophisticated decor ideas can become a reality with polystyrene signs.


The specter of usages of PVC signs is diverse. These are perfect for both indoor as well as street-level advertisements.

The versatility of PVC allows it to be used for both commercial and personal needs.

For advertising purposes, sintra signs can be used as nameplates to display the company name or the name of an employee on the door.

The information on polystyrene signs can be displayed by printing, vinyl lettering, cutting, and engraving. So, these signs can fit everyone’s requirements.

For various presentations and trade shows, you can get a custom booth sign made of PVC or stands that will represent your brand. The light weight of the material makes the process of transportation and installation much easier.

As for ornamental purposes, you can use these signs in any possible shapes and forms. The material is perfect for interior use, as it does not get warped over time. So as a matter of fact,  you can make beautiful decorations to fit the overall design of the space.


There are two types of high-quality materials - PVC and Styrene. Both are very similar materials yet styrene has a slight advantage over PVC due to its durability. Styrene is a more rigid material perfect for outdoor use. So, appearance-wise they look the same the only difference is in the strength of the materials.


  •         Customized size, shape, thickness, and style
  •         Easy installation with various types of hardware
  •         Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications
  •         Versatility - allowing to make signs in any shapes and sizes
  •         Styrene signs are durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions
  •         Double-sided printing for better visibility


For printing on plastic PVC signs, we use state-of-the-art printers which provide vivid graphics to the signs. The printers dry the inks with ultraviolet rays making the printing sun resistant. This helps to retain the vivid colors of the signs for a long period. 


Sintra being a lightweight material has easy installation methods depending on the sign type. Sintra signs can be installed in a variety of ways, such as direct mounting, hanging, free standing and more. For flat PVC plaques, we recommend either direct wall mounting with double-sided tape or installation with screws. You can get a hanging sign for hallway areas or just display company name on both sides and hang it for better visibility. Also, you can get free standing displays for promotional or personal purposes which can be installed on the floor. Front Signs offers professional signage installation services all across the LA and nearby areas.

PVC Specifications

Thickness: 1/8"/0.125", 1/4"/0.25", 1/2"/0.5"

Weight: 0.4 lbs, 0.8 lbs, 1.6 lbs according to the thickness

Size: 24"X24", 24"X36",24"X48", 36"X36", 36"X54", can be customized

Colors: White, black

Lifespan: 3+ years outdoors, 10 + indoors

Styrene Specifications

Thickness: 0.020", 0.030", 0.060", 0.090", 0.125", 0.25"

Weight: 0.14lbs/sqft, 0.19lbs/sqft, 0.37lbs/sqft, 0.56lbs/sqft, 0.78lbs/sqft, 1.56lbs/sqft according to the thickness

Size: 12"x24", 18"x18", 24"x36", 18"X24", 18"X36", 24"X24", 24"X48", 36"X36", can be customized

Colors: White

Lifespan: 3+ years outdoors, 10 + indoors

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Production of a Promotional Stand Sign
PVC Stand Direct Printing
The production of Customized Signs by using new technology of Cutting and Engraving machines






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PVC Signs FAQs


How to differ PVC and gator board?

PVC - also known as polyvinyl chloride is a rigid plastic material, while gator board is a foam core bonded between two sheets of wood-fiber veneers. Being a highly durable material polystyrene can be used both indoors and outdoors, yet gator board is less rigid and has a shorter exterior lifespan.

What does PVC stand for?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is a synthetic plastic polymer and comes in different forms depending on the added plasticizers.

Can PVC be used outdoors?

Yes, sintra is usually used indoors but you can use it outdoors for short-term applications. Compared with foam board and gator board that are like polystyrene in appearance, PVC is more durable and can be used outdoors for quite a long time.

Can I use both sides of PVC material?

Yes, PVC boards can be printed single or double-sided. The prints from two sides make your signage more noticeable and effective.

Can Vinyl Lettering be applied to PVC?

Yes, custom vinyl letterings can easily be applied to PVC. If you do not want your message to be directly printed on your sign, we can use vinyl letterings in your desired colors and shapes. Also, you can get engraved plastic signs.

What are the alternative materials for PVC?

For outdoor applications, acrylic and aluminum are ideal alternatives to PVC. For Interior purposes, we suggest you choose soft materials such as foamboard, gatorboard, ultraboard, etc. To get more information about other materials like PVC, check out our product page with all types of signs.

Where can Styrene Signs be used?

Styrene prints are the preferred choice for already more than a decade for trade shows and promotional displays. The graphics are affordable, eye-catching and printed in high resolution - colors and artwork just pops out of the sign. It ideally blends with the other types of signage solutions and to the interior. Front Signs - an LA-based signage company - offers versatile signs for both commercial and personal purposes.

Is there a standard shape for Styrene Signs?

With the expanded design solutions, top-notch equipment and the flexibility of the styrene material it can be custom-cut into any possible shape. The versatility of the material allows it to be cut with all types of cutting machines.

What are the advantages of the styrene sign?

The main advantage of styrene is durability, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Can be framed or mounted, is enough flexible to be placed into a circular or box-like cabinet and provide a vibrant view.
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