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Styrene Signs are generally classified to outdoor plastic signage solutions – commonly referred as “Pop signage”.

It’s a type of a flat sign which comes as an ideal substitute for PVC. It’s a popular material for its high quality one or double-sided prints, durability, Cost-effectiveness and flexibility in design and manufacturing.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight material – thus the preferred material for interior applications like trade shows, malls, meu signage. The light material is also great feature as it’s easily transportable.

Styrene – semi-rigid plastic – is frequently used as for retail signage and restaurant displays and conventions. It can be both used for high impact – short or long term for promotional, decorative and advertising campaigns.

State-of-the-art Styrene Signs has the ability to attract the customer attention – initiate sales from a distance.


Styrene Signage is widely used for tradeshow booth promotions and decorations, restaurant, coffee shop menu board and overview displays, oversized checks and retail pop signage, etc.

As Styrene signs are used both indoors and outdoors – the bright display highlights the advertising and the style of the Business.

Furthermore, Styrene as a promotional tool is ideal for seasonal sales and savings or bargains. The Display effectively promotes temporary or permanent events, occasions and anniversaries.

Ideal for short term regular use for frame inserts, pump toppers, and hanging signs.


  • Thinner sheets can be Rolled for storage
  • Resistant to water
  • Waterproof – Weather and minor damage resistant
  • Smooth Flat Surface, flexible plastic material
  • Beautiful eye-catching display with matte finish
  • Great for photos or other customizable designs
  • Multiple Thicknesses, lightweight but enduring


Styrene sheets are available in sheet and roll stock. Printing on styrene material is excessively applied for sign, display making. For printing UV inks are applied. They are high quality and eco- friendly inks - the best in the market.


Depending on the thickness of the styrene, different means of cutting can be applied for it: from a cutter up to laser cutting machine. Laser cutting is applied mostly when a work with delicate materials is required. Due to its “not touching” method laser cuts the material without damaging the surface. The laser beam (light ray) melts the material thus separating it from the rest and giving the necessary shape. CNC milling is applied for more rigid materials, in this case for Styrene with higher thicknesses. The miller cuts the material rotating at high speed and at the same time moving forward.


Thicknesses:  0.020", 0.030", 0.060", 0.090", 1/8", 1/4"

Color:  White

Installation and Care

The Styrene signs can be easily attached to any hard surface with screws and alike fasteners. The thicker sheets can also have hanging accessories like Zip ties or command strips.

It’s the popular and the beloved signage choice as it’s easy to store and relocate. The thinner sheets are enough flexible to be rolled and kept until the next tradeshow or promotional campaign.

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Styrene Signs FAQs

What are the advantages of the styrene sign?

Styrene signage is perfect as it's used both indoors and outdoors. Can be framed or mounted, is enough flexible to be placed into a circular or box like cabinet and provide Vibrant and spherical view.

Is there a standard shape for Styrene Signs?

With the expanded Printing and design solutions, Styrene material is flexible enough to be custom cut into Square or any other shape to fit your custom needs. Moreover, styrene router cuts, knife cuts, heat bends, and thermoforms well.

Where can Styrene Signs be used?

Styrene Signs are the preferred choice for more than a decade already for trade show and promotional displays. The graphics are affordable, eye-catchy and printed in high resolution - colors and artwork just pops out of the sign. It ideally blends with the other types of signage solutions and to the interior.