Distinct Backlit Wall Art Displays to Brighten Up Your Business Venue

Meline Asryan
Meline Asryan
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Design styles for corporate venues are constantly evolving. Many businesses have left traditional decor in the past to embrace modern displays instead. These innovative solutions have drastically improved professional environments.

Whether it’s a lobby, conference room or other office area, custom led backlit wall art can transform any setting. They bring a sophisticated touch while maintaining a professional appearance. 

Our sign making company keeps track of the latest trends and pioneers novel solutions. If you’re looking for ways to reinforce your company identity, tailor-made light up signs are a surefire tool. Read on to explore various media that will brighten up your brand.

Backlit Accent Wall Display Types

Decorative elements have a great impact on corporate venues. From 3D elements to custom business signs, mixed media solutions have increased in popularity. Below, we present various new styles with back illumination. 

1. Dimensional Backlit Wall Art Displays

Your workplace can boost productivity and make a good impression on clients. Professional settings with thoughtful designs are a new standard. Backlit LED wall art items in the form of reverse channel letters are a favorite in today’s market. These three dimensional elements suit a wide range of applications. With good positioning, they direct attention where you need it most. Be it a company name or logo, the engaging 3D letter signs turn into a centerpiece that’s impossible to miss. They feature a combination of different materials and lighting styles to capture attention.

Klooma backlit accent wall showcasing the brand logo with modern lighting

2. Large Backlit Wall Art Displays

Creating a break-away pattern on a central wall is a practical way to freshen up any setting. Backlit accent wall pieces such as massive light box signs are perfect for highlighting anything from abstract art to cityscape silhouettes. With a subtle backlight, they’ll serve as aesthetically pleasing and lively lobby signs. If you’re looking for an impactful addition to the space, these dynamic displays are the way to go. The accent lighting from behind will give them an ethereal effect. This design also makes a phenomenal piece for corporate event venues.

Gloster led backlit wall art portraying the brand name and slogan along with a nature scene

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3. Backlit Metal Wall Art

Forget about mundane office interiors. Incorporate unique backlit metal wall art to your workplace and kick it up a notch. Aluminum signs of this type will ensure a refined appearance for your brand. Similar to halo-lit signs, this combo is suitable for branding as well as decorative purposes. It will give the space a modern and appealing touch. With branded colors and fonts, it will also highlight your company image. The warm LED lighting used in this type of display is a bright, durable and energy-efficient choice. It will maintain the upscale look of your backlit metal wall art for a very long time.

BLK BOX Performance backlit metal wall art displaying the company name for interior branding

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4. Wooden Backlit Accent Wall

Do you want to establish a warm atmosphere at the office? Would you like to harness the full potential of your employees? Make a memorable impression on clients? If yes, opt for rustic backlit illuminated wall art items. Variations such as architectural signage will create a classy atmosphere. These accents complement your workplace strategies. They further contribute to the mental as well as physical well-being of your team. Merge wood with stylish back lights and take the decor to the next level. This type of attention to detail creates a cool environment for everyone around.

Two Wheels One Planet backlit wall art with wooden background for branding purposes

5. Backlit Glass Wall Art

Interior design style says a lot about your company. For your business to stand out, elevate the aesthetics with backlit glass wall art displays. They impart a wonderful effect on any corporate venue. Lit-up graphics establish a charged appearance when combined with glass. Backlit glass wall art displays make intriguing focal points when used as office signs. Similarly to a backlit acrylic sign, these displays are an avant-garde feature to make you shine.

Colorful backlit glass wall art display placed in the lobby for business interior branding

6. Custom Backlit Illuminated Wall Art

Times have changed and so have the ways in which people perceive workplace settings. A mindful approach to designing a contemporary workplace is common practice. The sense of luxury isn’t limited to golden decor anymore. You can create a successful and trendy business venue with the help of custom letter signs. An LED backlit wall art display matching your brand will make your interior seem even more grand. Custom signage with state-of-the-art lighting will express your identity with high style.

Terrabite backlit wall art display in a custom style with the company name for branding

Different Uses for Backlit Wall Art

Backlit displays are versatile media suitable for an array of purposes. They have a substantial impact on any corporate space. Designs can be fitted for anything from reception halls and conference rooms to event venues. Below you’ll find two popular applications for these creative media.

Backlit Accent Wall for Corporate Venues

With so many design solutions to choose from, it might seem challenging to create an interior that’s characteristic to your brand. A backlit accent wall is a novel and professional way to reflect your identity. The immersive lighting will make your favorite decor elements glow and have a jaw-dropping effect. It’ll add a pleasant accent to the wall and lighten up the area. These glowing interior signs will showcase a well-curated focal point. Use backlit signs to feature any design, be it geometric patterns, local landmarks or anything else. Choose a wall and enjoy this radiant piece of art for decades.

CSUN Esports backlit wall art featuring the brand name and logo for branding purposes

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LED Backlit Wall Art for Corporate Events

Corporate events present a unique opportunity to raise awareness about your company. That’s why businesses and organizations go the extra mile when it comes to decorating their venues. Event signs can become powerful branding media when coupled with spectacular lighting arrangements. They’ll generate interest for your company by adding a lively ambiance to the venue. Opt for metal or acrylic signs with a back glow. They’re guaranteed to communicate your message effectively. If you’re going for big and bold, illuminated large format printing will be a show-stopper.

Large backlit accent wall display placed at a trade show venue for welcoming the attendees

Final Words

Businesses must welcome high-tech decor elements to succeed in the modern world. Visual communication tools with back lighting such as a backlit logo sign are simple yet inspiring solutions. They achieve a next level look. They’re available in numerous styles, materials and designs suitable for any corporate venue. Get in touch with us now to get a free consultation on these stunning elements and more. We’ll bring your high-end sign installation ideas to life with speed and sophistication.

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