14 Reasons Proving the Importance of Signage for Your Business

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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The importance of signage for your business will never go out of style. This kind of advertising is the best way to increase footfall with just a one-time investment.  What is the purpose of signage? Primarily, it creates a positive impression and thereby fosters the authority of your brand. Bold and tasteful signage attracts customers and inspires them to shop.  Below, find strong reasons why signage is important for your business. 

Hospital branding example for showcasing the importance of signage

What is the Purpose of Signage? Reasons to Invest 

Business signs reinforce your business identity and cultivate a community for collaboration. They affect people’s psychology and encourage them to choose your products and services over other brands.

So what is the purpose of signage? Here are several reasons for the importance of signage for your business. 

  • Benefits Showing the Importance of Signage from a Branding Point of View

The importance of signage ties into the notion that visual imagery represents the promise of your brand. Signs depict your philosophy, visions and work ethic. They tell a story and distinguish you in a sea of competition. Well-made signs transform places into destinations that customers rely on. 

Store branding example for showing why signage is important

The importance of sign boards shows up in a brand’s ability to reach its target audience. They either portray your uniqueness and create a strong appeal or they turn customers away. The reaction of customers depends on the quality of your sign. 

Branding is a means to create an identity. That’s why signage is important – a sign serves to bolster your presence and thus, your reputation. 

1. Increase Brand Exposure

What is the purpose of signage from the branding point of view? Signs create a popular brand image and build the authority to gain customers. 

Branding business sign example displaying signage importance

We shop from stores with signage that’s familiar and able to grab our attention. Store signs promote the purpose of a brand. They create a recognizable image with visuals that serve for as long as you need them.

The importance of sign boards lie in establishing your prominence in different locations. Having your brand be represented on major streets and during events is vital to success.

2. Display the Company Name

Why do we need signs? Successful designs provoke positive feelings in people and give pleasant hints about your brand. 

Classic and simple sign types hinge on visual values to display your brand’s ethos. With stylish shapes, you can show a level of professionalism and refine the image of your brand.

Illuminated interior branding displaying signage importance

Your signs play a great role in establishing a significant brand presence. Channel letters are an example of 3D signs for business that create brand appeal with refined aesthetics. They make people notice your brand with modern designs and lighting effects.

Check this article to get more sign ideas and tips for enhancing your business profile.

3. Establish Brand Aesthetics

Strong visuals define another factor for what the purpose of signage is. Do you want to be savvy and practice excellence? Then don’t ignore the importance of signage for your business. 

Business design signage example proving importance of signage for branding

Signs are a prominent tool to represent your brand and build up your reputation. Strong visuals make you more memorable, attractive and reliable. Good custom signage ads should make your company seem less intimidating and more inviting. Interior signs and office signs are also vital as they enhance the ambiance of a space and help people find what they’re looking for. 

4. Make Your Brand Special

When companies want to take the lead, they think of ways to differentiate themselves and adopt a strategic advantage.

Unique branding example displaying why signage is important for brand identity

Why signage is important becomes even more clear when you start to define the style of your company. Brands become special when they offer something extraordinary. In today’s visually oriented world, that distinction often starts with their aesthetic. The importance of sign boards like pylon signs or business building signs cannot be overstressed. Their appearance distinguishes your brand and elevates it in the eyes of your audience, giving you an edge. 

Choose from a variety of styles and dimensions. Don’t limit yourself to standard or trendy designs. The more original your sign, the more authority it will exude. 

What is the purpose of signage from a personalization point of view? Firstly, it’s in highlighting your identity with custom solutions that strike your fancy. From minimalistic to futuristic trends, you can test out different features that resonate with your brand’s character. Consequently, this helps you stand out and connect with a target audience.

Ensure your company stands out by working with experienced signage professionals. Contact us!

5. Reflect Business Authority & Expertise

Visuals are a reflection of the quality of your business. People correlate the quality of branding tools with the products and services you offer. Underwhelming features will turn clients away towards a more tasteful competition so make sure that’s you. 

Authoritative business signage example from Orion Optical

Daring visual elements made with quality materials usher people in and encourage sales. That’s where the importance of signage for your business becomes a key ingredient to success.

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  • Benefits Backed by the Psychology of Signage: Why Do We Need Signs?

An interesting psychological insight is that people often base their choices on unconscious factors. The majority of time, we buy based on previous memories and moments of awareness. This is another major factor in understanding why signage is important. 

Signs have a great psychological impact on consumers, provoking an emotional response that leads to impulse purchases. A single sign can change behavior by simulating the consumer’s desires. In turn, this will influence their intentions to buy.

Full storefront branding

Powerful signs influence people’s unconscious minds and do more than inform. They elicit various emotions and change people’s experience.  The effect arising from a sign’s emotional value is greater than you may imagine. 

To see why signage is important, just look at the branding elements of renowned businesses worldwide. When you think of a famous brand, what comes to mind? You start picturing its logo, colors and other visuals it’s associated with. 

6. Remind the World of Your Brand

What is the purpose of signage that we can’t forget? To remind clients about your presence, of course. This is achieved with memorable branding features. Taking your name to the top means associating your brand with desirable experiences, whether it’s to sell products or services. 

Branding business signage example from LSS

The importance of signage that elicits pleasant memories cannot be overstressed. It determines your success. Commercial signs communicate feelings with consumers, trigger desires and impact their buying decisions. 

Create associations with things like colors and keywords that bring your signage to mind. 

7. Generate Customer Interest

85% of people who come into your venue live within a 5-mile radius on average. It’s good practice to provide information without bombarding your neighbors. One tasteful sign will create a customer base more effectively than multiple flashy ones. 

The importance of signs for your business will be greater if you help people make their own decisions. Your clientele will appreciate your efforts if you make signs that are subtle and cultured. You want to steer clear of showy signage that will cause confusion and overwhelm them. With minimalist but clear layouts, your signs will create a favorable experience. Take a look at the light box sign below for inspiration.

Sixt outdoor promotional display

To optimize your customer base, create signs that specifically target key groups. This way, you’re more likely to convert clients than by sharing information with all kinds of people who don’t have a need for your products or services. 

8. Impact Shopping Behavior

People make impulsive purchases from time to time. It’s called emotional shopping and is based on momentary reasons and reactions. These influences can include the need for stress relief, celebration, instant gratification and many others. 

Sale business signage example showcasing the promotional purpose of signage

What is the purpose of signage? Successful signage has the power to impact the shopping behavior of buyers. With the right design, it will consciously and subconsciously convince them to choose one brand over another.

  • Benefits of Why Signage is Important from an Economic Standpoint

Successful marketing creates reputation, promotes services and increases sales. It also takes budget into account and optimizes the tools you have at hand. This is why signage is important – it completes these functions of good advertising. 

Signs represent you around the clock. They get your name out there to bring in maximal results with minimal effort. Signs installed outside capture attention and invite people in with promising features. Interior displays, like lobby signs, affect mood and customer experience with appealing visuals and imagery.

Simple signage example from Native Space

What is the purpose of signage? Signage is an up-front investment that lasts for ages. Signs are lucrative advertising tools that you only need to pay for once. Once installed, your business will reap the benefits without an end in sight. So why do we need signs if there are other kinds of advertising mediums available? Simply put, business signs:

9.  Don’t Break Your Bank

Signs only require a one-time financial investment to serve for as long as you need them to. Online advertising comes with continuous expenditures while at most, physical signs might call for maintenance once in a while.

Online advertising vs business signs

The importance of signage for your business lies in its longevity and physicality. It will continue to pay for itself for a long time after you’ve completed the installation. By paying once, you’ll gain continuous rewards. 

10. Provide Year-Round Advertising

The importance of sign boards is that they advertise your brand on a permanent basis. They should reflect your brand and its philosophy regardless of the season. 

To reach this goal, use timeless designs that won’t go out of the style anytime soon… or ever. Ensure that they’re made of top-quality sign materials that will endure through a variety of weather conditions and keep a fresh look.

Illuminated branding example displaying the advertising purpose of signage

Signs are the most tangible way to promote products and broadcast special offers. When positioned in more visible places, your signs help you capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike. People will recognize your company’s name better the more they see it.

Contact us and get expert help on sign designs that fulfill your brand requirements. 

  • Benefits of Signage Importance for Communication

Signs display information with particular goals. They inform people of your business, establish an image of reputability and guide them towards your venue. 

Informational signs convey points of interest to your target audience. They present valuable messages in a simple format. Why signage is important can be defined by its ability to signal a call to action with short texts and powerful visual cues. With large format printing you can get any graphics printed on your displays.

Outdoor board example showing the informational purpose of signs

Business owners use signs for different purposes. Signs can serve a range of purposes from streamlining navigation to advertising the latest products. They can promote your brand or inform people of social distancing rules and so on. 

11.  Let Customers Know Your Business Hours

With proper signage, you can let customers know when your business is open. It’s a pity to lose sales because people aren’t aware of your working hours. To make them more noticeable, use light up signs for business and provide extra visibility.

Business hours board to show why signage is important as an informational tool

12. Inform Consumers About Special Deals and Discounts

Why do we need signs? Most consumers tend to check for new discounts and sales to do beneficial shopping. It’s crucial to be bold with promotional signs to make them as noticeable, concise and gravitating as possible. 

Once you’ve checked those boxes, create an appealing ambiance with your signage. They must be well placed, have refined visuals and create a positive emotional response. The more joy they elicit, the more people will come into your store.

13. Assist People With Directions

Besides setting the vibe in your property, signs also help people find their way around. How many times have you been lost in an unfamiliar building? Wayfinders are all that’s needed for visitors in a new premise to avoid confusion. Directional signage can be used to streamline navigation in and around your location.

Directional business signage example from Erewhon

14. Give Guidance on Safety Rules 

Safety guidelines can reduce danger and save lives. They inform of safety rules and health related measures. You can see them in all business areas, especially large properties. They warn people about possible hazards and show how to avoid them by giving useful instructions.

Caution notice showing the safety importance of signage

Comparison Chart: Importance of Signage vs Online Ads for Your Business

Business is a puzzle. To complete it, you need to put every part in its right place. Traditional signage is a fundamental part of that puzzle.

As access to the internet grows, many companies rely more heavily on online advertising. But will a storefront without signage ever be possible? 

With traditional or offline ads, businesses also enhance the reliability and visual aspects of online marketing. The multifunctionality of offline advertising defines why signage is important for any enterprise.

Let’s compare several features of offline and online advertising to understand the importance of signage for your business.

Importance of signage vs online ads comparison chart for businesses

Now you know why signage is important and what purposes it serves. If you want your signs to communicate bold messages, contact us. 


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