Light Box Signs and Their Unexpected Benefits For Your Business

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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Have you ever thought of getting a light box advertisement for your brand? If yes, then you’re moving in the right direction. These displays are considered one of the most effective means of advertisement.

Outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising has always been one of the most effective and trendy means of business advertising. No matter how many other sources of advertising there are and how many new ones appear with the development of technologies, OOH advertising still continues to take up prominence in the marketing sphere.

Lighted signs in particular attract high customer footfall and result in a significant increase in sales. This type of business signs allows you to reach a greater number of people and leave a long-lasting impression for your company. Even in the current digital age, this type of advertisement is very common among different brands and proven to be extremely successful.

What Is Light Box Signage?

These are sign cabinets with LED illumination, providing 24/7 visibility for your message. Lighted signs are commonly used in the signage world as a great tool for promoting brand names and logo signs.

Usually, light box signs for outdoor use are made of a combination of aluminum and acrylic or lexan materials. Backlit decals are highly used to apply custom graphics. With large format printing you can get any custom image depicted on your displays. These materials are durable and visually appealing, making them an ideal promotional tool and an integral part of any trade show displays.

Light boxes are advantageous due to their recognizable and versatile features. It’s guaranteed that these custom signs will capture the attention of your target audience and enhance customer experience.

Beeline illuminated branding with the company name and logo

Benefits of Light Box Signs

Now let’s dig deeper into each of these illuminated tools for visual communication. There are many stylistic variants of lighted displays. They generally offer similar advantages. Your choice depends on aesthetics, brand consistency, budget and taste. You may click on each type to get an in-depth look at their features and benefits.

1. Light Up Signs

Make Your Establishment More Visible

Advertisement is meant to be noticed – if it’s not visible then there’s no point in getting it at all. Illuminated signs are great for this as they’re highly noticeable without any effort. The human eye is naturally drawn to light so there’s no chance people will miss your sign.

Light boxes are easy to spot so your establishment becomes easy to find. This eliminates the biggest hurdle in the way of a company gaining new clients – low visibility.

This can happen because of location related factors. Some areas have less footfall and some buildings have a similar appearance to their surroundings, making them blend into one another. Thankfully, lighted displays pop out and draw attention. They help people find your business immediately without having to go back and forth on the same street, which can lead many to change their minds about doing business with you.

Bespoke light cabinets have a certain advantage over other types of advertisements by providing the most eye-catching markers of your brand.

Gold's Gym illuminated branding for boosting business visibility

2. Push Through Signs

Make Your Business Look More Professional

Among the many to choose from, people often base their selection on how professional a brand looks. You need a sign to stick out from the crowd of competition. Signage is the first source of communication with your customers. Hence, you should leave the impression of a tasteful company to make them choose you among others.

What about you? What do you think about companies with unattractive signs? And what do you think about companies with tailor-made lighted 3D logo signs fixed atop their building? You’ll be highly likely to opt for the latter choice. 

Signage makes people think that if a company cares enough for the look of their brand then they care more about the quality of services they offer. This leads them to choose that exact company with the assurance that they’ll receive quality attention.

3. Marquee Signs

Boost Your Brand Identity

Portray the essence of your company, increase the exposure of your brand and attract customers by day and night. Having a striking logo of your brand on top of a building is a straightforward way to increase consumer awareness.

Permanent illuminated signs contribute to the visual scene by creating a prominent landmark. All types of lit signs are great for your business, be it channel letters or lighted cabinet signs. 

We can all relate to the experience of planning to meet someone below the sign on a company building. An acrylic light box sign will make your brand the identifier of a certain location and vice versa. This is no doubt one of the most powerful ways of spreading brand awareness and creating a corporate image.

The Liquor Fountain luminous branding

4. Halo-Lit Signs

Create Non-Stop Advertising

If the right advertisement is the key to success then brilliant advertising is the most effective way to achieve it.

Even at night when your establishment is closed, outdoor light boxes will continue to advertise your brand to whoever’s around. Lighted signs fixed for any business premise will draw people to your establishment 24/7. When they remember the logo of the brand, they automatically start to remember the brand as well. Whenever people are around your establishment, they’ll become familiar with your illuminated sign cabinet and be reminded of your company.

Light box signs create curiosity among people. Every day, thousands of people may pass by your business building signs and want to know which brand it belongs to. Light boxes are a simple way to promote your brand and draw potential clients.

5. Pylon Signs

Let Everyone Know That You’re There

Let’s say you’ve opened a business. Now, you should let people know about it with striking signage. People will never be able to identify your company without it. With Custom LED lighted signs, you can inform everyone about your business. Position your sign in a prime location that cannot be overlooked and you’ll surely make your mark.

Cahuenga Veterinary Hospital large illuminated branding solution

6. Channel Letters

Leave a Stunning Impression

Before entering an establishment, the customer must make a purchase with their eyes. If the outward appearance of your company isn’t very appealing, people won’t even consider using your products or services. Therefore, you need striking signage to leave a good impression on your potential customers. No other asset does a better job at this than illuminated cabinets. That’s why this is a great option for lobby signs too.

Well-thought-out signage can help transfer the right emotions to the customer, such as friendliness, professionalism and confidence. Your signage should hint to customers that your services are what they need by transmitting trust.

7. Light Box Signs

Provide Double-Sided Visibility

One of the great advantages of lighted signs is that they can be single or double-sided. The double-sided sign can have double the illumination, which is equal to double the visibility. So, people will notice your logo from both sides of the street and there is no chance that your sign will go unnoticed.

Burger King double-sided signage example for displaying the benefits of light box sign

8. Reverse Channel Letters

Low-Cost and Energy Efficiency

When you make an investment in your business, you want it to last and pay off. In this case, light boxes are an investment of a lifetime. With the invention of LED light bulbs, the signage industry has changed immensely. 

LED illuminated signs last significantly longer than those with fluorescent or neon bulbs. To be more precise, they last 2-4 times longer! This means you won’t have to replace your lights as often and can save a lot of time and money.

Another advantage of LED lit signs is energy efficiency. They consume less power than regular light bulbs and save 90% on energy bills in the long run. 

So when making your decision, think about all these benefits that light box signs offer to make your business more prosperous.

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