Custom 3D Signs & Letters in Los Angeles and US Wide

Looking for a bold sign to level up your brand advertising? Then you’re in the right place. 3D signs are the perfect solution for effective brand placement, whether indoors or outdoors. Complete your brand image and optimize your exposure with professional 3D signs. Front Signs specializes in high-end 3D signs that will magnify your brand appeal in Los Angeles and around the USA.

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Types of 3D Signs & Letters

3D signs are the most preferred signage type for a broad spectrum of branding applications. There are custom 3D signs of various styles that can be positioned in different locations to serve specific needs. Below, we’ll present the most popular 3D logo signs for businesses and beyond.


3D Logo Business Signs

Display your brand logo anywhere you like with outstanding 3D logo signs that will leave a lasting impression on customers.

3D logo signs are fully customizable so you can choose the material, size, shape, thickness and any other design and installation features you like.


Custom 3D Signs & Letters

We offer custom signage solutions for every occasion. If you can’t find 3D sign letters that match your vision, we can create a completely customized option just for you.

Our designers can bring all your signage ideas to life. Get in touch with us to discuss your custom 3D signage project.


3D Letters

Available in custom depths, sizes and styles, 3D sign letters can be used to display company names, decorate interior spaces with motivational quotes, brand events for special occasions and beyond. 3D sign letters are one of the most popular mediums for business placement both outdoors and indoors. With us, you can get tailor-made 3D sign letters using the highest quality materials in the industry.


3D Numbers

Custom 3D signs are often used for displaying numbers for addresses and such, both indoors and outdoors. You can get 3D numbers with various styles and fonts. Whether you need them illuminated or not, we can craft them to perfection. We offer multiple mounting options for 3D numbers so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

3D Signs Based on Illumination

Custom 3D signs come in two configurations: illuminated and non-illuminated. Both types of 3D signs are made of high-quality materials. Pick the one that best suits your needs.


Illuminated 3D Signs

We offer a wide selection of illuminated dimensional signs and letters made of highly durable aluminum and acrylic materials. Our custom 3D signs are lit with energy-efficient LED strips that provide an exceptional glow by night. If you’re looking to make your company visible 24/7, illuminated 3D logo signs are a brilliant choice.


Non-Illuminated 3D Signs

Classic 3D logo signs come without illumination. Unlike illuminated 3D signs, non-illuminated ones aren’t as strictly regulated by building codes and don’t require the use of translucent mediums for lighting. This means they can be made of all types of materials. They give you the freedom to select those that best complement your taste and environment.

Types of 3D Signs Based on Location

Three dimensional signs and letters are the perfect medium to promote brands in both interior and exterior spaces. Made of highly appealing and durable materials, 3D logo signs will enrich your enterprise in virtually any location for years to come.


Indoor 3D Signs & Letters

Custom 3D signs and letters are perfect for all types of indoor premises. Custom 3D signs will work whether you’re looking for indoor promotional signs or decorative signs for enhancing interior design. Indoor 3D signs for businesses and personal needs are available in an array of durable materials.


Outdoor 3D Signs & Letters

With the use of durable materials, custom 3D signs for businesses and beyond are ideal for outdoor use. You can display your company name, logo or any other information outdoors with custom 3D sign letters. Dimensional signs are also a stellar tool to liven up all kinds of outdoor events.

3D Signs Based on Mounting

3D logo signs come in various configurations. Whether you need hanging, mounted or freestanding 3D logo signs, we’ve got you covered. Our experts provide professional installation services in Los Angeles and across the USA. Take a look at some of the most common mounting options for custom 3D signs for businesses below.

The Cynthia Townhomes 3d metal letters displaying the company name made of aluminum
Nordstrom Local wall mounted 3d sign letters displaying the company name made of PVC

Wall Mounted 3D Signs

The most common installation option for custom 3D signs and letters is wall mounting. 3D signs for businesses, regardless of size and thickness, can be directly mounted to a wall with simple tools and high-grade adhesives. This is the standard application of 3D sign letters for both indoor and outdoor premises.

NYC freestanding fillable 3d letters in a big size made of acrylic and filled with balls

Freestanding Fillable 3D Letters

These are one of the most unique types of 3D sign letters, often used for event branding and decorative purposes. Fillable 3D sign letters are usually made of transparent acrylic and can be loaded with any object the customer wishes. You can get fillable 3D acrylic letters in custom heights and sizes so you can fill them up with whatever you can imagine, be it balls, candies, flowers or else.

Southwest Escrow Corporation pin-mounted 3d sign letters made of acrylic

Pin Mounted 3D Sign Letters

This is another preferred application method for custom 3D signs and letters.

With this mounting option, 3D wall letters are raised on special pins that provide space between the wall and letters. This is a great method to emphasize the sign and make it look extra dimensional.

Ticketmaster freestanding 3d letters with clear transparency made of acrylic

Freestanding 3D Letters

Unlike fillable 3D sign letters, regular freestanding letters can be made of various materials both transparent and opaque, rigid and soft, illuminated and non-illumination. Freestanding letters are a unique solution for special events such as trade shows, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and other occasions. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these letters are sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Types of 3D Signs Based on Usage

Being a versatile type of signage, 3D logo signs are applicable for various purposes. Whether you need to depict your company logo or decorate your event venue, three dimensional signs and letters will rise up to the occasion.


3D Signs for Offices & Corporate Centers

Custom 3D signs are the best choice for branding corporate centers and office interiors. With bold 3D signs for businesses, you can display the name and logo of your company throughout the office. You can get personalized 3D office signs with all kinds of durable materials and installation options.


Event Branding 3D Signs & Letters

If you’re looking for unique signage solutions for your event, then custom 3D signs are the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, anniversary gathering or trade show, you can get stunning 3D signs to decorate the venue.


Mall and Store 3D Signs


Custom 3D signs are perfect for highlighting brand names in shopping malls. You can advertise your brand 24/7 with illuminated 3D signs displayed on the storefront and reel in customers by day and night. Custom 3D signs for businesses are the ideal solution for creating a strong brand identity at shopping centers.

Types of 3D Signs Based on Materials

Being a versatile type of signage, custom 3D signs and letters can be made of various materials, both soft and rigid. Here, you can find 3D sign materials that will fulfill all your specific needs.

Manor Marmiz aluminum 3d letters displaying the company name on a brick wall

Aluminum 3D Letters

As one of the most durable materials used in the signage industry, aluminum is the ideal choice for long-term interior and exterior use. We offer two types of 3D metal letters and signs: standard and brushed. Aluminum 3D signs and letters are fully customizable and can be made in your desired style, shape, thickness and color.

Ameriabank wooden 3d letters custom-cut and fixed to the wall in a random order

Wooden 3D Letters

We offer custom 3D signs made of two types of wood: natural wood and plywood. The latter is a more durable type of wood. It consists of multiple wooden ply layers cross-bonded together to provide supreme density. Wooden 3D signs for businesses come in custom depths and designs to match your specific requirements.

Sherwin-Williams plastic 3d letters displaying the company name and logo made of acrylic

Plastic 3D Letters

Three dimensional signs and letters can be made of various plastic materials such as acrylic, lexan, PVC and more.

The versatility of plastic enables us to make custom 3D signs and letters in personalized designs and thicknesses. Acrylic is one of the most common materials used for 3D signs, especially for free standing fillable 3D sign letters.

Extra Butter New York foam core 3d letters with a gold finish made of ultra board

Foam Core 3D Letters

For indoor premises and short-term advertising, we offer high-end 3D foam letters. Among the foam core materials we offer are premium foam board, gator board and ultra board. All three materials have a foam core sandwiched between layers with varying densities that distinguish them from one another. The outer layers of the foam board are made of paper; the layers on the outside of the ultra board are made of plastic; the gator board has outer layers made of wooden veneers.


  • Guaranteed durability: custom 3D signs for businesses are made of a wide array of durable materials that are sure to stand the test of time.
  • Professional appearance: with their sophisticated look, three dimensional letters leave a positive impact at any professional venue.
  • Extensive choice of materials: custom 3D signs for businesses are made of premium materials like aluminum, plywood, PVC and foam board.
  • 24/7 advertising: illuminated 3D signs are the perfect choice for day and night promotions of all kinds and look ravishing both indoors and outdoors.
free-standing custom 3d sign with two huge letters and a stand made of acrylic and aluminum

Services We Offer for 3D Signs


3D Signage Rendering

We’re here to bring all your signage ideas to life by offering professional 3D signs and graphic design services. With advanced technologies like 3D rendering, we give you the chance to view the final model and positioning of your 3D sign letters before the production process begins.


Sign Repair and Replacement

For all our new and repeat customers, we offer sign repair and replacement services. If you have old 3D sign letters that need to be replaced, then you’re in the right place. Our skilled craftsmen will repair and replace any old 3D signs in a quick and professional manner.


Cutting and Engraving

To provide our customers with personalized 3D wall letters and beyond, we offer top-notch cutting and engraving services. With our cutting-edge equipment, we can make custom 3D letters and signs with unique shapes and intricate designs.


Sign Painting

3D signs are fully customizable and can be painted in a wide array of colors and combinations. We offer professional sign painting services with the advanced Matthews Paint System. We can create 3D wall letters in roughly 80,000 color shades to match your brightest visions.

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    3D Signs & Letters FAQs


    What materials are 3D signs made of?

    Custom 3D signs for businesses are made of various top-quality materials. Our specialists will give you a free consultation and suggest the best material options for your 3D sign letters based on your requirements. We carry both soft and rigid materials for indoor and outdoor use.

    Where can custom 3D signs be used?

    The application of custom 3D signs is vast, from company promotions to event decorations and beyond. For instance, you can get custom 3D signs for businesses to brand your office interior or you can get custom 3D sign letters to decorate for tradeshows and celebrations. It’s completely up to you how you want to apply 3D signs.

    What are the best materials for custom 3D sign letters?

    3D wall letters can be made of a wide range of materials, both soft and rigid. If you’re looking for long-lasting 3D wall letters, then the best materials for this case are dibond and aluminum. If you need dimensional letter signage for short-term use, then foam core materials such as foam board, ultra board and gator board are the best choice. In any case, all the materials we use for making custom 3D signs are of premium quality. We’ll help you pick the most suitable materials by considering various factors such as the sign’s geographic location and positioning.

    What are the installation options for 3D signs?

    There are various mounting options for custom 3D signs and letters. You can get freestanding, wall mounted, pin mounted and even hanging 3D signs depending on your needs and preferences. Our experts will consult you and after evaluating your case, will offer you the best mounting option available.