How Much Does a Business Sign Cost? Overview and Comparison Chart

Helen Davies
Helen Davies
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Your business sign cost is dependent upon several price factors and knowing what they are is a smart way to manage your budget. Illumination, shape, size, wiring options and other custom features will have the most noticeable impact on price.

Let’s go over the average signage cost for business establishments and calculate them based on these key characteristics. To get a more in-depth look at each, just follow the resource links provided within the content.

Average Costs on the Current Market

Business signs cost $3,000 to $5,000 on average. This is true for standard projects but less likely for custom creations. Tailor-made options have a lot of variables that will play into cost, giving them a wide price range. Go on reading to check signage cost based on different applications. Don’t miss the cost comparison chart at the end. 

Nordstrom Local outdoor branding board in black

Note: The average cost of a logo is $300 to $1,300. The cost variations depend on the complexity of the design. For example, a simple round or square-shaped logo is cheaper than those with atypical angles. 

#1. Business Sign Cost for Storefront Solutions

How much does a business sign cost for a storefront? The minimal cost of storefront signs starts at $300 for standard designs. It applies to simple branding options where no complex features are needed. This includes window wraps, directional signs and other basic tools. The cost can reach well beyond $5,000+ based on custom specifications. 

Jaliscos Ice Cream storefront branding solutions in red and pink

Concepts for full branding solutions that include interior signs and outdoor signage installations will take the price to the higher limits. The price will also be reflected in the materials used for completing the project. Wood is one of the most eco-friendly options but it may boost the price as compared to PVC, for instance. Other price defining elements like shape and installation method should also be considered. 

Read about storefront sign cost to learn more details regarding custom features.

#2. Commercial Signage Costs for Illuminated Solutions

Now let’s take a look at price details regarding the most common type of illuminated corporate solution: light box signs. These visual communication tools cost higher than non-illuminated varieties. The cost rises due to electrical wiring and diodes located inside the displays. These light up signs require extra labor in both design and installation, not to mention material costs.

So how much does a business sign cost with illuminated features? The average cost of business signs with lighting varies between $1,500 to $3,000 but again, this is not strictly defined. Size and shape play a role in the price as they change the lighting design accordingly. Body and face materials are other attributes that reflect in the prices because they further impact lighting configurations. 

Releve Studious illuminated business solutions

Overall complexity of the design also makes a significant difference in price. This applies to the number of sides for the display, illumination style, custom features and material quality. Creative artworks and premium paints for the cabinet color are among secondary factors impacting the cost. 

Find out more about light box sign cost by reading this article.

#3. Price for Other Commercial Solutions 

How much does it cost to get large building signage made for a business? Channel letters and monument signs are the most popular advertising solutions for large-scale corporate building. So how much does a sign cost for prominent commercial firms? 

In today’s market, the average cost for elegant channel models ranges between $3,000 to $4,000. Signage cost for business use changes based on mounting, size and illumination options. Other qualities affecting business sign cost include LED type and fabrication materials.

Follow this resource link to learn about channel letter signs cost in more detail.

Monument displays and pylon signs are often grand structures and depending on size, their cost can range between $5,000 to $15,000+ on average. The cost of business signs in this category gets higher in the case of ornate and sculptural structures. And of course, material combinations for bigger architectural signs or high rise signs require more investment than small and simple constructions. 

Different commercial branding solutions displayed outdoors

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Comparison Chart: Signage Cost for Business

This is a business sign cost comparison chart based on location, illumination and material choices. It shows the average prices for standard models based on 18”x18” materials. It’s indicative but not applicable for custom solutions.

Comparison chart of average signage cost for business

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