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Stand Signs

Stand signs are eye-catching tools for drawing attention to your business brand or special event. These are designed for both outdoor and indoor usage. Stand signs are highly noticeable due to their colorful and visual graphics.

These signs are ideal for every occasion – family holidays, parties, business presentations, conferences, trade shows, stores, etc. The design of your banner can feature your company’s logo and a short information about it.

Using stand banners is an excellent and a cost-effective marketing tool. It helps upgrade your advertising, present your company, services and products in the most effective way. Your stand banner is your business card that shows your creativity.

There are many advantages of Stand signs.

  • Effectiveness
  • Easy usage
  • Light weight and transportable
  • Versatile and reusable
  • Durable and Cost-effective
  • Self-standing support system



Life Size Cutout

Full body stand signs are durable and vivid advertising option for presenting your products. It also can be used as reception decoration. Using Life Size Standup or Full Body Cutout is a tricky way to make your product or service more noticeable in public places. Moreover, no birthday and other special celebration is complete without the Life size cutouts!

Temporary Life size cutouts

Temporary Life size cutouts are used for tradeshow booths and conferences, at events and special promotions. These display stand can be a cost-effective tool to draw more traffic towards your business, can be used for seasonal promotions, to inform about newly opened shop, etc.

Personalized themed cutouts

Personalized themed cutouts are the perfect décor and complete solution for parties, weddings, anniversaries, athletic and musical events, etc. Posing next to your Custom life-size Standee with your favorite character, animal will inspire you and your guests! Let your guests pose next to your stands at your wedding and don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with your life-size stands. Animal cutouts are lots of fun also! Whether the picture of your pet or a favorite fictional personage, can be as a home interior decoration, to enlighten kids visiting your café, shopping mall or kinder garden.
Hollywood themed cutouts from a popular film or a blockbuster with beloved characters, actors, and popstars will catch the attention of all the selfie-lovers. Cheer with a famous celebrity, politician or world-famous singer.

Face hole cutouts

They make the party and the special event even more picturesque with Face hole cutouts! Instead of posing next to the stand, one can be the character. This simple stand sign attracts tourists, visitors and friends towards your venue. All the ages will love the idea of being their favorite character, in the costumes of a famous figure, etc. The versatile usage of these cutout standee is as broad as child’s imagination.

Table top sign

Can broadcast any message directly on your table. It can be used in conference tables, for example presenting a piece of information about participant, or in cafes and restaurants, informing that the table is reserved, or smoking is forbidden. In many cafes and restaurants you can see wooden or acrylic Menu Holder Stands that certainly look so unique.

Decorative stands

Do you want to underline your individuality and taste decorating your home, workroom or event with interesting and impressive design? All you need is to create your Custom Decorative Stand. You are free in choosing appropriate material – aluminum, acrylic, wooden, plywood or other for your Custom decal stand.

Brochure holder stands

For raising the effectiveness of your tradeshow or event, for making the booth more eye- pleasing, you can use Brochure holder stands. Great for outdoor and indoor usage, you can store your brochures, journals and other printed literature. They remind shelve and come in customized heights and materials; can be single or double-sided.

Banner stands

Pop-up displays

This type of stand signs are very popular because it is a large format portable display stand and it allows an alternative to large stand banners that are difficult to transfer. You can carry it with you and it is very easy to set up. You can do it all by yourself, no assistance is needed. Pop-up stand displays are a perfect solution for trade shows, conferences and other events.

Retractable banners

The next quick-to-setup banner type is Retractable banner also known as Roll up banner. It won’t take large space to take it with you and transfer from place to place. Retractable banners are ideal to use in wide range of events, such as conferences, trade shows, etc.

Telescopic banners

Can be single or double-sided display. With this banner you can adjust both height and width of your banner. The steel base and aluminum frame make the banner steadfast. It can be used for different purposes – birthday backdrops, event backdrops, exhibitions and also as a scene image.


They come in two sizes – 24″x63″, 32″x72″. This type of banner is extremely cost-effective and easy to use. The name comes from its X-type frame. Perfect for placing them in corners and make space for foot traffic.

For alternative use you can choose A-frame stands. These types of board, also known as sandwich-board or sidewalk signs, can be one-sided or double-sided and can be in diverse designs. They can be displayed both indoor and outdoor, for corporate or family events. It will take a few seconds to install your display and if you choose right design, it will impress all passers-by and have a great impact on your business. For using this type of outdoor stands, you can choose Yard sign displays to underline your creativity.

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