Stadium & Arena Signs in Los Angeles and US Wide

Front Signs offers a wide range of arena signs in California and nationwide. With 50,000+ customers across the USA, we’re a team of experienced professionals, ready to craft even the most challenging stadium signage for your event.

We can create high-end arena graphics to suit any project starting from indoor sporting arena signs for youth leagues to big stadium signs for massive events like the World Cup.

Our stadium graphics will make any grand event unforgettable for spectators and performers alike. Our arena signage is made to create engagement, boost team spirit, spread your message, streamline navigation, represent sponsors and create a powerful image for your organization.

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Common Purposes of Arena Signs

Every fan-centered event promises a great amount of excitement. Thus, it’s important to provide arena graphics that not only maintain this energy but also enhance it. Catchy stadium graphics will make people rave about your venue and celebration. Here are a few of the main purposes for arena signs.

UEFA arena signs displaying the championship name and logo made of vinyl
MGM Resorts stadium branding signage with marquee letters made of aluminum

Stadium Branding Signage

Stadium branding is a necessity at any event, providing a fresh identity for the facility. An essential feature of stadium branding are stadium graphics. They create a cohesive style and showcase team symbols and sponsor ads with vibrant imagery.

Stadium wraps are another stadium branding option that cover blank stadium walls and dress up empty surfaces. Arena graphics for stadium branding are a great way to present sponsor ads, team logos, stadium vendors and other highlights.

huge stadium wayfinding signage in blue and red displayed outdoors

Stadium Wayfinding Signage

If you need to designate your huge stadium space and don’t know how to do it, stadium wayfinding signage is a perfect solution. Stadiums are extremely crowded places during major events. Thus, it can be very difficult and disorienting to navigate them.

Display stadium wayfinding signage so that patrons, sponsors and special guests can easily find their seats. Navigational stadium graphics will help avoid foot traffic jams, lost people and clashes. Keep your spectators safe and on track!

informational arena sign displaying evacuation plan fixed to the wall

Informational Arena Signs

Among their multiple purposes, arena signs are also used as informational posts. When placed in areas with high exposure, stadium graphics are a great tool to broadcast information to a wide audience.

Stadium signage is intended for conveying messages both indoors and outdoors. Different stadium safety signs help to designate emergency exits and health guidelines, for example. Sports stadium signage also helps to mark seating sections, food courts and so on.

colorful arena sponsorship signage displaying different brand names

Arena Sponsorship Signage

Stadium events are among the top ways to gain new sponsors and showcase already existing ones. Proper stadium signage can be decisive for establishing new sponsorships and stunning your fans during shows.

Quality sponsor banners for sports help fund events as well as hide unattractive areas around the stadium and bleachers. Complete your athletic field design with stadium graphics and showcase your sponsor logos right next to the action to motivate fans and participants alike.

Types of Arena Signs

With extensive experience under our belts, we will manufacture any type of stadium signage you can imagine, be it standard football stadium signs or completely custom structures. Let’s check out the most common types of stadium signage.

USTA arena graphics made of vinyl for tennis court branding
GraphixT stadium a-frame sign in blue displaying the brand name and logo

Stadium A-Frame Signs

Arena sideline signage is used for big sporting events such as national football or baseball games. Customizable toblerone signage can enhance your advertising efforts and provide an unparalleled look in large public spaces. They’re ideal for everything from sponsorship ads to stadium branding.

Stadium A-frame boards are portable, eye-catching and easy to manufacture, making them one of the most desirable options in the market. We provide all kinds of A-boards and toblerone signage in any size and style for indoor and outdoor applications.

Champions League stadium field banners in blue for the arena branding

Stadium Field Banners

Custom stadium banners with appealing arena graphics will help you spread your brand message across the whole stadium. Mesh materials are an ideal choice for sideline signage during big outdoor events. Thanks to small holes covering their surface, they resist even the strongest winds and are suitable for outdoor use.

Our large vinyl banners are also a top option in terms of durability and attractiveness. The vibrant UV-cured stadium graphics are a popular choice for showcasing team logos, slogans and favorite chants to make the crowd go wild.

blue stadium backdrop in a large size covering the seats

Stadium Backdrops

Backdrops are a cost-effective way to make your event go viral across social media platforms. Fans love to take pictures and post them on personal sites, especially with their favorite player. Media backdrops with team logos and vivid stadium graphics serve as perfect backgrounds for such photos.

These custom arena signs come in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and staple designs suitable as both interior and exterior features. We provide high-end backdrops with large format prints, a wide selection of substrates and fade-resistant inks.

Super Champions stadium floor graphics with a purple highlight for interior branding

Stadium Floor Graphics

Don’t forget to include floor decals on your stadium signage list. They’re a playful and effective medium for branding, wayfinding and decor. Professionally designed and applied arena graphics will considerably enhance the game attending experience.

Your stadium graphics for the ground will accent the place and give it a unique feel. Applicable for both indoor and outdoor use, these arena signs will foster a team’s identity, boost visual appeal and direct traffic.

outdoor stadium plaza sign displaying a red logo

Stadium Plaza Signs

We offer signage solutions that won’t let external factors like bad weather conditions affect your stadium event. Among them are our superb pylon and mounted signs that add a sense of permanence.

They’re highly weather-resistant and have a long lifespan. Free standing arena signs come in various styles and can be customized to your specific needs. Winning the attention and cooperation of fans is not an easy task. However, with the right signage, it’s a piece of cake.

custom stadium human cut-out signs displayed on red seats

Stadium Cut-Out Signs

We offer appealing cut-outs for stadium celebrations. These stands pique curiosity and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to have a free standing or a mounted cut-out, they’ll be sure to attract attention.

These types of arena signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They spark interest and make specific spots of your venue get noticed. Contact our specialists to get your custom arena signage.

large custom arena signage in white displaying the brand name and logo

Custom Arena Signage

Our custom stadium signs and fan posters are two of the main displays used to show team spirit. Custom structures are another effective tool for stadium events. These structures provide endless opportunities to get creative with your arena signage.

It can be a challenge to keep stadium signage simple and creative at the same time. We know how to keep the balance and will guide you to the right combination with custom designs.

Stadium Signage Classifications

Arena signage is in high demand in the business world due to a wide selection, enhanced durability and visually appealing designs. They can be used for big sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade shows and other types of celebrations that take place in stadiums and arenas. Arena signage has several classifications including the common ones listed below.

David M Black Gymnasium 3d arena sign made of aluminum for indoor branding
UEFA sports stadium signs in green made of vinyl for full branding

Sports Stadium Signs

Sporting stadium signage is one of the most frequently used types in arena settings. They’re a classic element used to equip the venue, help build excitement for competitions and convey messages to fans and players. Our stadium signs can feature anything from team logos on bleacher decals to player profiles on arena graphics.

Flow House sports center signs made of opaque vinyl for full interior branding

Sports Center Signs

The design of sporting facilities is as much about granting an appealing look to the space as it is about functionality. We offer arena signs for fitness centers like gyms to help with branding, designating areas and beyond. Sporting arena signage is utilized for recreation centers, pools, rinks, gymnasiums and outdoor fields.

Lamborghini event arena signage made of vinyl for race track branding

Event Arena Signage

There are special signs during all big events that are specifically made to capture media attention. They’re praised for their creativity and often become iconic symbols for memorable events. Media exposure has always been a powerful tool for making big ceremonies popular and lasting. Attracting media coverage with stadium signs will log an early win for your event.

Solar Festival signs in blue displaying branded graphics outdoors

Concert and Festival Signs

Multifaceted events require a lot of visual elements to enchant large crowds. Sideline signage, toblerone signage, illuminated pylons and the like can be used to generate interest during concerts and festivals. Among the most popular tools for music-related events is car wrapping. Deck out your vehicle with vibrant graphics of your favorite bands, lyrics and beyond.

Stadium Signs by Location

There are certain criteria used to classify arena signage. One of them is the location of installation. Based on this specification, stadium signs fall into outdoor and indoor categories.

USTA stadium graphics made of vinyl for tennis court branding
Flow House interior arena signage made of opaque vinyl for full branding

Interior Arena Signage

Indoor arena signs include everything from logo and welcome signs to plaques on restroom doors. Interior stadium signs also include graphic prints that embellish empty walls of a hallway. Arena graphics often introduce the history of the venue to visitors. Timeline graphics are another popular display for walls that share interesting facts about prominent teams, players and their hometown.

Coca Cola outdoor stadium sign in a big size made of vinyl for displaying sponsorship

Outdoor Stadium Signs

Outdoor signage comes in a variety of styles and designs. From football stadium signs to large stadium graphics that decorate fences and outer facades, they’re present at all grand celebrations. Toblerone signage lets people know where to enter, for instance. Along with sideline signage showing the name of the stadium and event, they can be used to mark bleachers as well as decorate spaces.

Stadium Signage by Sport

Stadiums need graphic solutions for all types of sporting events. We’re one of the best teams you can count on to equip your sporting complex. You can turn to us for all kinds of sports stadium signage that will meet your specific goals and needs.

custom stadium signage displayed on the building facade
UEFA football stadium sign displaying the championship name made of vinyl

Football Stadium Signs

Score big with our football field signage and make an unforgettable impression. Our football stadium signage can be used for marketing, stadium branding, sponsorship and much more. Sturdy football stadium banners serve both temporary and permanent purposes. Football field advertising signs are designed for interior and exterior applications. They boost audience excitement and participation.

custom baseball field signage with a player statue displayed at the entrance

Baseball Field Signage

We offer any type of baseball field signage you may require. Baseball stadium signs are a great way to brand and bring in more revenue. Baseball field sponsor signs are also vital for building up your team’s reputation. Vibrant graphics printed on baseball stadium signs will add a professional touch to any facility and create an abundance of opportunities for sponsorship and brand graphics.

basketball arena sign in red and blue colors displayed on the floor

Basketball Arena Signs

Great signs create a sense of pride for the team and fans. Arena graphics for basketball courts are applicable for both the interior and exterior of a facility. These arena signs are invaluable for building a team's identity, helping fans find their way and also for branding and advertising opportunities. Our specialists will create stunning visuals to turn your venue into an iconic spot.

UEFA soccer field signage displaying the championship name and logo made of vinyl

Soccer Field Signage

Include eye-catching team logos, slogans and info at soccer games. Ensure their visibility with our exclusive arena graphics. They’re an ultimate means of generating and enhancing team spirit, advertising a sponsor and beyond. Go for internally or externally lit channel letters to assure visibility and glam up every soccer stadium event.

black golf event sign displaying warning and directional messages

Golf Event Signs

Add a high-end look to your golf tournaments with our high-quality arena graphics. They can be used to represent sponsor names and encourage others to contribute to future games. These golf arena signs are appropriate for all kinds of advertisements and high-level stadium branding efforts. Contact us to get your custom golf tournament signs.

hockey rink signage displaying championship graphics

Hockey Rink Signage

Spruce up your hockey field with fresh imagery and make a lasting impression on both fans and players. Stadium banners can be included to brand the venue, communicate messages, guide patrons to their seats and advertise sponsor names. Hockey stadium signs can also be customized for figure skating rinks and special events like the Olympics.

Large Format Printing Service for Arena Signs

We offer large format printing services for text and graphics on stadium signs. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide wide format prints on arena signage for all occasions and events. Use them to capture the attention of spectators, players and sponsors alike. Contact our professionals for a free consultation about large printing options of your stadium signs.

Flow House arena graphics in large sizes made of opaque vinyl for decorating walls

Benefits of Stadium Signs

  • Sponsorship support
  • Ultimate branding
  • Crowd navigation
  • Fan engagement
  • Media attention
  • Iconic designs
large stadium signage fixed to the building facade

Other Services We Offer for Stadium Signs


Manufacturing and Installation

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art sign manufacturing and installation services then you’re in the right place. Take advantage of our professional crew and advertise your business with expertly crafted arena signage.


Repair and Replacement

We offer repair and replacement services for all types of stadium signage. Whether your signs need a small fix or total upgrade, our talented team will provide modern solutions with premium materials and a high-end look.


Cutting and Engraving

We provide cutting and engraving services to achieve bespoke designs for your arena signage. With advanced equipment, our specialists are able to deliver intricate images, slogans, logos, quotes and everything in between.


3D Design

Visualizing the final look of a product before fabrication is extremely helpful. We provide design and 3D rendering services to show you realistic representations of your arena signage so you know exactly what to expect.

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Banners are a stunning tool that can be used to promote products and services with single or double sided prints. With premium banners, you’ll be able to spread your company’s vision and communicate your message to a wide audience. We offer mesh, vinyl and fabric banners for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Event signage is an indispensable part of any celebration. It showcases your identity and piques curiosity around your event. We provide custom solutions for event signs, be it for intimate gatherings or massive celebrations. Don’t miss your chance to showcase your vision with a professional approach. 


Streamline navigation with the help of sandwich boards and promote your store, services, lunch specials, campaigns and beyond. A board or A frame signs are mainly used to direct customer flow from sidewalks. They’re lightweight, portable and come in customizable graphics on single or double sided prints. 


Perfect for promotions, decorations and many other purposes, custom decals spread brand awareness and fill up negative spaces. Our custom decals come in multiple finishes, a wide variety of shapes and UV-cured graphics. They stick to smooth surfaces like glass and help you stand out among competitors. 

UEFA Under 19 Football Stadium Signage Making Process
Custom Vinyl Banner Printing Process
Interior design provision for sports complex

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