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Arena and Stadium Signs: Top Signage Solutions in the US

Front Signs is an award-winning signage fabricator with 10,000+ customers in the US. We are a team of experienced professionals ready to bring our expertise to manufacture even the most challenging stadium signs for your sports event.

Sporting event marketing is among the thousands of domains where our signs have proved highly effective. Among the main objectives of our signage are spreading your brand message, driving the advertising of your business, creating a powerful and captivating image for your brand.

We can create high-end arena graphics to suit any project starting from indoor sporting arena signs of youth basketball league to the big stadium sign for the event of the year like the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, etc.

Our stadium graphics will make any sports event unforgettable for both spectators and participants. 

With over 10+ years of experience under our belts, we will manufacture any signage you imagine, be it a standard large format printed banner or a completely custom structure.

Our previous experience with sports event signs includes but is not restricted to such international events as UEFA European Under-19 Championship signage, Mercury stadium signs and the likes. Strong portfolio together with bleeding-edge equipment and superb quality materials make us 100% confident that we can meet all your needs and requirements.

Upon receiving your requirements and specs our team of experts will provide you top-notch signage. We offer winning design to effectively promote your team and make any sporting arena or stadium event unforgettable. 

With our proven record of delivering top-class signage in the tightest deadlines, we can guarantee you’ll get your sign on time.

With effective signs, you can maximize the on-camera presence and increase the awareness of your commercial partner’s brands. 

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uefa championship stadium canopy signs

Importance of Stadium and Arena Graphics

Nowadays any stadium event is among extremely effective ways to find new sponsors or showcase already existing ones. Proper signage can be decisive for establishing new sponsorship. 

Signs with catchy sports and arena graphics are able to make people rave about any stadium event. This is because signs are not meant to merely decorate stadiums or arenas, they are also an important part of safety measures. 

Sometimes during big sports events things can get intense both in the stands and on the field.

Some stadium fights in fan zones may start from banners, flags or stands that have provocative design for competing teams. You can prevent this by providing properly designed signs. 

Every fan-centered event promises great amount of excitement, thus, it is important to provide sports graphics that not only maintain this excitement but also enhance it. 

Nothing is able to drive the attention of fans like catchy baseball or basketball stadium signage. Vibrant arena or stadium graphics can be your ultimate means to stun your sponsors, fans and participants during a baseball game. 

Sports graphics with effective design can trigger an array of emotions in both fans and competing teams. This makes the success of any sports event highly reliant on signage with proper design.

The signs we provide will not only fill the space or decorate your sports venue, they will also impress your potential sponsors.

arena indoor graphics

We offer a variety of arena signs: championship banners, wall graphics, sideline signage, directional signage, media backdrops, window films and a lot more. Our experts handle all the stages of sign production from design, manufacturing to installation and everything in between.

Here’s just a taste of what we can create for you:

  • Baseball stadium signs
  • Sports center signs
  • Big stadium signage 
  • Stadium wraps
  • Football stadium signs
  • Gym signs & gymnasium signs
  • Pool signs
  • Racetrack signs

And this is only an executive summary of what our company offers. Our event signs can build excitement and convey any info related to sports events.

Signs should be strategically located so they don’t reduce the visibility of the event and prevent spectators from enjoying the game.  

Our signs are vivid and grab attention. They do not disturb: they navigate, inform and decorate without depriving people of enjoying their stadium event. 

uefa under-19 field banners stadium signage

Arena Graphics for Wayfinding Signage

If you need to fill your huge stadium space and don't know how, wayfinding and directional signs are a perfect solution. Stadiums are extremely crowded places during particular events. Thus, it is too difficult to navigate within them. 

 Place wayfinding signs for sponsors or special guests to easily find their seats. Do not forget about fun zones as well. Prevent your spectatores from getting into the hub of the most crowded event.

 The proper directional signage is one of the major factors that can organize a stadium event hosting 100.000+ fans, sponsors and players. Place signs to avoid clashes and keep your spectators safe!

We offer a wide range of directional signs from simple hanging wayfinding signs to pylon tenant signs. 

These signs are meant to show directions, so they need to be as simple as possible to avoid confusion among spectators. 

Winning the attention of fans is not an easy task, however, with the right signage at hand, it’s just a piece of cake.


uefa under-19 football stadium canopy sign

Monument Signs for Stadium Events

We offer signage solutions that won’t let external factors (like bad weather conditions) affect your stadium event. Among them are our superb custom pylon and mounted signs. They are highly weather-resistant and have a long lifespan. Typically, pylon freestanding signs come in plenty of shapes and styles.

uefa championship media bachdrop stadium signs

Stadium Backdrops

Backdrops are a cost-effective way to make your event go viral across social media. Fans always want to have a picture of their favorite player and post it on social media. Media backdrops with teams’ logos and brand names serve a perfect background for this.

They come in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and styles being suitable for both interior and exterior applications. We provide high-end vinyl backdrops with large format prints, a wide selection of substrates and fade-resistant ink.

Football stadium is an ideal place for sponsorship establishment and branding. Most of the stadium signs for a football match include:

  • Padded Toblerone signs
  • Scoreboards
  • Banners
  • Pitch wedges 

and many others that are suitable for pitch location and site. 

During every competition, match or game all eyes are on the scoreboard, thus, it definitely has an undeniable brand-promoting edge over other facilities. Take advantage of it and use scoreboard as an ultimate canvas to print on and showcase your sponsors' services. You can place an advertisement, display your teams’ logos or slogans, use creative murals or any other appropriate design solution.

racing car full wrap

Spread Your Sports Event via Vehicle Advertising

Among the most widespread means to increase the awareness of your upcoming event is vehicle wrapping.

Have your car decals designed with some vibrant sports graphics or pictures of a football or basketball star. This will encourage fans to come and support their favorite team or player. 

Our vehicle decals are made of premium-quality adhesive vinyl with a reversible protective coating. You can order any graphics with high resolution of color printing. 

uefa under-19 stadium balcony sign

Stadium Event Custom Structures

Another effective sign option for any stadium event may be a custom structure. These structures provide endless opportunities to get creative with your stadium or arena signage. 

 If you go over sports event history you can see that during all the big football matches certain signs grabbed the attention of the media and became known as the most creative ones. Those signs usually include custom structures and fan posters to support their team.

Media exposure has always been one of the timeless mediums for making any event popular. Thus, attracting media with signage will log an early win for your event.

When it comes to signs for stadiums, it is sometimes very difficult to keep it simple and creative at the same time. This is not the case when you choose us as your signage partner. We know exactly how to keep the balance between these two qualities and will guide you to have the right amount of everything

uefa under-19 football stadium banner

Banner with Sports Graphics

Custom banners with appealing arena or stadium graphics will help you spread your brand message across the whole stadium. 

While ordering stadium signage there are always certain challenges you are going to face, and factors you have to take into consideration.

Among the most crucial factors is the weather. In this respect, mesh banners are an ideal choice. Thanks to having small holes they resist even the strongest winds and are suitable for outdoor use.

These banners enable 70% light transmission. If you want to ensure high visibility you definitely need to go for mesh banners.

Our large vinyl banners are highly durable and can last up to 3 years. Hammed edges make these banners strong and weather resistant.  Vinyl banners are a common choice among stadiums to showcase logos or slogans of teams. Being printed with UV inks they contain pleasant-to-the-eye colors and are perfect for being displayed under the sun. With vinyl banners, you’ll also have the option to print on both sides for higher visibility.

uefa under-19 football stadium signs

Fabric banners are washable and wrinkle-free. Thanks to the smooth surface these banners ensure high print quality. 

To celebrate broken record or championships you can hang fabric banners from the rafters. They are also used as team welcoming signs on the field. 

Banners are also an ideal solution for supporting local high school or youth level sports teams.

Another effective way to stand out is the high-end channel letter signage. This sign can grab attention even on the most crowded sports events. 

Go for lit channel letters (either from inside or outside) to assure visibility and glam of every stadium event. 

Wall graphics can have various functions in the context of arena or stadium advertising, they are an ultimate means for generating and enhancing team spirit, advertising a sponsor and a lot more. 

Include eye-catchy team logos, slogans or any info to ensure their visibility throughout the whole game with our exclusive wall graphic solutions.

Do not forget to include floor decals on your stadium signage list as well. They are a great medium for wayfinding. Professionally designed and applied floor decals will considerably enhance game attending experience.

Sponsor branding in a stadium is essential for your future partnership, thus be sure to get the most out of it. Go for bold visual expressions!

All you need is to choose a tried-and-tested signage company that will help you to implement powerful design. 

What we offer includes endless design opportunities with the latest equipment and premium design from scratch. 

Just contact us and get premium sign services for your stadium or arena event!

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