Custom Gym Signs for Los Angeles and US Based Fitness Centers

Professional signage can take your gym to the top of the wellness game. We take pride in bringing custom gym signage to businesses operating in the fitness industry.

Indoor and outdoor business signs provide a better experience for your customers, making you the number one choice among competitors.

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Usage For Custom Gym Signs

There are a lot of beneficial uses for fitness center signs depending on your premises and gym type. From logo signs to safety standards, you can achieve all of your goals with the right gym sign board design. Here you can find an A to Z guide on custom gym signage for success. 

gym exercise area sign

Gym Exercise Room Branding

The exercise area is where gym goers spend most of their time. Make sure you incorporate engaging custom signage to brand this room. Don’t overuse illuminated fitness center signs as they may have a tiring effect during workouts. Combine a subtle gym LED sign with 3D custom plastic signs to create layered dimensions. Use custom decals as full wraps for walls and windows or smaller ones for equipment branding. 

Gym locker room branding sign displayed next to lockers

Gym Locker Room Branding

A last impression is no less important than a first. The changing room is the last place your attendees are going to spend time in. Take advantage of the opportunity for effective branding with custom gym signage. Create a welcoming environment with branded motivational signs for gym goers. This will establish an inviting tone and encourage people to come back for more.

Motivational gym sign displaying the phrases Hard Work and Dedication

Motivational Gym Signs

Motivated customers are a key to success in the health and wellness sector. Gym design is as essential as hiring professional personnel to reach this goal. In fact, the positive effect motivational gym signs have on customer attendance will surprise you. 

Adhesive graphics and motivational gym banners are the traditional tools for interior design and branding in wellness centers. You can also go with trendy 3D signs to display your quotes and visuals. Using light up signs for your motivational gym signs is a great way to outshine your competitor’s aesthetics. These will add a bright touch to energize your attendees.

Decorative gym sign in yellow displayed at the exercise room

Decorative Gym Signs

Aside from motivational gym signs and displays, decorations are another important aspect to creating the right atmosphere in your premise.

Here you can use any material that fits your gym design concept. Use wooden signs to add a natural element or printed acrylic signs for vibrant graphics. Gym metal signs can be used to create an industrial style and so on.

Informational gym sign displayed at the exercise room

Informational & Directional Gym Signs

While decorating and branding are the exciting part of fitness center signs, you shouldn’t overlook their more technical uses. Providing information like gym rules, workout hours and guiding customers through different parts of the building is crucial. Directional signage creates a feeling of comfort for people as it makes wayfinding easier. Banners, stands, and adhesive displays provide an ideal surface for messages like gym rules and special offers. 

Safety sign for gym displayed at the exercise room

Safety Gym Signs

Put sneeze guards at the top of the list for providing a healthy atmosphere at your gym. They help in the fight against the pandemic challenges we’ve been facing since 2020. In addition, you may use instructional notes, safety workout signs and social distancing stickers. Aluminum signs are ideal for marking exits, hazards and other emergency guidelines. Certain safety signs are required by law so make sure to check regulations for your location. 

Applications For Custom Gym Signs

Incorporate various fitness center signs into an overall theme to make the most of them. From outdoor illuminated or metal gym signs to interior gym wall signs, we offer everything for full branding. Here are the common areas of application to consider for your gym sign ideas. 

Gym building sign in a big size displaying brand’s name and logo

Gym Building Signs

Capture the attention of potential customers with dazzling building signs.

From displaying your logo with light box signs to providing service information with a gym sign board, you have a range of options for the exterior and facade of your property. 

Yayo Fitness gym wall sign in black

Gym Wall Signs

Leaving the interior walls of your facility empty would mean missing out on a huge opportunity. Wall decals are the go-to signage medium for displaying vivid graphics of any size. They make for great motivational gym signs and allow you to display any message or visual you like. You may also opt for dimensional gym wall signs accompanied by a gym LED sign to create an interesting design.

Gym floor sign in motivational and branding style

Gym Floor Signs

Use floor decals to display interesting graphics, your logo, directional lobby signs, motivational quotes or instructional workout signs. The floor provides a large surface area for branding and other messages and is especially visible during workouts. Invest in high-quality fitness center signs for the floor to make sure the entirety of your space looks its best from top to bottom.  

Gym window sign in motivational and branding style

Gym Window Signs

Window decals come in a few variations. They offer important features that might make them your best gym signs to utilize. From branding to establishing privacy with window workout signs, this cool medium for fitness center signs serves a distinctive purpose. We offer clear, opaque, frosted and perforated custom gym signs for windows. 

Gym ceiling sign in motivational and wayfinding style

Gym Ceiling Signs

Add a special touch to your interior design with custom gym signs for the ceiling. Use decorative workout signs hanging from the ceiling or apply motivational gym signs and decals to display quotes or graphics. You can even use gym LED signs to enhance the look of your overhead lights.

Services for Custom Gym Signs

Front Signs is a one-stop signage company in Burbank, CA that offers professional services from design and permitting to sign manufacturing and maintenance. The most popular services we offer for custom gym signs are listed below.


3D Signage Rendering

To give you an exact idea of what your fitness room sign will look like before we manufacture it, we offer signage design and 3D rendering services for any of the custom gym signs you may need.

Our professional designers ensure that the workout signs you get will fully satisfy your goals and expectations.


Large Format Printing

We offer large format printing services for gym banner signs and other graphics. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and premium materials to achieve first-rate results. We’ll provide you with gym wall signs, adhesive graphics, motivational gym banners and printed decor of all kinds. Choose the material and images you like and we’ll craft the most exquisite displays you can imagine. 


Sign Installation

Regardless of the type of fitness center signs you need, we’re here to take on all the hassle of sign installation.

Our expert crew will make sure your custom gym signs are installed in a timely and accurate manner as well as in full compliance with relevant rules and regulations. 


Cutting and Engraving 

We provide advanced cutting and engraving services to achieve exquisite and elaborate designs for your signs.

Thanks to high-tech machinery and a large stock of materials, our team can provide you with artfully cut and engraved signage for luxurious branding.

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    Gym Signs FAQs


    Do you provide installation for gym signage?

    Yes. Front Signs provides signage installation for all its signs across the US. Our team of experts can also assist you in the selection of the right installation hardware, placement and environment for your sign to get the maximum benefit for your brand.

    Is a special sign permit required for custom gym signs?

    The sign installation is managed according to the applicable signage codes for the city and property. Almost all outdoor signs require a sign permit based on landlord and municipality regulations. Front Signs can save you the trouble of doing all the paperwork and obtain the permit on your behalf. 

    Can you help me with the design of the sign?

    We do 3D business sign rendering and visualizations for clients nationwide. Our experts will offer you different design ideas and model your signage so that it features the best of your brand. The product will go to production only after your approval.