Pop Up Displays : Media Wall, Tension Fabric Stand, Floor Stand Signs, Logo Wall Backdrops

If you need a bespoken tradeshow signage solution, pop up displays have a high accent on the graphics and visual appeal to guarantee a solid number of foot traffic.

These reusable, eye-catchy Pop up display is also used at promotions, events, gala openings, conferences. Bigger at size – any poster or banner, it draws all attention towards your message and graphic artwork.
Here at Front Signs we provide business owners a beautifully designed and easy-to-assemble banner stands. We design and print to have the full control over the production process and quality to guarantee a top-notch finished exhibition display stand.

The pop up Aluminum frame can be fixed at place within minutes, fabric graphics can be attached using the hook-and-loop fasteners. No additional tool nor extra pair of hands are needed for assembly.

Pop up displays can have custom features to make your graphics look magnificent on the exhibition floor. It’s highly flexible, easy to carry around – and affordable for business – and – cost-effective for long-term usages.
Pop-up media walls come in two sizes 8×10, 10×10 to be used as an accent wall or a part of a larger – island tradeshow booth promotional tool.


High quality displays like banner stands are used as a marketing display for retail, educational, hospital and even financial segments – just to name few.

These portable exhibition banner stands help to brand your booth, exhibition or special marketing event.

The media wall stand is easy to assemble, has magnetic arms for faster and secure placement of the display. It saves huge amount of space during shell-scheme or space only booths – and still attracts huge amount of foot traffic.

Pop up media is perfect for corporate logo and brand messages – it’s like a wall decal but 1. flexible and 2. with bigger impact.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extra impact exhibition backdrop
  • Come in so many configurations and sizes in a compact, sturdy case
  • Ease set up in minutes regardless of size and no tools needed
  • Self-locking, sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Durable, wrinkle-resistant fabric or vinyl material


Vinyl graphics weight: 13oz

Fabric weight: 0.9oz

Features: Adjustable height and width

Lifespan: 15+ years


Firstly, take out the accordion-like construction out of its carry case and place frame with colored studs or the print-side facing up on the ground. Following up – you need to grasp the two top center hubs and lift frame open to its full height. Note: handle frame at hubs only.

Now, press front and back magnetic hubs (inside the frame) of the frame to lock in the right position. Now you have a sturdy Aluminum frame ready!

The graphics might or might not be attached to the frame – so the rest is easier. Connect the two parts of the Velcro and you are good to go!

Fabric Banner
Fabric Banner
Vinyl Banner
Vinyl Banner
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Pop Up Displays FAQs

Specifically, what is an Island Display?

Island display or Hybrid display is the “Queen” of tradeshow. It draws all the attention towards your brand. Being a creative mix of Roll up banner, Telescopic backdrop and Pop up Display plus decorative kiosks, it’s a limitless option created from a variety of display options, a smart system with a lot of accessories, each and all of the parts that stand out and complement the unique and complex brand design. Our rich history in making a high-quality trade show display with magnificent design and construction never left a customer unsatisfied.

What are the advantages of Banner Stands?

Pop up stand sign is very popular because it is a large format portable display stand and allows an alternative to large stand banners that are difficult to transfer.  You can carry it with you and it is very easy to set up. You can do it all by yourself, no assistance is needed. Retractable banners don’t take large space to take them with you and transfer from place to place. With Telescopic banner you can adjust both height and width of your banner. The steel base and aluminum frame make the banner steadfast. X banner has a higher accent on the graphics and is ideal for official events - such as expos, Trade show, etc. The Construction has tripod base, which is ideal to place in the corners of the Booth or create a smooth angle.

What Stand Signs are used during a Trade show?

Find unlimited options of Stands and Displays at Front Signs: The Vinyl banner stands: Telescopic, pop-up banners, X-frame banner and roll up banners. Custom made stands and displays: Cutouts, Brochure holder stands, Decorative displays, etc. For raising the effectiveness of your tradeshow or event, for making the booth more eye- pleasing, you can use any of these displays ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage.   If you’re getting ready for a Trade show, this complete Checklist for Tradeshow preparations, D-Day and post-event activities will be a on-time help, check it out.

Which are the materials used to create Stand Signs?

Particular type of a stand sign require appropriate material – Vinyl or Fabric banner for graphics, and Aluminum as a base for your Custom stand.

Can I use Stands to promote my new product?

Using banner stand is a tricky way to make your product or service more noticeable in public places. Moreover, these display stands can be a cost-effective tool to draw more traffic towards your business, can be used for seasonal promotions, to inform about newly opened shop, etc.

What is a Pop-up Display?

Pop-up consists of a single Graphics tensioned on an Aluminum frame; great alternative to Roll-up Retractable banner, ideal for any marketing needs. With its compact size, hassle-free installation, pop up display is a perfect solution for trade shows, conferences and other events. It’s an essential part of many trade shows or conferences. Custom printed large format banner is stretched over the structure to be displayed both indoor and outdoor. Once the panels are installed they look solid and are very effective on informing, decoration and advertising. They are a perfect solution if you need to get more attention for your business or at promotional events. Pop up displays are also known as Press Wall Pop-up displays or Fabric pop up banners.

What are the general types of Banner Stands?

Types of banner displays include Retractable or Roll up banners, Telescopic banners, X-stand banners and Pop up Backdrop stands.