Custom Storefront Signs in Burbank and All Across the USA

Tell the world about your business and attract clients with professional storefront signs. Your store sign is the face of your business. It must be presentable, captivating and memorable.

As a prominent storefront sign maker based in Burbank, CA, Front Signs offers a large selection of custom shop signs all in Los Angeles and USA-wide..

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Storefront signs are the most popular type of signage requested by our customers. From illuminated and hanging to non-illuminated and wall mounted, we offer a large selection of shop signs to choose from. Store sign designs can display any kind of message on your store from name, motto and logo to business hours and special announcements. 

Expertly crafted retail store signs have the power to make customers return for your products and services time after time. 

All our custom storefront signs are made of premium materials that will impress viewers and withstand harsh weather conditions. Among them are aluminum, PVC, wood, acrylic, dibond and many others. For lighted storefront signs, we use energy-efficient LEDs to achieve a distinct glow. 

Our professional team is ready to design and manufacture bespoke store signs for you and install them anywhere in the USA and Canada.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of custom shop signs, get an instant quote or contact us to discuss your project.

Types of Shop Signs


Illuminated Store Signs

If your business requires 24/7 advertising then illuminated retail store signs are a perfect solution. For stores that operate at night, light up signs are essential for visibility. Our storefront signs are lit with energy-efficient LED bulbs that provide brilliance by day and night. You can select from the wide array of lit signs we offer or we can design a custom shop sign according to your needs. Lighted store signs are a sound investment for every business. They pay off in no time by increasing customer flow and boosting sales.


Non-Illuminated Store Signs

Apart from lighted signs, we offer a large selection of non-lit signs as well. Those business establishments that don’t operate at night and don’t require LED signs are welcome to choose from a variety of non-lit store signs. Non-lit retail store signs effectively advertise businesses during the daytime. Storefront signs in this category include 3D letters, vinyl decals, sandwich boards, wooden signs, PVC signs and many others.



Logo Store Signs

The main type of signage used for storefront branding is a logo sign. Every business should have a company logo displayed on their storefront to increase brand recognition. Logo shop signs create the identity of a store, helping customers to locate it with ease. For indoor or outdoor store signs, you can choose light boxes, 3D signs, wooden signs and others to suit your style. Can’t decide which type of storefront sign to choose? Get in touch with our professional customer support team and they’ll be happy to guide you through the process.


Informative Boards

Make announcements that get noticed with custom informative signs. Use the free space on your storefront to share important information. Announce new products, notify about days off or share other pertinent messages. This year during the pandemic, many stores displayed informative boards asking customers to wear masks or keep a social distance while inside. Window decals, banners, PVC signs, foam board signs and other printed signs were used for this purpose. 


Promotional Displays

This is another important means of storefront branding. Promotional signs play a vital role in the success of every business. Custom store signs are used for seasonal promotions, new product announcements and so on. Window decals are the most popular choice among store owners for displaying sales and special offers. Decals are an ideal tool for this since they can be easily peeled off and replaced as often as needed. For repeating promotions, banners and sandwich boards are a great pick as they can be reused for years on end.


Open and Closed Shop Signs

Business hours and open/closed signs are integral to any business function. Get custom store signs to let visitors know your hours of operation. Modern varieties of such store signs can be hanging or self adhesive. You can also get window decals or vinyl lettering to display your desired message. For extra allure, you can get shop signs printed on wood, PVC, acrylic or other mediums that can be hung over the entrance door.


  • Business promotion
  • Premium materials
  • Large selection
  • Brand recognition
  • Increased customer flow

Services We Offer for Store Signs


3D Design and Rendering

We offer design services to create unique retail store signs for our customers. With advanced 3D rendering technology, our customers can see the final store sign in their desired location before production begins. We have talented professionals that are ready to provide stunning designs and 3D visualizations for all kinds of custom shop signs.



Installation of Shop Signs

Apart from manufacturing custom store signs, we also offer installation services . Whether you need wall mounted, hanging or other shop signs, our crew can evaluate and install it in the most desirable location. No matter the complexity, we have the expertise and hardware to provide highly durable and precise installation services.



Generally, outdoor store signs require a special permit from the local municipality. We’re here to help you out with the tedious paperwork entailed by offering permitting services. Our team is ready to take on the entire process required for obtaining a permit from any city within the USA and Canada. 


Cutting and Engraving

We collaborate with our clients to bring custom store sign ideas to life. To realize their unique visions, we provide precise cutting and engraving services that enable us to make store signs in any shape and size imaginable. With our cutting-edge laser and CNC machines, we can create intricately engraved signs for sophisticated storefront branding. 

Where are we located?

Front Signs is the largest sign-making company in Burbank, California. The facility is located near the Hollywood Burbank Airport at 3520 Valhalla Dr. It serves as the headquarters as well as showroom where you can find all types of exemplary signs and material samples.

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Halo-Lit Signs - With their immersive glow, halo signs and letters pique curiosity at all hours of the day and night. Made of durable materials and LED bulbs, these signs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Window Decals - These are exceptional for storefront branding. Window decals don’t take up space and provide dynamic displays. Made of vinyl and printed with UV inks, they’ll promote your brand with lasting appeal.

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Sign installation - building illuminated channel
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    Store Signs FAQs


    What types of store signs do you offer?

    We offer a large selection of shop signs from vinyl window decals to illuminated channel letters. No matter what type of storefront sign you need, we can make it according to all your needs and preferences. We have a variety of adhesive, hanging, free standing and wall mounted shop signs that can be altered to your liking.

    Do you provide permits for illuminated storefront signs?

    Yes, we offer permitting services for lighted shop signs. We’ll gladly take on the burden of obtaining a permit for lit signs from the required municipality. You can rest assured while we tackle the process and paperwork necessary for an illuminated shop sign.

    How much do retail store signs cost?

    The price for shop signs can vary depending on many factors. There are many types of store signs and each has a different price point. Retail store signs can be lit, non-lit, hanging, freestanding and so on. The prices vary depending on the sign’s features and specifications. We calculate the price of a shop sign by taking into account its style, size and materials. If you want to know the exact price of a desired retail store sign, you can get an instant quote from our specialists.

    Can I get a storefront sign with my logo?

    Absolutely. Logo signs are a popular type of storefront branding. You can order retail store signs with your logo and customize them with any design, size and material. Every detail is up to you. We’re ready to make custom retail store signs to suit your vision. If you don’t have a specific concept in mind yet, our talented team can work with you to create a stunning shop sign tailored to your needs.