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Telescopic Banners

  • Lightweight but sturdy construction
  • adjustable pipes come in handy at trade shows,etc
  • Easy to assemble
  • Capable of holding large graphics

Telescopic Banners : Media Wall backdrops, Exhibition Display Stands, Logo Wall banners

Telescopic banners or also known as Step and Repeat banners provide the visuals to any occasion. It’s a multifunctional display to grab people’s attention.
With a creative and standing out banner you will wow anybody. It’s an increasing trend in the display market. It’s a popular choice to draw people in, reach target audience and help them find their way towards you and your company.
It’s an advertising medium with adjustable width and height to promote your business and leave an unforgettable impression on the clients or opponents.
There is no better way to promote your goods and services than using Telescopic banners.
These Step and Repeat banners are great accompaniment for colleges and other educational institutions, Trade Show Displays and event signage, presentations and conferences, photo shoots dance clubs, hotels, foyer displays, stores and etc.
The straight frame has interchangeable fabric or Vinyl graphics to ensure the needs of any event. The Graphics have optimum message proportions allowing a wider view angle.

Telescopic Banner Stand
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We provide customized Telescopic banner stands with different purposes like Birthday party backdrops, event backdrops, brand backdrop stands, grand and gala openings, commercial backdrops, nature and scenery banners and etc. Due to its customized size and height they are suitable for fairs, expositions and conferences and not only.

Telescopic stands provide fantastic return of your investments. You can choose Telescoping Stands to reach mass media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

It’s a prime advertising tool when the pictures with the background of your banner appears online; where it stays for a long time and still do promotion of your brand and company. Step and Repeat backdrops attract all the selfie-lovers and camera happy people. In case there is a picture of a celebrity, industry executives or leaders with your company logo on the Red-carpet backdrops, you can use them to boost your company for a very long time. Also, due to their durability, you can use this backdrop for years to come unless you rebrand your business. There is even the possibility to switch the banner according to your requirements if needed.

Front Signs offers Telescopic banner stands with a customized size and height. We also provide banners and stands separately.


Simply put Telescopic banner in a rectangular aluminum construction with adjustable telescopic poles to provide customized length and height. It’s a banner hanging display with a tripod feet attached to the base of the cassette. The display is retracted into the cassette on grommets or on pole pockets. The banner is made of high quality Vinyl with a Matte finish. For printing we use best quality UV inks that have long lifespan and are fade resistant.


Sizes: 96”x96” and 96”x120”, can be customized

Print Sides: Single Sided

Shapes: Rectangular

Materials: 13oz. Vinyl Banner   

Base: Aluminum material


  • Banner hanging stand
  • Backdrops allow groups of people to be photographed at once
  • Series of Stands create a magnificent seamless backdrop
  • In case of 2 and more banners they can draw attention to your product outside and highlight the features inside.
  • Can be used with Shelving to create a convenient area for the clients
  • Banner can be changed or provided separately
  • Adjustable height and width
  • They have indoor and outdoor usage
  • They are reusable and easy portable
  • Lightweight and weatherproof
  • Simple to set up and store
  • UV and water resistant


The constructions is very light and easy to assemble. To set up no additional tools are needed and the whole process is just a matter of a minute or two.

The backdrop support system include a set of crossbars for adjustable height and length, base with a tripod feet and the banner itself.

The first thing to do is to assemble the support system on the tripod. Afterwards built up the cassette using the crossbar poles. In addition, use the snap locks to connect grommets to the cassette from all four sides and take a test-first picture with it!

Another type of backdrop requires alternative installation: first, to hang the display from the top horizontal pole and adjust it to the side vertical poles and fix the ends.


When the banner got dirty, no special fluids are needed - only water or liquid soap. Use soft and slightly damp cloth to clean the surface. Note: Don’t use scrubber sponges on the banner and make sure it is completely dry before you store the stand.

You also need to keep away solvents like Alcohol, acetone, gasoline from the banner as these liquids can cause irreparable damage.

Due to its mechanism, it is easy to store Telescopic backdrops. It won’t take too much space if you have a free wall to parallel “park’’ the display. If it’s an annual event or holiday you can store the Step and Repeat banner stands in a dry and cool area to preserve the banner from mildew. To occupy less territory, you can cut the snap locks off the cassette, roll the banner, NOT FOLD, with print facing in and take apart all the adjustable crossbars and store them. Note: If folded, lines will appear, which is impossible to smooth later on.

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Vinyl Banner
Vinyl Banner
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